It sounds silly to care about something as small as a like on a selfie, but in the age of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, it’s impossible to stop ourselves from overanalyzing our crush’s actions on social media. Does double tapping mean that he wants to date you? Does it mean that he wants to sleep with you, or did he like your pic accidentally? It’s hard to figure out the real reason behind his like, because there are a million things it could mean. Here are a few of them:

He thinks you’re hot.

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 If he liked your selfie, then there’s a huge chance that he likes you. In this day and age, there’s no reason for him to walk up to you and tell you that you’re pretty, because he can just press a button on his phone and get the same point across.

He wants to start a conversation.

If he’s been dying to talk to you but has nothing to say, liking your picture could be his way of saying hello. Once you see it, he’s hoping that it’ll encourage you to initiate a conversation with him.

He wants you to like his selfies.

You’ve heard the old adage, “A like for a like.” He might be liking your posts with the hope that you’ll like his posts, too. It’s a simple ploy in order to look like he’s more popular than he actually is.

He wants to boost your confidence.

You should never leave a friend’s selfie unnoticed. If he’s a buddy of yours, then he might be liking your selfie because he considers it his duty. If he scrolled right by it, what kind of friend would he be?

He feels bad for you.

If he sees that no one liked your selfie, he might give you a pity like. After all, it’s embarrassing when you post a photo you’re proud of and no one seems to enjoy it. We’ve all been there, which is why he’s helping you out of the sticky situation.

He loves the background of your photo.

Selfies aren’t always taken alone. If you’re holding a puppy in the picture, then he might just be an animal lover. Likewise, if you took the photo at a baseball game, he might be a fan of the team you were rooting for. Check out the other aspects of your photo before you assume he has the hots for you.

He loves the caption attached to your photo.

If you post a selfie with song lyrics underneath it, then he might just love the band that you referenced. If you created a witty caption, then he might just find you funny. That’s not as great as being considered hot, but hey, it’s still a compliment.

He wants you to think of him.

If your ex likes your selfie, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he realized what he’s missing and wants to get back together with you. He might just be messing with you. He knows that liking your picture will make you think of him, which is exactly what he wants.

He likes everything he sees.

Before you get too excited about your crush liking your selfie, you should check to see if his name pops up on a lot of other women’s feeds. He might scroll through his Instagram, clicking “like” on every single picture that he sees.

He wants to make his ex jealous.

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Unfortunately, everyone can see the photographs that you like. If he’s in the middle of a fight with his girlfriend, or if he recently broke up with her, he might be liking your selfies in order to make her jealous. All it takes is a click to get her pissed.

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