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On Sunday, Ice roadway Truckers star Darrell Ward passed away in a aircraft crash top top his means to shoot a TV collection in Montana, follow to united state Weekly. The news come in the form of a tragic push release created on Ward’s Facebook page on Sunday. The fact TV starrecently perfect filming season 10 the the fight series, Ice roadway Truckers. He to be 52.

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According to KPAX, Darrell and also his co-pilot, mark Milotz,were attempting to land on a personal airstrip in rock Creek when the Cessna 182 went down. The news outlet writes, “Witnesses who were watching and waiting because that the aircraft to land say the aircraft went right into a stall as it traction up and also the pilot never ever regained control.” The aircrafthit the southern shoulder of the interstate 90 close to the absent Creed departure at about 3pm prior to catching fire close to mile mite 126.

Ward was about to start filming a documentary-style TV show around plane wreck recoveries, according to Fox News. He and Milotzwere claimed dead in ~ the scene.A rep because that the display told Fox411, “We are saddened by the tragic lose of Darrell Ward, a lover member that the background family. He will certainly be substantially missed and our thoughts are with his family during this difficult time.”

A close girlfriend of Ward, named Chuck Campbell, told Fox411, “To understand Darrell Ward is an honor and also a privilege that ns will bring with me because that the remainder of my life. We say good bye come an amazing man who made everyone around him feel special. Component of me passed away with him.”

Facebook push Release:

Press Release: It’s with good sadness to report we have actually lost our Montana Legend at the young age of 52.Darrell Ward had actually just left The an excellent American Truck present in Dallas, Texas where he enjoyed meeting many fans and also friends and was heading come Missoula to begin filming a pilot for his brand-new documentary style show involving the recovery of airplane wrecks when he and his co-pilot crashed and lost your lives. An examination is continuous and much more information will certainly be made obtainable at a later on time together the national Transportation safety Board will be taking care of they investigation.They things Darrell loved many were his family members including his kids and grand-kids & trucking.Darrell Ward increased to fame with his duty on the extremely popular history Channel’s fact show, Ice road Truckers. Darrell simply finished filming Season X previously this year because that the show and had just learned that he had a environment-friendly light this previous weekend for an additional season top top the display originally slated to start filming in the winter of 2017. As soon as Darrell wasn’t hitting the Ice roads he would be ago in Montana act what Darrel loved best as a log hauler and occasionally assisted local authorities fight forest fires.Trucking has always been a big part the Darrell’s life; from to run the harvest rigs v his grandparents and family, come driving van from Montana come Alaska and also all roadways in between. In his totally free time, you could usually discover Darrell giving ago to the community any chance he got, the had supported the many recent food journey to assist victims in the Louisiana Floods and also was reserved to appear as the cool marshal for the van Convoy for special Olympics in Nova Scotia.In his totally free time, Darrell enjoyed hunting, fishing, camping, dirt bike riding and also all points outdoors. A self-proclaimed “ADRENALINE JUNKIE”, Darrell was up for any adventure.His motto, “ANY ROAD, any kind of LOAD” fits his personality perfectly.While many of you will share in this loss, us ask that you respect the family’s privacy during their time that grief.

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His manager and best friend M. Bob Stanton and long time friend lining Campbell room expected to make a lengthier declare shortly.