tourist climbing the Statue of Liberty's narrow spiral staircase have the right to gauge their development with indicators showing how countless of the 354 actions to the peak remain.
NEW YORK - A set of 354 narrow measures spirals every the method up tothe Statue that Liberty\"s crown, and it\"s the just escape path fortourists in one emergency.

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When a acting alarm to be tripped inside the statue critical month,hundreds that tourists to be rushed under the tantamount of about 15flights the stairs - the same ones firefighters would need to trudgeup if the 125-year-old landmark records fire.

National Park organization officials have actually closed the statue in recentyears because that a $20 million security upgrade. The crown, i m sorry reopenedlast year, had been closed because the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacksto enhance its fire safety. Following year, the statue will certainly close again,for ripe months to a year, so workers can build a 2nd stairwellat Lady Liberty\"s pedestal, said national Park organization spokesmanDarren Boch.

\"Given its age and the reality that that is a historic structure andthere\"s not lot we deserve to do to change it, it\"s just not going to be100 percent in line\" with existing safety standards, Boch said.

The statue watch a best of 3,000 tourist a day, and also mostascend the first 186 steps from the ground as much as the pedestal. Nomore 보다 10 people at a time are allowed all the way up come thecrown, in part so they can be easily evacuated if necessary.

The shallow procedures to the crown are 19 inches broad and taper atone end. Head clearance is just a little much more than 6 feet.

The park organization is upfront about the challenge of the rise tothe top, warning the only civilization who can walk unassisted shouldeven attempt it and also should drink water at least 30 minutesbeforehand on hot days. Tourists often suffer warm exhaustion,shortness that breath, panic attacks, claustrophobia and fear ofheights.

The crown remains exceptionally popular, however: No tickets areavailable until November.

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