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If you click on your Bag, there need to be a ar where you can view the TMs and HMs that you have actually obtained. If you teach a HM to one of your Pokemon, they can use them outside of battle. However, many HMs need a certain number of Gym Badges prior to they can be used outside of battle. After friend teach castle a HM Move, click something outside of fight (A little tree for HM Cut, a boulder because that HM Strength, etc). The Pokemon will then do the Move.You need HM01 (Cut) come cut little trees. HM01 (Cut have the right to be acquired in Rustboro City.Hope this helps!

I acquired the HM reduced in rustboard city, however then when I sought it in the residence on route 110, it to be gone. Do you understand what happened? I have actually the gym badge.

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Check out this monster that a guide to acquire you v every customs of Pokemon Emerald. The totality game is spanned including, the elite 4, Champion Battl..

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