Ask Katey Sagal if being married come "Sons the Anarchy" creator cut Sutter method she knows exactly how the series will end, and also she lets out a sigh.

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"Oh," she says. "No. Ns wish ns did … however it's better for me simply to discover out once everybody rather finds out. Friend know, ns get little tidbits here and also there. I don't obtain much."

Her daughter, however, trust she has actually the within track ~ above the "Hamlet" motivated biker-gang drama, which airs its season four finale this evening at 10/9c on FX.

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"She knows 'Hamlet' very well. And also she keeps saying, 'Oh, if he's adhering to this, this is going come happen!' we all try to number it out. But I don't know exactly how close he's going to stick to that … I'm not sure what he's going come do."

One point the show has done this season is relocate the story forward v a tense, terrific series the changes: society president Clay turned come the dark side, original member Piney to be murdered, and Sagal's character, Gemma, struggled to store their family members together.

Sagal, a golden Globe winner likewise well-known because that "Married … with Children" and "Futurama," talked to around Gemma's future and how her past will continue to haunt her.

This season has actually been so tension-filled, and then the finale feels like it could have been a series finale …I'll call you, for me, this season to be the most complicated to track as I was going. Due to the fact that really what you're act is, end a 13‑episode arc, you're telling a story that simply keeps extending. And also you know, it's really only a two‑week time period, i think, that the whole season take away place, maybe even less.

So it was simply more complex this season to track whereby Gemma was emotionally, because there to be so countless twists and also turns. Native realizing the the letters were stateside come realizing the Tara knew around them, and also then there were copies of them. Girlfriend know, thinking for a minute that us were in the clear because I really believed that they'd to be burned. (Gemma) didn't establish they were copied until lot later, so yes, there was a the majority of ups and downs with the whole season.

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Do friend feel favor this was a various Gemma this season 보다 we've really checked out before? This was maybe the an initial time that she was truly rattled a tiny bit?Yes, ns think what you're seeing in the direction of the finish of the season is a small bit of a rattle. I thought it was really interesting, that entirety Tara and Gemma part of the all. Because Gemma's whole focus is maintaining her family together. She just lives for that club, and lives for she grandchildren, and her son. In she perfect vision that the world, everybody simply kind of pole together. This is the an initial time that i think she's … i mean, when she looks at Jax and she says, "yes, I know you're leaving," and also she looks at Tara, she says, "yes, I recognize you're leaving," ns think really she thinks, "yes, but you're not really." (Laughing)

And she never ever really lets go of that idea, the she will discover a method to save Jax in Charming.She certainly has a arrangement in location that will certainly hopefully tie Jax to the club.

Without spoiling too much, the final scene in the finale really brings things complete circle, and also not in a means that's totally in line v Gemma's plans. Whereby does the leave her?I think it sets up part really great drama for following season. Like, I would argue that also though the (season) finale could sort of it is in a collection ender, no really. I mean, i think the what kurt (Sutter, collection creator and also Sagal's real-life husband) walk is set up part pretty exciting stories to tell. If you're the elder in a group, what wake up if girlfriend are pushed aside? What walk a character favor Gemma perform if she's unexpectedly not the queen? That's a pretty interesting story to tell. I'm not sure just how he's going come tell that, yet he definitely sets it up.

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The display is really testosterone‑driven, obviously, however this season, especially, with Gemma and Tara, you might make a strong argument that it to be the women who ran things … agree?You know, you have to ask kurt that question, since I think that's what he thinks, too. I don't know. I think the ultimately, this story is gift told with the eye of the women. The is really testosterone‑driven, however I think what makes it job-related so well is the there's a pretty balance. You get a really good glimpse right into the resides of these women and also their families. I think that balances it really well.

Kurt has actually a strong feminine side, that's what I would certainly say. (Laughing) as a husband, he's a really compassionate man. He simply understands women.

We go best to the brink with those letters, in regards to finding out Clay's function in john Teller's death, however Gemma think she's still regulating some of the information, maintaining a little of the details to herself. Will certainly that continue to pat out, probably through next season?Yes, that's kind of the big unspoken elephant. I'm just not really even sure what (all the letters) say, either. Ns think that, too, is something that will certainly be revealed. I'm not sure if that implicates Gemma, or to what extent it implicates Gemma. Plainly it does, however I'm not sure what happens next.

One that the things viewers were many riled about this season was the storyline through Juice, just how it would be a huge issue if the club found out his father was black. Fans to be upset that the club had these racialism ideas, but as Kurt stated on Twitter, we're an ext upset about that than the reality that they've killed people … room you ever before surprised through the reactions to these characters?Well, girlfriend know, racism is alive and well in our country, and also I think the it pushes buttons in people. It's deep‑rooted, and also people really don't like to talk around it. I was sort of surprised, yet Kurt do a very an excellent point, the we're an extremely accepting the the killer in them, but we don't want them to be racist.

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But ns knew the rules of the club … i don't think it to be really clearly explained best at the start that this is one of the rule of the club. Among the rules of motorcycle clubs, the one that we are depicting, is that there space no black color members.

It's among those things that they just kind of do, due to the fact that that's just what they've constantly done. Yet it's virtually like just how Chibs defined it, i beg your pardon was, well, it's not that large a deal, and what go it to speak on your birth certificate? That's what you are. He kind of glosses it all over. However yes, i was sort of surprised that civilization did respond come that, the that would get under your skin. However racism is tricky in people's minds.

It's cool, though, the fans space so into the display that that provokes these conversations.I think it's cool people talk around it, too. Cut addresses the concern of race a lot in our show. There's different clubs, and there's a black color sheriff, and also there's different ethnic teams being represented. I'm sure it sparks conversation, which is good. That's what you want it to do.

Do you understand when you're beginning on season five?Well, we'll probably do what us did (for season four). We'll probably start shooting finish of April, start of May, right roughly there. We generally go earlier on the air early on September. I'm sure it'll be right roughly the exact same schedule.

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Are you functioning on "Futurama" now also?Yes, us are. I'm doing that. They're most likely happy I'm done through my various other job, because I can show up more for their job. That's a an excellent job. Ns love that job. Yes, ns think we're halfway through. We gained an order of 26 episodes.

Is that a fun change to go execute that after such a it is too dirty drama?Oh, yes. "Futurama" is therefore funny, and the actors space so funny, and the composing is for this reason smart. Therefore yes, it's nice, and also plus, you don't have to do hair and makeup, which ns like. Because Gemma's really labor‑intensive, I have to say.

As labor‑intensive together Peggy Bundy was, though, through the hair and makeup?Even more. Girlfriend know, Peg at some point had a wig. After about two seasons, lock just acquired me a wig. For this reason I had actually it down pretty fast that I might get into that drag. Yet Gemma … the blonde in my hair bring away a most maintenance. Just the totality thing. The assembly doesn't take so long, yet the hair is a the majority of maintenance. Girlfriend can't yes, really fake it. Few of that is cake pieces, but a the majority of it's just my very own hair. And my pond … ns mean, there's a entirety thing around Gemma. Together I look best now, ns don't look prefer Gemma. You know, I have brown hair and also short fingernails. I'm no wearing leather.

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I like that around playing a character. I think what's so an excellent about their world is your wardrobe, and their vehicles, and also everything just informs it. Girlfriend know, you just become that energy when you have all the hair and also the makeup and also the clothes.