North korean leader Kim Jong Un claps during a celebration because that nuclear scientists and also engineers who added to a hydrogen bomb test, in this undated photograph released by phibìc Korea"s Korean main News firm (KCNA) in Pyongyang top top September 10, 2017. Reuters

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North Korea has threatened to wipe the end Guam, a U.S. Territory in the Pacific, and cities throughout the U.S. In current years, but can it actually lug out its threats?

A North oriental propaganda picture from 2013 revealed leader Kim Jong Un reviewing records that appeared to encompass potential targets because that an attack versus the U.S. The map consisted of Hawaii, one of the closestly U.S. Destinations to north Korea and also home to U.S. Military bases the oversee all devices in the region. It also highlighted mountain Diego, a major port because that the U.S. Navy, and Barksdale Air pressure Base in Louisiana, home to the us Air Force"s an international Strike Command. Washington, D.C., v the White House and also Congress, additionally made the list of targets. Meanwhile, David Wright, one analyst in ~ the Union of pertained to Scientists, has said north Korea"s intercontinental ballistic missiles could strike Los Angeles, i m sorry is around 9,500 kilometers from north Korea, and also Denver, brand-new York, Boston or Chicago. And North Korea chin said previously this year that its trial and error had "confirmed all the U.S. Mainland is in ~ our highlight range."

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North korean leader Kim Jong Un travel guide on the clues the underwater test-fire of strategic submarine ballistic missile in this undated photograph released by north Korea"s Korean central News company (KCNA) in Pyongyang on April 24, 2016.ReutersAlaska, however, can be the most delicate state come an strike from north Korea. The distance between the remote country and remote state is about 3,000 miles, a distance North Korea"s missiles have crossed before. Alaska will be "in range" the a North oriental missile "very soon, if no now," stated Alaska senator Dan Sullivan earlier this year, noting that at some point, "all the those arrays would encompass a nuclear warhead on height of the missile."

Kim"s regime lugged out that sixth and most an effective nuclear missile test ever before in September, prompting new sanctions from the joined Nations and also vows from human being leaders to stop North Korea"s atom ambitions. Specialists have been somewhat divided over even if it is a north Korea strike could in reality reach the U.S. For now, the U.S. Might be safe, stated David Albright, an analyst in ~ the Institute because that Science and International Security. "It"s too beforehand to conclude" whether phibìc Korea have the right to target the U.S., the told USA Today ~ the many recent nuclear test. "There"s a the majority of uncertainty."

That doesn"t average Americans need to necessarily feel safe. "I don"t think time is on our side right here at all," Philip Coyle, an analyst in ~ the center for arms Control and Non-proliferation, called USA Today. "Are they over there now? ns don"t think so, however if we store fooling around they space going to get there."