After a series of occasions it became an extremely clear to Kristen Pridham that it to be time to lose some weight.

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One day, Kirsten Pridham’s son, who has actually Asperger’s syndrome, do a comment the made she pause.

“He claimed ‘Mom, friend look pregnant’ and also tapped me top top the belly,” Pridham, 35, that Kelowna, brother Columbia, told “It hurt however (he) no wrong.”


That comment was just one of numerous things that made she realize the she necessary to shed weight. In ~ 5 feet, 7 inches tall, she sweet 243 pounds. Pridham had started acquiring weight after opening her own bakery in 2012. The anxiety of having a brand-new business and helping her child with Asperger’s and attention deficit disorder led she to emotionally eating.

Though she was in her at an early stage 30s, her wellness was failing.

“I ended up having actually a chaos of wellness problems: kidney stones, plantar fasciitis and also general health problems. I just wasn’t emotion well,” she said.

Then she experienced a snapshot of it s her from her brother’s wedding and also she realized how overweight she was.

“That sent out me on a spiral,” she said. “I had enough of feeling sick and also tired all the moment so I chose to try again to shed weight.”

At 243 pounds, Kirsten Pridham was starting to have health problems since of her weight.Courtesy Kirsten Pridham

In April 2017, she chose to ditch her unhealthy habits. She started by tracking what she ate utilizing the lose It! app. She cut sugars and refined carbohydrates from her diet and added fruits, vegetables, skinny protein and also healthy fats, such together avocados and almonds. Not anxiety eating assisted her feel better.

“It’s to be a battle with that since sugar is addictive,” she said, including that see the numbers move on the range made it simpler for her to continue with it.

For five years, the weight progressively crept on till a series of occasions made Kristen Pridham establish she necessary to lose weight.Courtesy Kirsten Pridham

Pridham set a goal to lose 100 pounds. In enhancement to tracking she macros on shed It! she likewise started walking and hiking. When she favored seeing the number going down on the scale, in ~ some allude her goals shifted.

“I realized what I want was to it is in happy and strong as protest to wearing cute clothes,” she explained. “I was structure muscle and being solid and carry out 30 pushups not on mine knees.”


In the spring of 2018, she husband Sam, that runs marathons and also races, request Pridham if she’d want to operation a autumn 5K with him. While Pridham does no love running, she knew that setup goals aided her shed 90 pounds and also thought that was good to set brand-new and different ones.

“Running is something the I never felt comfortable with,” she said. “Goals really assist you remain motivated.”

At first, she could only run about half a kilometer.

“When ns felt comfortable i would move up and also slowly retained moving,” she said. “It to be a process.”

After shedding 90 pounds, Kirsten Pridham feeling healthy enough to train for a 5K, i beg your pardon she properly completed.Courtesy Kirsten Pridham

A few weeks before the run, she could easily end up 3.1 miles. She completed the run simply shy the 30 minutes, i m sorry was her fastest time ever. If she still no love running, she is considering a 10K race.

While her original goal to be to lose 100 pounds, Pridham is happy with how she looks and feels in ~ 153 pounds.

“I haven’t sweet myself in two months,” she said. “My garments still right the same and the muscles room there.”

Pridham shares tips because that others hope to lose weight.


1. Make a list.

“If your goal is to shed weight and get her health back in check, document what girlfriend eat. Be mindful of what you placed in her body. Friend can’t do it in your head,” she said.

Once she began recording what she ate she to be able to check out what her actions were like and also correct lock if needed. It quickly became 2nd nature come jot down what she ate.

2. ‘Step turn off the scale.’

Like anyone losing weight, Pridham to be frustrated when she hit a plateau and also the number ~ above the scale wasn’t moving. She’d proceed making "healthy choices,” but she also stopped tracking she weight.

“I would protect against weighing myself together much, step off the scale,” she said. “I would emphasis on what i am actually doing and the range would relocate again.”

After obtaining weight from tension eating, Kirsten Pridham began counting she macros using the app, shed It!Courtesy Kirsten Pridham

3. That ‘balance’ no a diet.

While Pridham eats very couple of carbs and tiny sugar, she doesn’t watch her diet together restrictive. She occasionally enjoys ice cream and never think of practice as “punishment.” This makes it straightforward for she to stick v her healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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“It is a good balance,” she said. “It doesn’t have to be a punishment.”

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