i am at this time researching around readability for a hefty content post that is paginated. Ns am not sure how to paginate the article because there room no explicit rule that explain how plenty of paragraphs or personalities that thought about \"too many\" in a single page.

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Please, can you share some knowledge about it? say thanks to you


I have encountered paginated posts that reloaded the totality page every time I adjusted the page and also it was negative y2kcenter.org, long articles with too lot to scroll and no navigation options.

So i would take into consideration making certain that the user can conveniently navigate to the section he is interested in, be able to search through it and other y2kcenter.org elements.

If pagination is the method to go ns would consider these 2 things: lull of use, navigating etc. And consider the regular phisical publication character counting which I uncovered to be:

\" In stormy terms, each page of a standard-format hardcover book has about 300-350 words, and each word is five characters plus a space. For this reason a typical publication page has, to speak 1,500 come 1,800 personalities (not count spaces.).\"


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