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Stage 1
Stage 10
Stage 2Stage 11
Stage 3Stage 12
Stage 4Stage 13
Stage 5Stage 14
Stage 6Stage 15
Stage 7Boswer in the Dark WorldSecret Stars
Stage 8Bowser in the Fire SeaSwitches
Stage 9Bowser in the SkyEnding
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Mario was invite by Princess Daisy to her castle to have cake together. As soon as Mario arrived, the cannot uncover Princess Daisy... Due to the fact that she was caught by Bowser! control Mario v your N64 joystick come collect power Stars come rescue Princess Daisy!

Power Stars

Mario can collect power stars in various stages and also in the castle, together he shot to conserve Princess Daisy. When Mario collect 70 stars, he deserve to fight v the final Bowser. However, there room 120 power stars in total:In every of the 15 stages, there room 6 stars and an extra star once Mario collection 100 coins in the stage.The rest 15 an enig stars are covert somewhere in the castle. ( 6+ 1) x 15 + 15= 120Once Mario collects every 120 stars, he deserve to see his old girlfriend Yoshi!

Red, Green and also Blue ! Boxes

These boxes contain caps that offer Mario special power. Red ! permits Mario come fly, green ! turns Mario right into metallic and blue ! renders Mario transparent. However, they can only be provided after Mario had pressed their certain switches, which room hidden, in the castle.

The 15 Stages

There space 15 step in this game. Each phase contain 6 stars. Sometimes Mario collection stars directly, periodically after beating a boss, pass certain secret places or collection 8 red coins. There is likewise an extra star when Mario collection 100 coins in each stage.Stage 1 - Bob-omb BattlefieldStage 2 - Whomp"s FortressStage 3 - Jolly roger BayStage 4 - Cool, Cool MountainStage 5 - huge Boo"s HauntStage 6 - Hazy Maze CaveStage 7 - Lethal Lava LandStage 8 - shifting Sand LandStage 9 - Dire, Dire DocksStage 10 - Snowman"s LandStage 11 - Wet-Dry WorldStage 12 - Tall, tall MountainStage 13 - Tiny, vast IslandStage 14 - mite Tock ClockStage 15 - Rainbow Ride


Mario needs to defeat Bowser 3 times. After beating the an initial one, Mario gets the first key come the basement.

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The second one hold the vital to the 3rd floor. Loss the critical one to save Princess Daisy and also watch the quite ending!Bowser in the Dark WorldBowser in the Fire SeaBowser in the Sky