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How to say car in Arabic: Sayara

Learning Arabic for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say car in Arabic: SayaraSay it out loud: “sa ya ra

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Some more helpful words in our Arabic Primary Nouns category:

airport – Matar (ma tar)bank – Bank (bank)bar – Bar (bar)car – Sayara (sa ya ra)city bus – Bas Lel Nakl Al Dakheli (bas lel nakl al da ke li)coffeehouse – Kahwa (kah wa)hospital – Mostashfa (mos tash fa)hostel – Nozol (no zol)hotel – Fondoq (fon dok)long-distance bus – Hafelaat Lel Masafat Al Tawela (ha fe laat lel ma sa faat al ta we la)long-distance train – Ketaar Lel Masafat Al Tawela (ke taar lel ma sa faat al ta we la)pharmacy – Saydaleya (say da le ya)police – Shorta (shor ta)post office – Maktab Bareed (mak tab ba reed)restaurant – Mat"am (mat ham)short-distance train – Ketaar Lel Masafat Al Kasera (ke taar lel ma sa faat al ka se ra)supermarket – Super market (su per mar ket)taxi – Taxi (tak si)

And here’s how to say car in other languages!

Arabic–Sayara (sa ya ra)Chinese–Qìchē (Chee Chuh)Croatian–automobil (ow toe moe beel)Czech–auto (ow toe)Finnish–auto (ow toh)French–Auto (ow toe)German–das auto (duhs ow toe)Italian–auto (ow toe)Japanese–Kuruma (Koo Roo Mah)Korean–Cha (Cha)Polish–samochód (sah mo" hood)Portuguese–Carro (kah hoo)Russian–mashina (mah shee nah)Spanish–coche (koe chay)Swahili–gari (gah ree)Thai–Rot (roht)Turkish–araba (ah rah bah)Vietnamese–Xe Hơi (Se Huhy)

Will you be travelling by "car" (Sayara) or by train? Either way, you will need to know the names of these two phrases. Now you know what "car" (Sayara) is in Arabic. Learn about other modes of transport using our instant access to the Arabic Language Set.

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