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Oxygen is one element and elements have actually atoms. Oxygen gas is a link consisting of molecule of oxygen, v each molecule consisting of 2 oxygen atoms (chemically represented as `O_2` ). The molecular load of oxygen gas is 32 (= 2 x 16) gm/mole.

Now, every mole the a substance...

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Oxygen is an element and elements have atoms. Oxygen gas is a compound consisting of molecules of oxygen, with each molecule consisting of two oxygen atoms (chemically represented as `O_2` ). The molecular weight of oxygen gas is 32 (= 2 x 16) gm/mole.

Now, each mole that a substance consists of an Avogadro"s number (or, `6.023 xx 10^(23)` ) of particles. In various other words, 1 mole that oxygen would contain `6.023 xx 10^(23)` molecules. Here, us are given with 16 g that oxygen. The variety of molecules in 16 gm of oxygen room 0.5 (= 16/32 moles). 

Thus the variety of molecules in 16 gm or 0.5 mole the oxygen gas space 0.5 x 6.023 x 10^(23) = 3.012 x 10^(23) molecules.

Similarly, 16 gm of elemental oxygen (represented as O) would certainly contain 1 mole that atoms, because the atom mass of oxygen is 16 and hence will have actually 6.023 x 10^23 atoms.

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