(Original post by StressReliever) I"m 5ft2 and it"s 25" inches about the narrowest point. Ns y2kcenter.orgnsider this to be slim to mean size (for my height) and also am happy v it.So girls, what is her waist size, are you happy through it and why or why not?

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I"m about 5"5/6 My waist is in ~ 28" my bust is in ~ 38" (I measured there is no a bra though, ns don"t know if that"s how you"re an alleged to carry out it or not?) and my hips are about the same.I favor it due to the fact that none of my friends look like this and I execute like the attention, but the reality that nobody of mine friends have this boy of body type kind of renders me feeling sad and left out too through no one come relate to!

5"6 and 27" waist. Doesn"t sound that little but it looks it since I have big hips (size 12) for this reason goes in a lot.

ns 5"7 and also im 25 and also a half.. For this reason 26inch x

I"m 5"6 and it"s bang ~ above 25.5"... Alas, over there is no choice for the on the poll! Gonna have to say 26" ns guess, but that"s annoying since I"m below the bottom finish of the option!
5 foot 8 and also 25"I"d ideally prefer to obtain to 23-24" however I"m fairly happy with my waist as it is for now
When you measure up "hips" is that about your arse or around the hip bones (i mean just under your ship button, roughly the optimal of her pubic bone...where undies would certainly sit, lol)......y2kcenter.orgs roughly the bone i am 34/35 and also around my arse ns am 38....just a bit y2kcenter.orgnfused?
(Original short article by bananalala) 5"1 and also 22... That ok i guess! look favor a child sometimes however can"t have actually everything...
17 year old v a elevation of 5"8 and a waist of 22-23"..I am an hour-glass and also so room my mum and sis!
PS - ns am not flaunting and also i execute think the everyone is beautiful in their own means so no an unfavorable reps/hate y2kcenter.orgmments please!

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