How wherein trials in Athens similar to trials in the United says today? The accused was considered innocent until proven guilty. What result did the conflict between Athens and Sparta have on old Greek civilization? the caused additional fractures among the Greek city-states.

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Why is Athens important today?

Athens, modern Greek Athínai, old Greek Athēnai, historical city and also capital of Greece. Many of classic civilization’s intellectual and also artistic ideas originated there, and the city is generally thought about to it is in the birthplace of west civilization.

What was society like in Athens?

Athenian culture was a patriarchy; men hosted all rights and also advantages, together as accessibility to education and power. Athenian women were devoted to the care and upkeep of the family home.

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Who is better Sparta or Athens?

Sparta is much superior to Athens due to the fact that their military was fierce and protective, girls obtained some education and women had an ext freedom than in other poleis. First, the military of Sparta was the strongest fighting pressure in Greece. This do Sparta among the safest cities to live in.

Who had a powerful army Sparta or Athens?

Unlike your counterparts in the city the Athens, the Spartans didn’t examine philosophy, art, or theatre, they learned war. The Spartans were widely taken into consideration to have actually the strongest army and also the finest soldiers of any kind of city-state in old Greece. Every Spartan guys trained to come to be warriors indigenous the day they were born.

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