Watch this video to learn just how to replace a slipping or squeaky belt. The specialists at 1A Auto display you how to change the alternator belt on her 01-05 Honda Civic.

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ease the an adverse battery cable loosen the upper 12mm nut behind the steering belt sheave Loosen the bottom 12mm nut near the power steering belt pulley relocate the reservoir and also loosen the 12mm nuts ease the wing seed counterclockwise v a pair that pliers eliminate the strength steering belt remove the loosened bolts lift the strength steering pulley and reservoir up and out
remove the 12mm adjustment locking bolt ease the 14mm bolt atop the alternator loosen the adjustment bolt (wing nut) with a pair the pliers push the alternator down and also in eliminate the belt
feed the belt under in about the crank pulley bring it about the A/C pulley carry it roughly the alternator Tighten the wing seed so over there is 1/4" of pat Tighten the 14mm bolt atop the alternator Tighten the 12mm mediate locking bolt
Insert the strength steering pulley right into place placed the top 12mm bolt into place push the belt under in and also place that on the steering pulley guide the belt ~ above the crank wheel Tighten the tensioner v the wing nut press down top top the belt, need to be around 1/4" Tighten the upper 12mm seed behind the steering belt pulley Run the engine for five minutes check the stress and anxiety and adjust Tighten the upper 12mm seed behind the steering belt sheave Tighten the bottom 12mm nut close to the strength steering belt wheel

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Tools needed for instead of

Materials, Fluids, and also Supplies

Rust Penetrant

Pliers, Cutters & misc Wrenches

Needle sleep pliers

Ratchets & connected

Socket Extensions


Sockets - Metric

12mm Socket

14mm Socket

Brought come you by, your resource for quality replacement parts and also the best service on the Internet. Hi, I"m Mike native 1A Auto. Ns hope this how-to video helps friend out, and also next time you require parts for her vehicle, think that Thanks!Welcome come our how-to video. We"re going come be working on a 2003 Honda civic replacing the power steering belt. Us hope this video clip helps you out, and if friend need an ext parts or details for your vehicle, you re welcome visit and please subscribe together well. Items you"ll need encompass a new belt indigenous, 12mm wrench, socket and also extension, pliers, and also penetrating oil.We"re walk to loosen this 12mm seed here, i m sorry will enable us to ease up this wing nut and also then there"s likewise a bolt right down right here that we should loosen. This 12mm bolt on the front, pull her reservoir up and out of the way, and also the bolt is ideal here. Just get your wrench under in, simply loosen that up a tiny bit. This is her adjusting screw, fight it through a small penetrating oil under on the threads, pliers just to get it to go. And you deserve to turn that counter-clockwise and also the pump have to pivot down to loosen up the belt. Okay, v the brand-new belt, because that now, just push it under in - well, actually acquire it ~ above the crank pulley below, indigenous below. So just put the on and put the on the power steering pulley-block for now. You don"t need to have your auto on a lift or the wheel and also tire off, we simply did it to make it simpler to film. What you desire to do is reach up in here and you deserve to see the belt hanging down, and also just guide it onto her crank pulley. Okay, now simply pull up and you deserve to tighten up your tensioner. For this reason tighten this up, examine your tension. When you press down, you have to only push down about a 4 minutes 1 of an inch on the belt. Usage a pair that pliers top top the wing seed if you require to. And also then, basically, what you desire to perform is once you obtain the stress and anxiety right, tighten increase this top nut, run the vehicle for about five minutes, check the anxiety again, adjust it if you require to, and tighten.Make sure you tighten up this nut and then tighten increase the bottom 12mm bolt the holds it. Tighten increase the peak 12mm nut and also tighten up this 12mm bolt. Gaining the wrench on over there is fifty percent the battle. And put your reservoir back in place.Thanks for tuning in. We hope this video clip helped you out. Following time you need parts for your car, please visit Also check out our other advantageous how-to and diagnosis videos.