order to come to be the fairy for 1 second. As becoming in real life, the values \u200b\u200bof water, fire and all the pressures of nature in ~ home. Let"s shot to call the fairy
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Little fabulous faces are frequently hiding native the usual world. To see and feel their presence, only the many worthy, civilization who are identified by kindness and also responsiveness. And the girl that believes in the visibility of Fei v all his heart and also makes an excellent actions, might not only acquire acquainted through them, but additionally become a genuine fairy.

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How to end up being Fueey Winx?

Each fairy, such as Winx, is distinguished by wisdom and a feeling of style. Such fairies, besides what they have magical abilities, room also an excellent owners and fashionista. Therefore, in bespeak to become the very same wizard as Stella, Flora or Roxy, the is sufficient to learn exactly how to develop beautiful outfits, read a lot of smart publications and always remove her things. Moreover, every this need to be add by a unique spell ("Cracine Mana Ste, Flo, Rock, Cracin Man").

But to become the Fai that Bloom, just over will not be enough. Girlfriend will additionally need to uncover a one-of-a-kind cache, about which no one will ever know, and also decorate the so that everywhere the human being there is nothing an ext beautiful. Such a mystery place enhances any type of magic phrase and also gives her hostess the strength owned through Fairy Bloom.

How to end up being a fairy through wings?

There space fairies that have the right to fly. Small shiny wings aid them in this. Yet far native every fairy they acquire at birth. Plenty of make them us from the clouds and also wind breath. In among the wonder books, the is explained how to come to be a fairy that deserve to fly and also how to do a magic wing at home.

The paris fairy is every owner the homemade wings. You can make them from the remedies: a transparent chop film, scissors, paints and also tassels, one old strap, threads v a needle and a lacquer through sparkles because that hair. First, the form of the wings of the wanted size is cut and also paints in various colors. After it dries, the is sewn to the strap (strictly in the center). Everything! - Wings space ready. The critical stroke will be the spray of your varnish to impart brilliance.


Magic wings will certainly be just a mainly later, provided that throughout the work they will be constantly gift in the daylight. However, it need to be remembered the in actual life Fairies fly only at night so the others perform not see the beauty beauty of the magic wings and also did not desire to pick them up. If the magic wings will be stolen, then every the magic will certainly disappear into one instant, and it is no longer feasible to come to be a new wizard.

How to end up being the Water Fairy?

Being the Water - means to be able to command this element. Water sorceresses can reason rain, readjust the direction of river flows, and, peering at the many lakes, suspect the future. To end up being a fairy that the aquatic aspect is topic to, you have to use proven ways, namely:

Learn come talk with water

To perform this, the is essential to come to any kind of water source (river, lake), select a tree the will choose the most and also hang a silk shade tape on it. This is done so the the nature itself aided the magic transformation. Climate sit near the water, throw away every the extraneous thoughts to the side and also start listening to the noise (language) that the stream.

As quickly as the feeling shows up that you are component of nature, you have the right to ask any questions the interest. Water will answer them. However, at first, it is better to ask inquiries to which you can give a an easy answer ("yes" or "no"). If, after ~ a given question, the noise the water has become louder, the fish jumped out of the flow or an additional phenomenon arisen - it method that the water responds come a concern positively.


Get water strength

It is possible to come to be fairy water, carved by the strength of this element. To execute this, ns need precisely at midnight to scream end a pre-prepared pelvis v water: "Water-Mother, candlestick share v your silhuk, so that ns am also strong as you". The hair have to be flushed, all the decorations from the body are removed. After every the words are pronounced, you need to dial the bath, to water all the materials of the pelvis and swim there.

How to end up being a fairy through transformation?

To become a fairy the knows how to turn right into someone or anywhere, you require to have actually a well-developed imagination, due to the fact that the transformation procedure occurs only in the situation of a detailed idea of \u200b\u200bits presentation. Fairy, i m sorry is endowed with the transformation forces, as soon as was the fairy v wings. She just grew up, and nature endowed her more serious forces.

Now in order come fly together fairy wings room not needed. They merely imagine how they turn right into a bird (which i beg your pardon is much more like), then the moment of change and trip takes place. The wizards rotate not just in birds, but also in animals, plants and different items. This process occurs in the same means as during the change described above.

Therefore, to come to be a fairy the owns the change forces deserve to only it is in the wings that made his wings and also learned come fly. But to conveniently master the method of assorted transformations will aid the complying with exercises because that the advance of imagination:

Every day draw pictures the the wonder world. Magic human being can only be viewed in a dream. However some manages to reproduce it with congenital ability by inventing different animals, unexplained trees, stars the you will certainly not satisfy in everyday life.Writing fairy tales. Every the authors of fairy tales room wizards, only they do not speak anyone around this. In order not to forget the change skills, they compose stories that describe worlds where only magic creatures and solid magicians live. If a fairy story read much more than 1000 people and she will prefer it, then the most vital queen of Fay provides the authors brand-new forces.

There is one crucial magical rule: a fairy tale demands to be created by itself. The message of the fairy tales need to be multi-colored, so before writing you need to be cleared up with fancy handles and also markers. Each page will require to attract pictures.

How to come to be the Fairy the Nature?

In fact, the Fairy of Nature is born, just with age it is forgotten. In order to awaken the strength that to be laid in ~ birth and also become the Fai that the real, you have to spend more time ~ above nature and carefully law it. The is, come do whatever that is responsible because that fairies the nature: help people, sick animals, make sure that the trees and also flowers do not rest without the need, perform not litter in any type of case, but on the contrary, take treatment of the safety and security of the environment.

If nature encounters do not accomplish their obligations, they will certainly nowhere to take the magic forces that the universe offers them.


It is possible to arouse the stamin of nature reasonably and easily, if you perform the following:

Every day carry out a lot of of an excellent deeds.Grow dwellings or in the garden you yourself Flowers.Meditate (like yoga: sit in the lotus position, close her eyes, odor from everything and also think only around your desire to come to be the FEE).

All these 3 items should be attach by unique words ("boats, start, boats, strength, boats, wake up up Dzinc").

How to become animal fairy?

Animals feel and understand no worse than other people, which means that they have actually consciousness. Therefore, we will command them quite difficult. To do this, you need to have the ability to penetrate pet thoughts and also replace them with your own. This can be done just in one method - to clearly reproduce the necessary action in the imagination, which need to perform an animal, and also imagine just how it performs (where it goes, i m sorry feels). In ~ the same time, the is important to think, as if the mind of the animal is a personal mind.

Quickly come to be fairy animals do not occupational out. An initial you need to find out to love them and also not it is in afraid. The is no only about all your favorite cats and also dogs, however also around crocodiles, lions, bears, wolves and also tigers. And just to love pets little, the most necessary thing is to get reciprocity from them, otherwise they will certainly block the enntrance gate to consciousness and also tame them will not work.


Learn come command animals far better on our pets. As quickly as that starts, it is necessary to bring out a distinct magic rite. Because that this, paints can be drawn on the skin (sold in children"s stores). They need to draw some pet (beloved) ~ above his face.

Then you need to get up ~ above the chair, rotate on the music in i m sorry there space sounds of animals and die 15 time "Trust Morley, Kwast Morley, Morley, come Queen Fay. To trust Morley, Kwastor Morley, Morley, make me also simple. " You must sing on the motive the will involved mind. After ~ that, close to the open window, placed the chocolate and also go to sleep. If the chocolate will not be in the morning, climate the queen Fey heard the song and also everything turn out.

How to become the fate of all forces?

It is an extremely hard to very own all the forces at once, so the is difficult to end up being such a fairy right currently without front training. The wizards who own all their might have studied not everything immediately, yet gradually. At an initial they master the trip technique, then they obtained the forces of nature, after ~ - water, etc., together students endow the Queen that Fay. So she encourages them for the efforts. Therefore, becoming the fairy appropriate now.


To end up being a solid and knowledgeable magician, you really require to learn lessons, simply not together in an simple school, but magic (flights, magic tongue, magical account, fizmagculture). They are very similar to school, so you can combine one through another. There are numerous magic methods for this:

Before each institution lesson, the is necessary to talk around yourself the following phrase "lesson, lesson, a lesson come start and quickly in the magical friend turn. Kraken, Bowek, Krush, ns will quickly turn right into the fairy now. "In every notebook, put a little leaf, where it is created that that owner is a fairy, and also listed, what type of pressures she owns. Because that example: "My surname is Masha. I am a fairy. I have the right to fly and also talk with animals. " This leaf should be decorated v colored pencils, and from the opposite next to draw a tiny fairy with wings and also a magic wand.All your college textbooks turn right into magical. To perform this, every morning on the backpack you should hang magic klyakazist. This is such a special vital chain. It can be done at home. You need a tiny toy through a ring. A ribbon is hanging ~ above the toy v the engraving "Klyakazustra" and all with each other behind the ring clinging to the backpack through the words: "Klyakazra Montte, Kusto, Rikko."

Currently, numerous young girls have actually a solitary dream - to come to be Fai. This is a really frank and also really noble desire. But it might be not every desire to come to be a fairy, for this you must behave well, to be an obedient and smart girl. Therefore, shot to fulfill these requirements. There are many ways to help you become the Fai the this.

How to come to be the fairy per second

The very first way is an extremely simple, you must do simply a couple of more actions, after which friend will become a fairy. First, uncover a small piece of document and compose your desire top top it. Do not skimp top top words, as long as friend can define who you want to become (for example, water, fire or air). Then to water a full glass the water and also drink the materials to the bottom, and throw a sheet v a desire come the window. It is necessary that the leaf paris as much as feasible from you. Through the way, the paper does not necessarily throw out, you deserve to simply eat it and also drink it through water. After that, go to bed and also fall asleep with a solid sleep. In the morning, once you wake up up, you will come to be a fairy.

How to come to be a fairy house

The second method is no much less bad, pay him sufficient attention. Come turn, you need a key cold water, paper sheet the a details color (decide in advance what kind of facets you desire to possess: love, nature, water, etc.) and also the mirror. To become the front of love - cut the love of red paper, nature is a wedge sheet of green, water - a tide of blue sheet. Next, collection fire to your craft and put that in a plate with water, do it so the it mirrors in the mirror. Climate look in ~ the mirror and plainly tell me: "I desire to become a fairy!", Repeat my words 3 times. Remember, it need to be a clear. If the fire go out an extremely quickly, it means that you have turned right into a fairy.

How to end up being a fairy through wings


Find the container of tool sizes and also put ice into it, climate wait until it melts. Next, autumn one hand into the ice water and also close your eyes. Because that 1-2 minutes, imagine who you want to end up being in her head. That is crucial to understand what sort of aspects you want to have.

After you perform these steps, walk to the bathroom and also soda shampoo hand, then wash it. Wipe her hands with a towel and also start rubbing them about each other, the procedure should last 1-2 minutes. A couple of days later on you will come to be the fairy.

How to come to be Fey Winx

Find the old party from under the toilet water or cologne. Fill it v water and include 3 pinching sugar, 3 pinching salts and also one spoon of liquid soap. After ~ that, collection aside the filled vial on the windowsill, there it need to be a little bit at the very least two weeks.

After the time has actually passed, the magic perfume will certainly be ready to use. Sprinkle the content within a couple of days, in ~ the same time imagine just how to turn right into the fairy. A couple of days later on your desire will be.

How come turn right into fairies forever

This change is feasible only through the complete moon, so friend take treatment of patience and wait for the right time. Prepare a glass with water and also a small piece that paper. On the sheet, define with details what fairy you desire to become. At the time of the full moon, walk to open home window So the the moon mirrors in a glass v water, then reduced the leaflet with the contents into the glass and also pour water top top yourself. After that you will come to be a fairy.

The surest means to it is in the fairy

To get something easier to ask for this in who in our case, you have the right to turn come the actual Fayam. To execute this, you will have to speak to these exorbitant creatures. To become a fai of the water - sit by the lake or river, the fire that fire - through the fire, and also if you desire to be the fuel of the moon - girlfriend have enough to look in ~ the moon. In the latter case, there is a prerequisite, the moon need to be complete.

Then I contact myself a fairy the you want to view (for example, "Fairy Fire, concerned me!"). If you room hearing a small rustling, or you will feel a cold breeze, it will mean that Fay is near. Be sure to behave friendly, otherwise the fairy may think that new abilities are required to you because that doing poor things, and then your desire will never ever be fulfilled. If everything goes well, girlfriend will remain home and lie under in her bed. In the morning friend will already wake increase with brand-new abilities and also wings on the back.

How to end up being the fairy of any type of element

You will require an simple toothpaste and also a tiny patience. Take it a tube in your hands and learn some components on the index fingers of the hands. After 45 minutes, the tooth paste have the right to be washed away. After that, they say out the cherished words out loud: "I to be a fairy!", Repeat this phrase 5 times. An hour later on you must hear the exorbitant voice the the fairies - after the you can ask her around what you want. Walk to bed, and also in the morning girlfriend are already wary of the Fairy.

How to really become a fairy

This technique is suitable only if you spend the night at house alone. You should not distract anything, concentrate all attention on her purpose. Near up and raise hands up. After that, speak this phrase out loud three times: "I am a fairy!". Take this procedure within a couple of days, and also your desire will certainly be fulfilled.

The best means to become a fairy

You must make a very basic thing - to inspire yourself the you room fairy. To perform this, believe the totality soul and heart in your dream. Really soon girlfriend will find out that the magic and the reality exists, only confidence needs. Give the kindness and positive everyone around, take treatment of loved ones and relatives. Always smile, speak pleasant, kind and also magical words. Execute not find out your girlfriend in difficult moment - ~ all, what would certainly be the Fairy, you require to find out the key things. The is absolutely necessary to make magic rituals and spells. All you require is faith and kind heart. Only possessing these qualities you can end up being Fairy.

Do you choose flutters, charming, magical fairies that have a exorbitant power? Surely, privately dream of coming to be one that them, at least for a minute. Us guessed? however this dream is real. There room ways exactly how to come to be a fairy, however, you must seriously treat the rituals described and also be an extremely attentive if you decision to host a wonder rite. After all, the fairies take to themselves only those who sincerely to trust in magic.

Proven methods

If someone told the girl that Fay does no exist - the is an extremely mistaken. History describes a lot of of instances when conventional people met the wizard and even speak to them. The mysterious cases are declared in the books, they are retelling indigenous generation come generation. If the girl decides come turn into a wizard, then it must be mindful that there room no magic for turning back transformation. Therefore, think very closely before using the suggest methods.


Write on a item of file phrase: "I desire to end up being a fairy (and add, what - land, water, nature). Depending on what girlfriend chose, placed the file into the water, kiss and let in the wind, get in the ground. After ~ that, it is difficult to talk, otherwise magic will certainly not work, so go to bed immediately. Nutro wake up up the beautiful fairy. Just leave the home window ajar - so magical creatures will have the ability to fly into the room.

here is another paper way to come to be a fairy.


Are there any type of other methods to end up being fairy? for the second method, cool water will certainly be needed. Take a bowl, mirror, candle and sheet of fancy paper. To keep in mind the the shade of the file should exchange mail to what fairy you desire to rotate into. For example, the magician of love loves red and also pink, nature - green, water - blue and blue. Light a candle and her flame to google paper. Automatically lower the sheet in a bowl v water and reflect the mirror. Climate look at the mirror and say around myself: "I to be a wizard". Lug the wet sheet to the fire of the candle, if the light will instantly go out - you must be congratulated through the transformation into the fairy!



For a sugar way, an empty bottle from the perfume will certainly be needed. Fill it with water, include some fluid soap, 3 slices of salt and as much sugar. Then leave a jar with a magic systems on the windowsill, permit it stand for 2 weeks. As soon as time passesOne day need to be fed up through this miraculous solution, representing exactly how to turn into a beautiful fairy. 3 days later, the desire will be fulfilled, and also will appear magic force!

How to come to be Fey Winx

To turn into a fabulous wizard, you require to come to be a good friend because that those bordering people, plants, animals. The is impossible to swear and even much more so fight, otherwise the magic wings do not see. Fairy is the strength of good, execute not forget around it. If for a month you deserve to perform the stated requirement, begin preparing because that the conversion ritual. Select what particularly the fee WINCs you want to become.

To turn into Bloom - the wizard, i m sorry is subject to the magic of the Dragon Fire, you should do basic actions. Take such items: red document sheet, black felt-tip or marker, magnifying glass. Summer clear day walk to the nearest park (but perform not walk deep into the landing, the fairies never expose themselves danger), create on a paper of felt-tip pen her name and also words: "I gain the FEEY Bloom." Then v the assist of a magnifying glass to direct the beam of the sunlight on record and set fire it. A few days later on you will certainly feel what has actually changed. To change into great stella, owning the magic the the sun, the moon and stars, a special ritual in full moon must be performed. Come be component that the is necessary to do it usual throughout the day, no at night. Take a glass or a cup the dark color, fill with water and look into it. You must see your very own reflection and also say: "I am beautiful as Stella. Ns am helping the sun, the moon and the stars. " Then for a couple of hours put the vessel with water top top the windowsill so that the moonlight falls into it, sunlight rays, stars. Once water will certainly behave their magic, begging her. After performing the ritual correctly, girlfriend will come to be a full-fledge fairy. come transform right into Leyl, it is necessary to usage the simplest spell. You will aid you the elder of Fairy - Pixie Piff. Find a pillow with the photo of butterflies. Look to bed, contact the wizard, for which lock say 3 times to voice: "Pixie Piff, come. Come to be a leulet aid me. " fall asleep and also wait, soon dreams with Leila. In the morning, look at your reflection: if you find several sequins top top the face, you went to miracles at night. Congratulations, you came to be a beautiful fairy! To come to be a wizard named Muse, write to the disk favorite songs from the Winx cartoon. On package from the disc marker, write: "Muse from (your name). I want to end up being a wizard. " after that, the disc must be held on a tree branch greater from the ground, and also after a few days it will certainly disappear. This means that Musea went to here and also took the message. Intend the speedy change that starts when you feel that you hear also the many quiet music. Come to be a tek magician you will certainly succeed, if you have a lot of knowledge. You will have to spend efforts, make friends v the computer and find the component you must turn - some dust from the device unit. Yet you should not disassemble the computer"s dad or climb under the lid. Only dust used from above. It have to be combined with sparkles and also store in a small box. When the street is windy, go to the balcony and, punch on this magic powder, twist it in the wind. Do a routine right, you will turn into a computer fairy. Shortly you will notice that playing on the computer system has come to be easier, a traction will show up for knowledge, and school prices will be higher. How to become Fey Roxy? use fantasy, attract on a sheet of file a fictional dog or cat. Allow the drawings be plausible. Next, faster illustration on the wall using a switch or a magnet to the refrigerator. Go for a walk, finding out a comparable animal ~ above the street. Once you find, holy ghost say: "Thank you, Roxy, the heard me. I desire to end up being like you. " ~ a short period of time you will certainly feel the it has come to be closer to the animals.


You already know just how to become a fairy. Some techniques of turning are complex, yet by completing them, it is not complicated to acquire magical power. Perform not violate the rules and also do the very same as the is written, climate the pressures of good will give you miracle abilities. Yet remember, if you quarrel with someone or fight, the magical power will disappear, and you will need to start a routine again.

How to become water

This technique of transforming is more facility by some others, yet the most efficient. Wait complete moon, try to throw extra thoughts the end of my head. You are smart, so whatever will occupational out! Prepare a keep in mind with the surname of the fairies you desire to become. Then placed down the paper into the glass filled with water, but come to be so that the moon is reflect in the water. The is vital to drink this water and go come bed. When the morning comes, and also the moon will change the sun, you will turn into a miracle fairy.

How to end up being fairy fire

If you wish, girlfriend can end up being Fire Fire. The is precious approaching the fire and present that you obtain the capability to glow. Holy ghost say the you want to be a light, try to feeling it, yet do no touch! If you feel uncomfortable close to the fire, rise the candle and also do the same near her. From currently on, girlfriend know just how to become the beautiful Fier Fire.


Fairy v wings because that 1 second

Wait when parents won"t be at home, sit in prior of the mirror. Closely pepper in your reflection and also imagine that you currently have magical abilities. Someone: "I - Fairy". Let any object that the wizard, i m sorry would prefer to be in prior of you. A main after the ritual, the kingdom the beautiful winged wizards will take you right into their ranks.


Transformation right into a fuel the snow and also ice

How to end up being the fay of snow and ice? Prepare a magic essence: Mix in a beautiful seasoned pinch that the earth, a pair of flower petals, a handful of snow and also a tiny sugar to lure a wizard. Touch the miraculous mixture v your finger every evening, saying nothing. Imagine the the fairy you desire to become. As soon as the night of the saturday day passes, the desire will be fulfilled.

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Can you end up being a wizard? only one that sincerely to trust in miracles can feel them. Discover to see the magic in the most ordinary things, provide the happiness to others, smile, speak about the neighboring words - it is crucial to every person. No magic rituals will not assist become wonderful magical creature, till you dumping kindness. Magic is already in her hands. Right now start come make good actions, the is pleasant to surprise others and delight parents. The video clip below will aid you end up being a beautiful fairy.

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Each girl desires to be special and possess the abilities that are past its peers. How to come to be a fairy and also learn to develop magic? To do favor and good people, please them and surprise them? end up being a genuine wizard is a actual adventure that will certainly transform the life of any type of girl or a girl!

However, it should always be remembered that it is not just a vast gift, but additionally a huge responsibility. The girl who envies, is angry with others, lies come parents, renders Caverza and also other negative deeds, will certainly not get to get extraordinary abilities. For this girlfriend will have actually to change the harmful character. After ~ all, the Fairy is first of all - a very great creature, so she will provide his power just sincere and great person.

In this article:

Club Winx: exactly how to come to be the same?

These wonder creations concerned us from the "Winx Club" man series, telling around unusual girls with magical abilities. Six beautiful fairies, each of which has its very own magic, came to be a genuine sample to imitate. Is it feasible to learn exactly how to have such talents ideal now? Yes, the is quite feasible to transform right into Fairy Winx. The main thing is to think in the magic and be a type person.

To have actually the capability of one of the villas that Winx, you have to remember several crucial rules:

they will certainly never harm a person and make bad acts;the wizards are not just beautiful, but additionally carefully adhering to themselves: undertake well, the teeth room brushing ~ above time and combed;if friend really desire to turn right into a girl with the abilities for magic, the is ideal to tell anyone about it. Also close friends!

Flora: Queen Flowers

Will own the magic that Winx - Flora - it method to have the ability to talk through flowers and plants, to love nature an extremely much. To end up being a similar to flora, you have to go because that a to walk in the summer on a sunny day top top nature and find the most beautiful flower. In no instance cannot be disrupted!

Sitting near the flower and also stroking his stems, this words need to be pronounced:

"Flora, it is in my girlfriend! offer me strength! ns love flowers and believe in magic. Thanks to you, ns can end up being a real Fairy nature! ".

Magic spell should be pronounced 3 times. Currently magical capability will boost every day.

Muse: Sound Energy

Becoming Fairy Music is to learn exactly how to control the sound the sound. To possess the talent of the muse, it is vital in the evening prior to bedtime, quiet rush to myself the many beloved song and also pronounce the genuine plot:

"Muza, give me magic of music, the magic the sound! permit them aid me create great for all people! ".

After that, shot to fall asleep. In the morning your an enig abilities will certainly be much stronger.

Fairy that the Sun and also Moon

Those girls who choose to excellent the moon and also the lunar light have the right to enjoy Magic Stella, and for a lengthy time wade on the street on sunny days.


To become a lady of the energies of the Sun and the Moon, you should hang two threads ~ above the wrists of your hands. On the ideal hand Yellow object - it will indicate the energy of the sun. ~ above the left - white thread. That will end up being the conductor that the energy of the moon. But prior to conspiring threads-talismans in the hands, say:

"The sun and also the moon, assist me to become a real an excellent sorceress! I will make only an excellent acts and also no one leading to an evil! "

After that, v threads, you have the right to feel the sunny and lunar power, which will certainly be awarded v extraordinary talents and skills. The sun will help you to find out well, constantly in great mood And help others, and the moon is to it is in a an extremely beautiful girl and also not fear of anything.

Lady the light and also fire

In the Cartoon "Club Winx", the Bloom magician delighted in magic that light and also fire, which provided her practically unlimited abilities. End up being a lady that the facets of fire and also light can be through the assist of a magic conspiracy and a small mystery rite.

In a clear sunny day you must go to nature and find a small clearing. You have to make certain that no one has actually seased appropriate now. Then acquire up top top the middle of the clearing and also stretch her hands up, directly to the sun. In this case, express the indigenous of the magic conspiracy:

Leila: just how to low grade water

To have the capability of the magician leyla, you need to organize a magic rite. Because that this evening, in former of bedtime, when the moon will shine out the window, put a glass with water in the room on the window sill. Below are the words of a conspiracy the will assist to gain the toughness of the water element:

"From now on, i will learn to control water, draw a magical strength out the it! Leila, make me a genuine fairy, Odari for your magic! ns swear that i would use it only for the benefit! ".


After that, you must go to bed. If in the morning you felt a big tide of toughness - it method that you have become a an effective wizard, i m sorry from now on can regulate water elements. However, you must not automatically throw to the nearest reservoir to test your strength. Your abilities will certainly be disclosed gradually, job by day.

All modern technologies will be subject to

The 6th wizard - techno - had actually a skill that enabled her to subjugate all the renowned technologies. Exactly how to make it so that you have actually never damaged the phone call in your hands, and the far from the TV did no disappear when it is most needed? To perform this, seek aid to magic and also spend a very simple rite.

You must take any home gadget, for example, a mobile or tablet that belongs come you. Then in the evening, prior to bedtime, take it it in hand and quietly say:

"From currently on, the whole technique becomes topic to me! currently I have actually nothing to break and work badly! i own an effective magic - magic technology. From currently on, any modern technology is conquered! ".

After this mystery rite, the phone or tablet, end which magic words were delivered, have to not be consisted of overnight. In the morning you will check out that castle have end up being much much better to address any method in the house, and also it has become much better and faster.

How to end up being a fairy through wings?

Many girl dream of actual lung wings. It"s so cool to learn exactly how to fly! Unfortunately, your revolution will happen unnoticed to others. Follow to wonder laws, the wings will not be visible to anyone of people, however only to represent of the miracle worlds. They can be watched in the lunar enjoy of the lake once the sorcerer’s itself.

However, it never stopped unique girls who recognize that magic is a major thing, and boasting her friends that you have actually invisible wings through the aid of transformation, it is certainly not worth it. Otherwise, all the magic will disappear, and also it is no always feasible to return it.


To become a fairy through wings in actual life, specifically at midnight in the dark will need to open the window and, looking into the sky, tent times a magic spell:

"I to be crawling your wings! i fly come the stars! "

After that, within seven days, the is important to stand for that the wings grow behind her back. A week later there will be a transformation, and the girl will certainly turn right into a powerful sorceress through the wings the she will feel behind his back, as soon as he wants.

In actual life, the fairy through wings will not fly. However at night, in a dream, you totally experience your transformation and deserve to enjoy the wonderful emotion of flight and also fascinating communication with good creatures from various other worlds.

There is another way to turn into a walled wizard through transformation. This will assist such a ritual:

draw ~ above a clean paper of file such a fairy with wings in i m sorry you desire to turn;on the turning back sheet, compose the magic ability you want to master. Because that example: "I want to fly," "I want to act animals" or "I want human being to be attracted to me" and any others. The main thing is the they are not evil and could no hurt anyone;then placed a item of pillow top top the night (you deserve to bend it). Exactly how to sleep;the next day, hidden the pipeline in the ground so the no one witnessed him and also did not dug.

How to turn right into a fuel every second? ritual at home!

This is the easiest method to use to the wizard at home. To do this, you should stay alone in her room, close your eyes and also give magic words three times:

"Fairy strength is currently with me!".

First you will not feel anything, but then every job they will begin to occur amazing Adventures. That is always worth psychic that currently you room special. Therefore, you have the right to feel people, your desires, dreams. The is vital to help people and also animals so the your strength has increased. If you perform not do this, miracle abilities might disappear.

Another way to quickly become a fairy house will require a courage of character. At night, you have to wake up once it is tho dark, walk to the mirror and say together words:

"Magic, put me through the beauty and also magic that fairies!".

After that conveniently return come bed, close her eyes and fall asleep till the morning.

The next day, a girl who made decision to get extraordinary talent in this way, will certainly feel much more confident in your power. If earlier she to be a timid, now it will feel an ext bold and also decisive, she will certainly have great real friends.

How to know what occurred to become special?

After a secret rite the initiation, many girls are looking forward to instant magic abilities. However, house magic is not working in the way, and also it will not be possible, because that example, to become the Fairy nature or fire.


Magic talents will certainly manifest every work in a little bit. Magic changes can be felt every time girlfriend commit a an excellent act: feeding the hungry kitten, lull the crying baby, support great word Lonely man. After ~ each together act, you physically start to feel choose magic in you i do not care stronger.

It is crucial to go as frequently as feasible in nature. The genuine magician spends most of the time among flowers and also trees, helping them come grow and protect them. Instead, natural aspects will offer a special girl wisdom and also power, i beg your pardon will permit her come repeatedly increase their particularly talents.

Becoming Fairy way living in harmony through people, nature and animals. Never ever offend them, however always assist and maintain. Then you truly feeling the wing behind your ago and realize the they turned right into a powerful an excellent wizard.

Modern Internet room is to fill with various instructions and recommendations on just how to become a fairy, and this is not simply the miscarios the the girl"s fantasy, it is present lifestyle, watch which is not just interesting, and is useful.

After city hall the "Winx" animated series, young girl dream around how to become a fairy ideal now and also look because that various ways to help them make their cherished dream. Us have built up the most popular recommendations on exactly how to come to be the fairy soon or just how to discover magic strength In just 5 minutes.

Separate techniques will require more thorough preparation, because there are different fairies, and for reincarnation, for example, in the fairy v wings or in the FEY of all forces, needless various conditions and different instructions. Us will try to disclose you the most the ideal ways turning and tell around the fairies amazing Factswhich you have actually never also guessed.

Before you decide to become a fairy v wings because that 1 second, let"s figure it the end who room such fairies, in which environment live and also what abilities space possessed.

Fairies room such elegant girls who can fly, talk through water, transform right into various animals and make magic.

They space miles, sort and an extremely charming. That course, we are talking about an excellent fad. After ~ all, we space confident that you dream to become just such a fairy fluttering ~ above transparent wings and creative good deeds. However, it is vital to carry out it imperceptibly, because no one except you should guess that you are a fairy. Just it is vital to sincerely think in yourself, it is in responsive, good, sincere, stylish dress up, strive because that knowledge and also follow your appearance. This is exactly how real fairies come and much more experienced sisters give them real wings.

Who knows, possibly you, by following these recommendations, deserve the donate of larger fairies and can end up being a fairy v wings because that 1 second. But if the wing still do not appear, you deserve to make lock yourself. Because that this you need cut out of a thick movie Elegant wings, repaint them right into favorite color, and also then sew In the center of the building of an old strap. Sprinkle ready-made wings through sparkles - and also they are ready!

How to end up being Fueey Winx?

Another reason in order to forget the gray weekdays and also plunge right into the fantasy world, ended up being the most renowned animated series "Winx". Countless girls across the planet, enthusiastic adventures that charming cartoon wizards - Bloom, Stella, Roxy, Flora, Texa, Muses, and also Leila, day and night only dream of how to end up being Fam Winx.

These wizards good, raised, beautiful and really friendly. Castle know just how to sympathize through someone else"s grief, love nature and never go past injustice. Therefore, if you decision to come to be Winx, you must necessarily have actually these qualities. But in order to turn into that fairy from a cartoon the you like most of all need to be compliance v individual recommendations.

For example, in Stella should turn right into a complete moon. After ~ all, this Fairy has magic heavenly Tel. The rite deserve to be organized at home: prepare a black color cup v water in development and after ~ midnight, say: "I want to come to be the very same beautiful together Stella." after that, put a cup ~ above the windowsill so that the moon light reflects on the surface of the water. Leave the cup ~ above the window until the morning, therefore water will be able to charge not only lunar, yet solar energy. After that drink water. End time, girlfriend will start to an alert positive changes in her appearance. Therefore the strength of the Fairy is manifested.

In general, Winx Fairms are known to united state not only for seven seasons of the series. The full-length cartoons as "Fairy: The secret of the Winter Forest", "Mystery of the Pirate Island", "Fairy: Magic Salvation" and "Fairy: shed Treasure" also came to the vast screens. In them, brave wizards battle with evil and also experience the amazing moments of their wealthy life. Every of them has its magic power and is responsible for a details element. For example, over there is a fairy the water, fire, nature, animals and even a supermodule fairy of all his might.

If her favorite heroine "Winx" is Bloom, shot to turn right into it. To perform this, you have to take a paper of shade red file or orange color, magnifying glass or magnifying glass and marker or marker. Through all these accessories, walk to the nearest park. ~ above this day, the sun should be shining. Discover a secluded corner and write your name ~ above paper, and also then together words: "I turn into the fairy that the fire." ~ that, readjust the leaflet, sending out sunlight on it v a magnifying glass. As soon as the file is fully harboring, entee the ashes in the wind. After this ritual, friend will an alert that girlfriend can regulate the aspects of the fire and control the direction that smoke.

Of course, this is not all ways to become fairy. With the aid of together recipes you have the right to also shot to end up being Winx Leyla or Winx Muse. Much more detailed video clip It will help you come reincarnate to your favorite heroine, and also you will learn just how to manage it v magical power.

How to become the Fai of this?

Certainly "Winx" is just a beautiful plot the a well-known cartoon. You deserve to only find out from the young heroine of their courage, purposefulness, style and kindness. But in bespeak to end up being the Fai the the truly, you need to work a little.

Firstly, learn how to integrate school and also teaching magical strength. For this, prior to each lesson, ~ above a change, mentally tell yourself the you space fairy. Imagine the this lesson is not simple, yet a magical and also he will carry you a lot of magical knowledge.Secondly, love mathematics. That course, the is essential to love all items (after all, the fairies are smart), however, mathematics can lug you more pleasure from studying what girlfriend think. For example, throughout the equipment of tasks, friend can present fantasy. Closely read the condition, and also if over there is a speech around the girls, imagine that they are real faces and you aid them do a magical task. When the task is addressed - it method that the fairy coped. And you assisted them!Take treatment of her notebooks, keep them in order. In each notebook, placed on a small leaflet, in i m sorry it will be created that you are a fairy v a actual force.Each fairy has actually a magic wand. You deserve to make the yourself, because that example, from a traditional ballpoint handle. Take it a beautiful colored bow ~ above the cap and also leave a handle for the night top top the windowsill. Queen Fay will come and also turn your handle right into a magic wand. Externally, it will certainly look like an simple handle and also you can write it in ~ school and at home. Only do no say anyone that this is a magical subject. No one need to guess around it, otherwise the wonder power will certainly disappear.Make your tutorials magic. To do this, make a special crucial chain on your institution backpack or Klyakazist. It have the right to be do of a little toy through a fastened ring.

How to come to be a fairy through transformation?

To become a fairy with revolution ( that is the fairy capable of transforming into assorted creatures), you need to have actually a great fantasy and also be maybe to draw beautifully.

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Only fairies are capable of change having wings and also able to fly. That is an extremely important. For example, you want to soar in the sky, like a bird. Imagine that your human body becomes much simpler that feathers appear and wings start to grow. In order to end up being a fairy with change and turn into animals and even in the plants, you need to train the imagination. This will aid you basic exercises.