Mint State (MS) Red (RD)

1883 Indian Head Cent Penny worth is $3 in an excellent and rises with grade and condition. Intend damaged or cleaned coins to trade for less. Values can acquire $37 or far better for coins that grade nearly uncirculated (AU) and also even more in mint state (MS).

1883 Indian Head Cent Penny worths are likewise determined by 3 grade conditions when the coins space in mint state grades. These designations are as follow: Red (RD) and this is the many well maintained and valuable condition, Red Brown (RB) is next and also Brown (BN) is the the very least in value. Colors can vary based upon the grading business that encapsulates the coin and coins have the right to tone in the grading company holders. See illustration below.


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Bronze Planchet (1864-1909)

Designer: James B. Longacre
Diameter: 19 millimeters
Metal content: Copper – 95%, Tin and Zinc – 5%
Weight: 3.11 grams

Edge: Plain

Indian Head Cent Values key Chart

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