The car is locked and unlocked from the outside using the door or tailgate handles if the car is equipped with keyless locking/unlocking (Passive Entry)*.

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Rubberised pressure plate on the tailgate used for unlocking only.


Be aware that the system may be activated in connection with car washing if the remote control key is in range.

All side doors must be closed to be able to lock the car. The tailgate, on the other hand, can be open when locking the car with a side door handle.

Touch the marked surface towards the rear on the outside of a door handle after the door has been closed, or press the lockApplies with power operated tailgate*. button on the bottom edge of the tailgate before closing it.

To close all side windows and the panoramic roof* simultaneously - place a finger against the touch-sensitive recess on the outside of the door handle and hold it there until all of the side windows and the panoramic roof have been closed.


If the car has been locked while the tailgate is open, be careful not to leave the remote control key in the cargo area when the tailgate is closed and the car is completely locked.

If the key is detected inside the car, the tailgate will not lock when it is closed.

Grasp a door handle or press the rubberised pressure plate beneath the tailgate handle to unlock the car.

The lock indicator in the windscreen extinguishes to confirm the car is unlocked - open the doors or tailgate as usual.

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If none of the doors or the tailgate is opened within two minutes of unlocking, they are locked automatically. This function prevents the car from being left unlocked unintentionally.

Settings for Keyless entry* Keyless unlocking of the tailgate* Remote unlocking and remote locking with Volvo On Call* Keyless and touch-sensitive surfaces*