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Charts and also graphs in Excel and also Google Sheets usedata points,data markers, anddata labelsto visualize data and convey information. If you want to create an effective charts, learn how each the these aspects works and also how to usage them properly.

Data collection and various other Chart facets in Excel

Data Point: A singlevaluelocated in a worksheet cabinet plotted in achart or graph.

Data Marker:A column, dot, pie slice, or an additional symbol in the graph representing a data value. Because that example, in aline graph, each point on the heat is a data marker representing a single data value situated in aworksheet cell.

Data Label: gives information about individual data markers, such as the value being graphed either together a number or together a percent. Typically used data brand in spreadsheet program include:

Category Names: identifies the separation, personal, instance data point out in a single collection of data. This are commonly used because that pie charts.Percentage Labels: calculation by separating the individual areas in a series by the full value of the series. Percentage labels are typically used because that pie charts.

Data Series:A group of connected data clues or markers that space plotted in charts and also graphs. Instances of a data series include individual lines in a heat graph or columns in a shaft chart. When multiple data collection are plotted in one chart, each data series is determined by a unique color or shading pattern.

In obelisk or bar charts, if many columns or bars are the same shade or have actually the same snapshot (in the situation of apictograph), they make up a single data series.

Pie chartsare typically restricted to a solitary data collection per chart. The separation, personal, instance slices of the pie room data markers and also not a series of data.

modify Individual Data markers

When you desire to call attention come a certain data marker, make it look various from the rest of the group. Every you should do is change the formatting that the data marker.

readjust the shade of a single Column

The shade of a solitary column in a tower chart or a solitary point in a heat graph deserve to be adjusted without influence the other points in the series. A data marker that is a different shade than the remainder of the group will pop out on the chart.

Select a data series in a tower chart. All columns the the same shade are highlighted. Each tower is surrounding by a border that includes small dots on the corners.



When a chart is selected, the chart Tools appears in the ribbon and also contains two tabs. The style tab and the style tab.



to mark Data v an Exploding Pie chart

Individual slices of a pie chart room usually various colors. So, emphasizing a single part or data allude needs a different approach from columns and also line charts. You have the right to highlight pie charts by exploding the end a single slice of pie indigenous the graph.

include Emphasis with a Combo graph

Another choice for emphasizing different species of details in a graph is to display two or much more chart species in a solitary chart, such together a tower chart and a heat graph. You can use this approach when the graphed worths vary extensively or once graphing different types of data.

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A common example is a climograph or climate graph, which combines precipitation and also temperature data because that a solitary location on one chart. Additionally, combination or combo charts are developed by plotting one or more data collection on a an additional vertical or Y-axis.