Is it okay to put new brake pads ~ above the original rotors with no wear ~ above the rotors? Also, what is the finest brand that brake pads to placed on?

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an excellent afternoon,I would imply either having actually the rotors resurfaced or replaced. Over there is a wear sample from the old pad and the new pads may not contact 100% This video shows the task being excellent on a similar car however the procedure is the same. and InstallationWARNING: Clean dust on brake calipers and also brake pads v a vacuum dust collector to minimize the risk of airborne corpuscle or other materials.CAUTION:Be careful not come splash brake liquid on painted areas; the may reason paint damage. If brake fluid is splashed top top painted areas, wash it away through water immediately.While removed brake caliper, do not boring brake pedal due to the fact that piston will certainly pop out.Do not damages piston boot.Keep bowl brake rotors and also brake pads totally free from brake fluid and also grease.Burnish the brake pads and disc brake rotors support contacting surfaces after refinishing or instead of disc brake rotors, after instead of brake pads, or if a soft pedal occurs at an extremely low mileage. Describe Brake Burnishing.REMOVALObserve brake fluid level in master cylinder reservoir tank. Partially drainpipe brake fluid if necessary.CAUTION: carry out not reuse drained brake fluid.Remove rear wheel and tire making use of power tool. Refer to Adjustment.Remove the upper and also lower sliding pin bolts. Describe Exploded View.imageNOTE: keep in mind the sliding pen orientation during removal. The top sliding pin consists of a bushing.Remove brake caliper native torque member. Leaving brake hose attached, reposition the brake caliper aside through wire.CAUTION: perform not twisted or large the brake hose.Remove the brake pads and also shims indigenous the talk member.Remove the brake pad retainers native the torque member.imageCAUTION:When removing the brake pad retainers from the speak member, elevator in the direction indicated by the arrowhead as presented so the it does not deform.Replace brake pad retainers if damage exists.INSTALLATIONInstallation is in the reverse order of removal.Apply Molykote AS-880N grease or equivalent in between the external brake pad, external shim cover and also outer shim and also the within shim and also inner brake pad. Install external shim, external shim covering to outer brake pad, and also inner shim, inner shim cover to inner brake pad.CAUTION: change brake pad shims and covers if damages exists.Apply Molykote 7439 grease or equivalent between brake pad retainers and brake pad ends. Install brake pad retainers and brake pads on torque member.CAUTION:Make sure the brake pad retainers room fastened properly to the speak member.Replace brake pad retainers if damage exists.Using a an ideal tool, press the piston right into the cylinder boring of the caliper.Check brake liquid level and refill as necessary. Describe Inspection.Burnish contact surface between brake pads and also disc brake rotors. Refer to Brake Burnishing. Examine out the diagrams (Below).

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