Hello everyone... I'm working on a production of Shrek: the Musical, and also I have actually been given the task of making Pinocchio's nose flourish on stage. Has actually anybody here done this before? I'm just searching for some guidance... Thanks in advance!


I'm not sure what your budget/workshop is like, yet this is just how they perform it on the West End:


I love act on stage effects in former of one audience. All of my past impacts were constantly controlled by the actor for timing issues so I'll stick through that thinking here. I would regulate the machine using pneumatics. This can be as simple as a hand pump of some design (like this or also like this ). After ~ you've figured her pump out, to buy some size of tubing provided in fish tanks in ~ your neighborhood pet it is provided store. Make certain to also pick up a few small water tap clamps at the hardware department simply so over there aren't any type of leaks.

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Next comes the really growing-nose part. The point that comes to my mind would certainly be much like the toy lightsabers the extend and also \"lock\" right into place making use of friction. Each segment the the lightsaber consists of a slight conical shaped piece inside another slightly larger diameter conical shaped piece. You can make these out of strengthened poster plank or maybe record mache sanded smooth. All the piece fit within of each other so make each item as long as the length of the little nose. Make as plenty of sections as you require for your complete length nose. Now, relying on if the nose demands to retract onstage together well, i would add to this style some elastic straps. Either usage actual elastic bands uncovered in the fabric section of most craft shop or simply use rubber bands. Affix each tape from the top of one section to the optimal of the following section ~ above the inside of every section. You could affix them come the outsides however your nose wouldn't retract every the method down. Now to make it grow! I'd perform this by it is registered a tiny (160 size) twisting balloon come the end of the tubing coming from my hand pump. Location the balloon inside the telescoping nose. As soon as inflated, the conical sections should move outward. When the waiting is released (either via a tiny valve beside the pump or any type of other method) the elastic bands should cause the sleep to move inward. You could finish the nose by just painting that a wood color with part grain.

Attaching this device to the actors confront is other you'll need to come increase with. Work very closely with the actor and also with wardrobe. Wardrobe will also assist you with hiding the tubing and pump within the costume. Make certain the actor understands how the device works and that you have it done with time for them to practice with. Adding anything to the nose have the right to throw an actor off as soon as it involves their intuitive acuity.

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I hope this helps or in ~ leasts sparks part ideas. If girlfriend have any kind of questions, feel free to message me.