The three spirits appear to Ebenezer Scrooge on three succeeding nights at the appointed hour, together predicted through the ghost that Scrooge"s former partner, Jacob Marley. However, Scrooge awakes in his very own bedroom top top Christmas morning to uncover that the soul had, in fact, achieved their visits with him during only one night.

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as soon as the ghost the Jacob Marley, Ebenezer Scrooge"s deceased business partner, visits Scrooge in stave 1 the A Christmas Carol, Marley speak Scrooge the he "will it is in haunted by three Spirits."

Expect the very first to-morrow, as soon as the bell tolls one.

Scrooge protests weakly, "Couldn"t i take "em every at...

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When the ghost that Jacob Marley, Ebenezer Scrooge"s deceased business partner, access time Scrooge in stave 1 that A Christmas Carol, Marley speak Scrooge that he "will be haunted by three Spirits."

Expect the very first to-morrow, as soon as the bell tolls one.

Scrooge protests weakly, "Couldn"t i take "em all at once, and have that over, Jacob?" but the ghost ignores him.

Expect the second on the next night in ~ the exact same hour. The 3rd upon the following night when the critical stroke of Twelve has actually ceased come vibrate.

In stave 2, the Ghost that Christmas past arrives specifically on the hour the one, as predicted through Marley"s ghost:

Light flashed up in the room upon the instant, and also the curtains that his bed were drawn.

In stave 3, the bell strikes one, but no ghost appears. A quarter of an hour go by before Scrooge realizes the a "ruddy light" had been shining in his bedroom due to the fact that the hour struck, and the light appears to be comes from an adjacent room.

Scrooge gets out of bed to inspection the source of the light, and also he has his hand top top the doorknob come the next room as soon as "a strange voice call that by his name, and also him enter."

Scrooge does together he"s told and also goes right into the room, where he meets the 2nd spirit, the Ghost that Christmas Present.

At the finish of Scrooge"s visit v the Ghost the Christmas Present, the heart leaves him alone in a desolate part of town. As the clock strikes twelve and the last stroke that the hour ring out, Scrooge watch "a solemn Phantom, draped and hooded, coming, prefer a mist follow me the ground, in the direction of him." The Ghost that Christmas yet to Come shows up at the hit of twelve, specifically as guess by Marley"s ghost.

It would seem that each the the three spirits appears to Scrooge on each of three succeeding nights, yet in stave 5, when Scrooge finds himself earlier in his own bedroom after his harrowing encounter through the Ghost the Christmas however to Come, Scrooge runs to the window of his bedroom and also shouts come a young young in the street below, "What"s to-day, mine fine fellow?"

"To-day!" responded the boy. "Why, CHRISTMAS DAY."

Scrooge is delighted to find out that it"s Christmas Day and also that that hasn"t let go it. Climate Scrooge remarks,

The Spirits have done it all in one night. They can do anything they like. Of course they can. Of course they can.

Not another word is said in the story about how numerous nights the spirits saw Scrooge, so also though it shows up that the spirits saw Scrooge in ~ the appointed hour on every of three succeeding nights, just one night has actually actually passed.

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It"s now Christmas morning, and also Scrooge is able to put into practice all of those things he learned about Christmas—and about himself—during the spirits" visits v him.