Whether you very first saw her as adorable, tiny Jane in 27 Dresses or maybe as the sassy protagonist Emma Ross in the Disney hit collection Jessie, we\"ve seen Peyton List grow up right prior to our eyes. The TV darling was born in 1998 in Florida, wherein she and also her siblings entered the acting and also modeling world. She first couple of roles were uncredited appearances in daytime collection like As the people Turns and also All mine Children, if her first credited role in a movie was together a Young mrs in 27 Dresses. Only three years later, she was cast as Emma Ross in Jessie (via IMDb).

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Throughout the 2010s, List showed up in movies such together Diary that a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days, and The Thinning series. It\"s likewise reported that she\"s appeared in end 400 commercials, which is an expensive number (via Celebrity net Worth).

Due come the success of Jessie, list was added to the series\" spin-off, Bunk\"d. and today, we\"ve every been tuning in come Netflix\"s Cobra Kai to see her in her recurring duty as the key antagonist, Tory Nichols. According to her IMDb page, List has a few more tasks in the works, too, and who to know what she\"ll soon add to her growing filmography — and what that will median for her network worth.

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According to Celebrity network Worth, Peyton perform is precious an approximated $7 million, a net worth the the American actor has been structure for over a decade now. It\"s reported that shortly after the first season the Jessie in 2011, she was available over $90,000 to proceed her duty as Emma Ross (via well-off Genius).

Despite her significant fortune at such a young age, List has actually made sure to store herself grounded and also her spending come a minimum. During an interview through Fashionista, she said, \"I generally only shot to to buy one or 2 things when I go out shopping. I shot to store my closet more restricted tiny amount of points that i really love.\"

Indeed, instead List has invested in much more practical, large purchases. In 2017, she offered a home tour for Architectural Digest of her beautifully renovated California home, decked the end from head come toe in bohemian décor. The 1,521-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-bath starter house is situated in the trendy area of Silverlake. Along with being a gorgeous property, List made decision to near the deal due to the fact that it\"s near to her family. While the specific price the the house hasn\"t been disclosed, it\"s safe to assume the the price tag to be pretty hefty.

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Meanwhile, on her 17th birthday, list was gifted a stunning, new white Mercedes Benz, i m sorry didn\"t cost her anything in ~ all and only included to her full net precious (via Celebuzz).