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Learning just how to make durations bigger on Google Docs will aid you formating the entire document. The result is a clean, structured paper that is fingerprint for the reader to understand.

While the rather obvious to say that different fonts have various appearances, us forget this applies to full stops together well.

Sometimes, the punctuation clues size makes it daunting to tell castle apart. Have actually you ever mistaken a comma because that a period? can you tell the difference between a standard period and an italic period? You might not think that matters, yet punctuation is an effective and requirements attention.

Many have commented ~ above the size of the periods in Google Docs. Periods and other dot marks appear in the same size together the selected font. If they nothing look large enough for you, store reading. We have actually 4 techniques to face that.

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1How come make periods bigger on Google Docs
1.1Change individual periods
1.2Change the font style
1.3Select every one of the periods
1.4A word of warning
2Wrap Up

How to make periods bigger top top Google Docs

Change individual periods

This is a perfect solution for shorter texts together it will certainly take longer:

Begin by selecting the duration you desire to enlarge;


The period will be emphasize in blue;Take her cursor approximately the toolbar and either click on + or on the number to select a size.

Unfortunately, in Google Docs, you can’t choose various periods and also enlarge lock in one go. This is why it functions the ideal for shorter texts.

We have selected dimension “24” which is a little bit extreme, but you can see the distinction it makes.


Change the font style

Similarly to transforming the size, this is only a an excellent option for much shorter texts:

First, pick the duration you want to do bigger;


Go up to the toolbar and also scroll under the various font options. We pick “Impact” for a larger period.


If friend don’t need to use a certain kind of font for your work, have in mind the there space some fonts whereby the duration is clearer: Oswald is a an excellent choice. So is Verdana. And finally, Georgia.

But if you space writing a legal document or her teacher/employer has certain instructions, you won’t have the ability to do this.

Select all of the periods

This is a great feature from Google Docs. It allows you to search for any word or point mark and also make changes. The perfect for when you complete a document, especially longer texts.

If you space using Mac, press “CMD + F“ to open up the text search box. On Windows and Chrome OS, this use “CTRL+F”;


Now include a duration into the text box (the point mark, no the word).


All that the periods in your text will be highlighted green. Over there is one that will be darker. The changes you make will certainly be presented in this period. Us have adjusted all to dimension 15 and bold.


Next, click on the three vertical dots to the best of the search box. This will open a brand-new window named “Find and also replace”.


Click replace and all and the transforms will immediately be made.

Remember, if you want to make any other punctuation note larger, you deserve to use the exact same methods. You have to find and replace all periods and also then repeat the procedure for commas. You can’t kind both punctuations to search together.

A native of warning

There are several tricks digital to lengthen her essays and papers. Part students have assignments v a minimum variety of pages. By an altering your durations from a 12 to a 14, you might be may be to include enough to meet the requirements. Friend can add as much as half a page on a 5-page essay.

Teachers are really much mindful of this trick and also will check. In fact, to check, it’s much faster than “Find and also replace”. Every they have to do is pick all the text. If the font size in the toolbar disappears and there is no distinction in your font size, the is clean the durations are bigger.

Wrap Up

Don’t issue if you can’t see durations in Google Docs. That a usual complaint and also not a authorize of your eyesight gaining worse. If you can’t choose a font that has actually clearer periods, you deserve to solve the trouble by making durations bigger.

The quickest and also easiest method is to use “Find and replace” as soon as you have completed the text. Making durations bigger is a an excellent way come make your document, paper, or presentation clearer.

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Nevertheless, if you are a student and also trying to reduced corners, it’s no worth it. Invest the extra time do the efforts to fill your page quota. This method your teacher i will not ~ come back with some dreadful punishment choose redoing the whole document.