Hi Everyone! This is a supervisor quick article on just how to popular music the hood and access the engine compartment on a Honda Accord. It most likely seems obvious, however here space the images showing you whereby the catches and also release latches space all located!

1 – pop the Hood

In the driver’s seat, find the hood release latch down close to your feet ~ above the left-hand side.

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Pull it the end and ago until girlfriend hear a ‘pop’.

2 – relax the Hood Catch

Next, go to the prior of the vehicle and lift up the hood. It must be a bit loose now after ~ pulling the latch inside. With in in between the hood and also the grill and locate the latch.

You will view a small black handle, push upward on the handle.

Pressing upward on the manage will relax the hood so the you can lift the hood up in ~ the very same time through the other hand. Now the hood have to raise freely.

3 – Prop increase the Hood

Locate the prop rod i m sorry is lied down close to the former of the engine bay. Pull it the end of the plastic clip and raise the hood every the means up. To the right the end of the prop rod right into the matching hole situated in the underside of the hood as shown.

Alright, that’s it. I hope this was helpful. Sometimes a picture is precious a thousand words!

Need any other maintenance on a Honda Accord? inspect out this Honda Accord maintain posts!

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