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Jessica Lauren Graff

Birthdate: January 12, 1984
Birthplace: new York, new York, United says

Daughter of Private and Private half sister of exclusive

Managed by: Alex Bickle
Last Updated: might 24, 2018


Jessica "Jessie" Lauren Graff (born January 12, 1984) is a expert stunt woman and athletics-based tv personality. Her nickname is "Tumbleweed". She is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a black color sash in Kung Fu, and is trained in five other styles of martial arts. She is likewise a championship pole vaulter and also competitive gymnast. She has come to be famous because that her achievements on the obstacle course display American Ninja Warrior, including in 2016 ending up being the first woman ever before to finish Stage among the ras Vegas finals.

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Early life and education

Jessie Graff was born come Ginny McColl in 1984. (She has a pet pig called "Sammo Hog".)

Graff wanted to run off and also join the circus at age 5. She began doing gymnastics at age 9. Graff i graduated in 2002 indigenous Urbana High School, Frederick, Maryland, as a monitor Team Leader, honor roll student, and member of national Honor Society. She completed in pole vaulting at Urbana. She to be a member of the Frederick Gymnastic club for 6 years.

She specialty in aerospace design at Georgia Tech, and theatre at the college of Nebraska. She i graduated from university of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) in 2007.

Collegiate sporting activities career

Graff is 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m) tall. In 2004; she set her personal best (PB) in the 5000m run at 15:56.30; she collection her out pole vault PB at 4.17 m (13 ft 8 in); and also indoor pole vault PB in ~ 4.20 m (13 ft 9 in). Graff hosted the pole-vault record at Georgia Tech and also University of Nebraska.

Stuntwoman career

Graff started doing stunt occupational in 1997, and also has appeared in numerous television shows and movies, consisting of X-Men: first Class, john Carter, and also Sons that Anarchy.

Obstacle contender career

Graf was a contestant on the comically-oriented obstacle course show Wipeout"s very first season in 2008, with the commentator appellation "Stuntwoman". In that appearance, she finished second in the qualifier round, second again on the next round, but fell in the penultimate round and also thus did no make it come the Wipeout Zone.

On the 5th season (2013) of American Ninja Warrior, she came to be the first woman to qualify to contend in a City Finals food (although she walk not finish the qualifier course).

In the 2014 season she could not complete due come an injury.

In the 2015 season she appeared at stage One in las Vegas and also got previous the first couple of obstacles, but could not quite make the up stage One"s more an overwhelming warped wall. She resolved throughout the off-season to construct up her leg strength so the would get over that obstacle next time around.

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In season 8 (2016) the American Ninja Warrior, in the Los Angeles qualifying round, she came to be the first woman in American Ninja Warrior background to do it up the brand-new 14 1/2-foot Warped Wall. Along with her, a second woman in the Los Angeles qualifying round, skilled rock climber Natalie Duran, who finished 19th (but walk not complete the course), relocated on come the city finals. This was the first time two women made it into the peak 30. In the Los Angeles city finals, Graff go not complete the course but finished second overall based upon the show"s "the farthest the fastest" metric. This damaged her very own record for the highest finish by a mrs in a city compete (through 2016 Kacy Catanzaro stays the only woman to finish a city finals course, return her as whole placement the night was less than Graff"s mark). She came to be the an initial woman to finish Stage 1 in ~ ANW Mt. Midoriyama at the ANW8 nationwide Finals, and also in law so, she finished fourth overall, with only eight athletes the end of forty-five maybe to finish at all in mainly 1"s set of stage 1 competitors.


2003 NCAA Championships indoor pole vault: 16th place — 12 feet 5.5 customs (3.797 m) 2004 large 12 Championships outdoor pole vault: 2nd place — 13 feet 1.5 customs (4.001 m) 2004 NCAA Championships the end pole vault: 24th place — 12 feet 3.5 inches (3.747 m) 2004 large 12 Championships indoor pole vault: 4th place — 13 feet 1.5 customs (4.001 m) 2004 NCAA Championships indoor pole vault: 11th place — 12 feet 11.5 inches (3.950 m) 2008 Wipeout season 1 2013 American Ninja Warrior season 5 — an initial woman to advancement to a City final 2015 American Ninja Warrior season 7 — first woman come sit atop the leaderboard in ~ a city finals; an initial woman to development to the national Finals 2016 Team Ninja Warrior season 1 — team captain that "G-Force"; just female captain 2016 American Ninja Warrior season 8 — among only two rivals to do it previous "The Wedge" obstacle at the City Finals, resulting in finishing 2nd at the course and also top woman; She became the very first woman ever before to complete the phase 1 course at the las Vegas national finials on ANW.