Hi I was wondering if anyone knew where the shift solenoid on a 2001 toyota camry le is located in or outside the transmission?

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The shift solenoid is located inside the tranny, mounted on the valve body. Here is the locations of the solenoids and how to change them in the diagrams below. Check out the diagrams (Below). Please let us know if you need anything else to get the problem fixed.

Electrical problem2000 Toyota Camry 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic On this year Camry are there one or two shift solenoid valves.What I uderstand they are available after dropping oil pan. How difficult to change and are they easy to spot

They are very easy to Identify and to change out. Once you drop the pan jut look for part looking like the one you purchased.

It is the lock-up solenoid and not shift solenoid. To check solenoid seals, remove suspect solenoid. Connect battery voltage to solenoid. Apply 71 psi (5 kg/cm2 ) to solenoid with battery voltage connected. With battery voltage applied, air should pass through solenoid. Disconnect voltage to solenoid. Ensure air does not pass through solenoid. Replace solenoid if defective. Check out the diagrams (Below). Please let us know what happens.
The transmission shift solenoid has been replaced 3 times already on the vehicle. The check engine light recently came on and the reason is ths part malfunctioned again. What could be the casue of the frequent failures of this part? The parts and labor to replace this last time cost about $450.
Hi Bruce Houk, Thank you for the donation.To understand the problem better, can youplease provide us the exact trouble code for the shift solenoid?When was the first time the solenoid was replaced and the last time?Was the trouble code the same each time?Each time it was replaced, how long did it last?Were the parts new or used?
In response to your questions, the first time this was replaced was in June 2000 at 25,259 miles. The trouble code was PO773. The last time it was replaced was inn November 2003 and the trouble was was asgain PO773. The replacements parts were new and the work perfoermed by authorized Toyota dealers. Thanks, Bruce Houk

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I could not find any TSB or recalls on the item in our database but a google search seems to indicate this is quite a common fault.Solenoids are electrical components and there is no definite life span for them. How long they last is anybody"s guess. Electrical components are unpredictable so there is no definite answer for you. What I can say is that these solenoids, being made up of coil windings do fail over time as they are subjected to heat, from the trans fluids and when being energised by electrical currents.From another point of view, the connectors are on the transmission and I have seen many cases of which contaminations to the terminals causes them to fail. When contacts deteriorates due to presence of water and in some cases battery electrolytes, as the battery is above the connectors, the malfunction would be detected by the computer. When a fault is traced to the solenoids, replacement is recommended though at times cleaning the connections would suffice.Hope this answers your question.