I understand it sounds like a ridiculous question, however I have actually three virtual textbooks and also their table of contents look accurate identical. Looking in ~ Khanacademy, over there is an overwhelming overlap (literally simply repeated videos from the previous course). This has me begging the question: can one simply take precalc? would I learn all of the algebra the I need from the course?



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Algebra 1 is an advent to algebra, Algebra 2 is a continuation of Algebra 1, and also Precalculus is a repertoire of object in progressed algebra, trigonometry, and also other topics the are necessary for calculus.

If you are not well-versed in algebra, friend will quickly be overwhelmed in precalculus.

Its very difficult to say there is no looking in ~ this perform of contents. You can just dive in, check out the material, execute the exercises. If you deserve to understand and do the exercises, move on. If you can't, move ago a bit

The overlap originates from Algebra 1 gift the basis of most of precalculus and also even calculus for the matter. Algebra 1 is an underlying foundation of much of higher maths and also even various other sciences.

IMO, Algebra ns is the most necessary math class you ever take. In math, you always go back to the foundational stuff at the core, also when you obtain to calculus and beyond. Friend really need that strong foundation to succeed.

Speaking from personal experience, my university algebra course (which is favor algebra 2 from my perspective) and pre-calc class in university were basically the same course right up till the end of pre-calc. There was a linked college algebra/pre-calc course that I might have taken, and also I have actually a strong math background therefore I definitely could have done it and also done well, yet I take it them separately due to the fact that I wasn't certain if it to be a good idea due to the fact that I didn't understand what to intend from pre-calc since I never ever took it prior to (I was a duel enrolled student, so ns never got to take it \"pre-calc\" in high school because I started college in 11th grade).

There was also a merged pre-calc/trig class. Ns did no take the an unified pre-calc/trig class, either. I took trig separately and also I'm glad ns did because in mine opinion, that need to not also be a class. Trig is truly it's own thing. Of course, there is algebra in trig, but it's a devoted subtopic the mathematics and really deserves its own separate class. Yet I'd take combined college algebra/pre-calc any kind of day, if her math background is strong.

If you're asking about whether you must take algebra I/II prior to pre-calc, that all relies on her situation. Perform you have a solid math background? Is this for college? perform you want to CLEP classes? do you feeling you'd perform far better overall in university if you take ALgebra I/II also if you can CLEP lock if friend don't have a strong math background?

All that this is from personal experience and other human being may have had a an extremely different suffer from me, so take what I'm saying through a serial of salt.

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Edit: I just saw u/varaaki's comment and completely agree through it. There is no a strong algebra background, pre-calc would certainly overwhelm you.