Each bag that popcorn contains around 5 tbsp of un-popped kernels. This is based on the truth that a serving dimension is 2 tbsp & every bag has about 2.5 servings.

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Now, if every solitary kernel were to pop, you'd have 425 kcal (2.5 x 270 170) that popcorn.

However, that never happens and also so they've listed you with another means to calculate the calories - through volume that popped popcorn. They're saying 1 cup of popped popcorn is 30 kcal and each bag of popcorn generally yields 11.25 (4.5 x 2.5) cups. This way that when you popular music a bag that popcorn, you're eating more like 337.5 kcal due to the fact that not every kernel popped.

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Thank girlfriend so much. This finally makes sense. I've been avoiding a large box of Costco popcorn in mine pantry due to the fact that of this labels. The doesn't help that it's difficult to measure the end 1 cup the popped popcorn accurately. I have actually a 1 cup measurer and also a 2 cup measurer. Measuring two cups with the 1 cup measurer outcomes in 1.5 as much popcorn as measuring 2 cups v the 2 cup measurer. Currently I can just separation the bag in fifty percent and it is in done through it.

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I think that OP's point is that it shouldn't take this lot of explanation and also deliberation to number out miscellaneous as an easy as 'how countless calories space in this bag I'm about to eat?'

You're my hero! say thanks to you for a well described comment. Ns wasn't trying to find a real answer yet I got a bunch of good ones, thanks!

Now I'm confused. Shouldn't it just be like anything else? There's 2.5 servings every bag, every serving is 170. Therefore 170 * 2.5 = 425?

Edit: OH, i see. Every cup is 30calories popped. There space 4.5 cups popped pet serving, so 4.5 x 2.5 = 11.25 11.25 popped x 30 calories = 337.50.

Now, is this just assuming an average number of unpopped kernels? go that median popcorn is even lower calorie than I assumed it was since I constantly counted unpopped kernels? HELL YEAH.

You could also find the gram load of the bags and put the in to the tablespoons (35g) and figure the end the servings that way; sometimes about 2.5 actually method 2.2 or 2.7 or something.

Once you have that number the poopedpopped calorie of 35g is 135 (35g provides 4.5 cup so main point 1 cup calorie by 4.5 to obtain 135 calories) climate multiply through that, uneven you're eating unpopped kernals... Yet then you probably have actually other points to worry about lol.

Edit: popped no pooped. I've gained a headcold and also an iPhone, terrible mix for trying to write

I've constantly been so confused by this haha. Keep your eyes out for 100 cal bags, though! There's much much less thinking involved with those bags.

Jolly Time 100 calorie bags are the TRUTH. You get so much popcorn and it's together a pour it until it is full snack for 100 calories!

That's the only method I eat popcorn. I just can't figure it out otherwise. I'm literally as well stupid lol.

This is crazy. Just how come friend don't have actually labels v calories every 100g? Is a tablespoon a standard and also well defined measure? possibly I sound favor a an extremely stupid person, however I am completely lost v "cups", "tbsp", "oz", "serving"...

When i scan something v MFP and also only this crazy devices are easily accessible I am favor NOPE, gotta create a new food entry.

Quick math based upon the label (if I'm analysis it right).

Serving size is around 4.5c popped * 30 Cal every cup = 135 cal. 135 * 2.5 servings every bag = 337.5 Cal every bag.

I think it must say full Calories for clarity. (Google calorie search agrees through 30g of popcorn ~ 140 kcal)

The labeling is damaging though. It angers me because it appears to me lock deliberately try and hide just how unhealthy their product is.

Anyway, here is exactly how I prefer my calorie tables:

1 serving 2 tbsp unpopped (35g)Daily worth per serving*1 bag unpopped (87.5g)Daily worth per bag*100g
Total Calories1708.5%42521.25%
- native fat100250
Total Fat11g17%27.5g42.5%
- saturation Fat5g25%12.5g62,5%
- infectious diseases worldwide Fat0gn.d.
- Polyunsaturated Fat1.5g3.75g
- Monounsaturated Fat3.5g8.75g
Total Carbohydrate17g6%42.5g15%
- diet fiber3g12%7.5g30%

*based top top a 2000 calorie diet.

Jesus fucking Christ posesthe your mechanism with servings. Note the nutritional value PER 100 GRAMS the UNPOPPED KERNELS choose they execute in the first world countries.

I recognize obesity is such a huge problem in the US once companies are enabled to bullshit approximately with exactly how much power the food contains.

Not the it's perfect all the moment in Europe either. Occasionally it's simply "per 100g" as soon as the entire box is an uneven weight. The proper means is to brand it "per 100g" and "for the entire package".

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