On Bakery Story, i will always get the choice to clock 10 ads because that 10 gems. This offer pops increase after 24 hours.But whilst loading Restaurant Story, I see the alternative of earning free gems to the height right next of the screen. But then once the video game loads, the alternative is gone. Also if i didn"t obtain the free gems ~ above Bakery Story, the alternative does not appear on Restaurant Story, therefore I"m wonder if this is a bug...The complimentary gem offer loads on my iPad, but on my S5 there space no free gem offers for either games.Is there some means to create the complimentary gems market in Restaurant Story?
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The video clip feature is one iOS only feature.You may have actually this attribute in all some or no one of your games.If you have icon, yet the video is no working, please send an email to support
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The video feature is an iOS just feature.You may have actually this function in all part or no one of your games.If you have actually icon, however the video clip is no working, please send an email to support
Ah, climate that"s a bit disappointing
Would love come scoop up part Valentine gem items, but I have the right to only really depend on cooking dishes and also getting them to level 2 and 4.

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On the totally free gems concern I"m to run iOS RS; acquired to level 99 and the watch advertisement icon no longer appears. Is that normal?
On the free gems concern I"m to run iOS RS; obtained to level 99 and also the watch ad icon no longer appears. Is that normal?
Think it needs to do w the last iOS upgrade w RS. I no longer get the option of watching 3 ads because that 3 gems.
On the free gems inquiry I"m running iOS RS; gained to level 99 and also the watch advertisement icon no longer appears. Is the normal?
So, what"s up? I finally got one iPad a couple months ago. Appreciated earning the gems by watching videos for a few weeks, then quit seeing the icon/link in RS. Deserve to we no longer earn gems by watching videos in RS?Yes, i am using iOS.But, I deserve to only do the video ads to knife gems in a couple of games. I can"t perform it in RS or BS2.
As Kooky posted above, "You may have actually this feature in all part or nobody of her games.", for this reason you might not gain in every one of your games. If you have concerns around your account, please send an e-mail to support
The option to clock videos to obtain gems has disappeared from my window. There space multiple issues because the last upgrade.

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I think a player pointed out in an additional thread, castle got response from assistance that videos for gems was promotional attribute for IOS individuals that can show up or disappear at any kind of given time.
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