after see this video, if us assume the the composition of burgess king and also mcdonald"s ingredients are similar, I would certainly say 15 hrs is ok, I"ddestroy the citizens
the above video clip shows some of mcdonalds food decomposition throughout an 8 week period and also here is a lady who has kept a dual cheese burger because that 4 years, no mold or mildew!
Ahh, you need to be yes then. Ns wouldnt have consumed it yet I not think itll make you sick. There to be no mayo on that or ketchup or pickles..
That video of the 4 year old burger and also fries to be amazing. Thanks for sharing. I have actually eaten half the burger and so much feel fine. I will certainly refrigerated the other fifty percent either to eat later or give to the hospital if I need to getmy tummy pumped. LOL
yes, uneven it to be tainted before it satellite out very same bacteria and also other negative things have the right to devolpe fast, yet if it is relitivly clean u should be fine
It is indigenous BK. Throw it away. Fast food is garbage. ns knew a guy that left life beef the end on the counter and would eat it raw or cook some as he needed. He said that because he did the for most his adultlife and also that his human body was provided to it. That was constructed like a tank and also other 보다 passing the end each night from acquiring drunk he seemedhealthy.

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I"ve to be dumpster diving for quite a few years. By currently I am probably taken into consideration a "certified diver." I"d toss the hamburger in a frying pan, readjust the burner come a preferably flame, standing with a fire extinguisher, cook it until it has a pretty charcoaltexture. You have to be good to go, honestly. Bon Appetit
Fast food is so loaded up with chemicals that you might probably let that sit because that 5 years climate eat it and also be fine.
During my year at college, life in a dorm v no money to buy food, my room mate and also I would more than likely be fighting for that 15 hour burger.
certain i was on a train once and found a fifty percent eaten hot dog and drunk deserve to of coke. Ns was kinda hungry in ~ the time and thought why let great food walk towaste
So by her logic that record around the citizens is airtight... And also only attached sterile air? Riightt. R.I.P. here lies John, Who died on the jon, all for a 15-hour old bacteria burger.

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much more of your logic -- you want to refrigerate the other half of this toxic waste come consume later? Lol. Go the SHTF and I to let go it?!
I offered to live v a friend of mine in TX. His mom was native Thailand. She would fry chicken and leave it on the kitchen table all day and night!We never got sick. I"ve eaten pizza the wasn"t refrigerated and left the end for much more than 2 or 3 days and also did not gain sick. You have the right to usually tell ifsomething has actually gone negative to the allude where it is no edible. I watched mine buddies grandfather eat life CHICKEN all the time! He to be 80 and additionally fromThailand. Never ever sick! can just count on the person and also their immune system. As much as food native a quick food restaurant ns wouldn"t problem aboutgerms or bacteria. I"d be worried about the chemicals, additives, and preservatives castle pump right into that crap.
out of need i"ve eaten stuff that would certainly make the average human puke for this reason it"s mine opinion the the 15 hour old bk burger would certainly be a deliciousfeast and also someone mentioned already it"s no much more dangerous than a fresh bk burger and also i have tendency to agree since after the atom holocaust it"s notjust cockroaches that"ll be left it"s every the rapid food food selection items as well so destruction in if you already haven"t.
yes sir - it"s 7.40pm Sunday night (Aussie time) and you execute realise that I"m walk to need to come straight back on here and also check your posting historyfirst point in the morning to examine if man Phoenix has posted due to the fact that his citizens King subject No. 1 experiment. What if friend disappear and also we"re all