I\"m looking for geometric terminology that would define this kind of shape, if there is a term for it.Picture any type of arbitrary closeup of the door 2D shape.Picture the smallest circle the will totally contain the shape.Picture radial lines, like spokes, native the facility of the circle to the edges.Each radial line have to cross the form once and also only once; an interpretation every allude on the shape can be characterized as a sub-length that a radius of the circle, and also every radius would certainly have specifically one point.

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\"Convex\" does not cut it, due to the fact that while i think all convex forms would qualify, some concave ones would too, however the shape cannot have actually twists, self-intersections, or undercuts.

For example, this love is concave but would it is in OK


But this crescent would not.


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The closestly existing term the is provided in the y2kcenter.orgematical literary works that I deserve to think of turn off the optimal of my head is \"star-shaped.\" However, the formal meaning of \"star-shaped\" differs from your summary in that it suffices that there exists a suggest in the an ar from which all radial lines drawn from that suggest intersect the boundary exactly once. In her case, your condition is much more strict in the feeling that the radial origin have to be the facility of the smallest circumscribing circle. It is basic exercise for you to build a form that is star-shaped yet does not meet your criteria. However, it is trivial to view that forms satisfying your criteria room star-shaped.

For an ext information, see: Star Domain

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