Hello everyone, it\"s me again back at that again with another blog. This one is a guide blog for once, and also it\"s something the is assumed I would certainly share v ya\"ll. It\"s usually a overview on how I gain so plenty of gems so quickly.

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Just a rapid heads up the all pictures I supplied are from the DV wiki, YouTube videos, and also some space from mine park.

Have you ever wanted to try and get an ext gems to conserve up for that one dragon or item the you\"ve to be wanting for so long? If girlfriend have provided up on reproduction a certain dragon and just want to purchase it prior to it leaves the market, don\"t worry. This is a overview to assist you gain more gems as rapid as possible.


Imagine credit transaction by WbangcaHD top top YouTube. Additionally a side keep in mind that I used to watch his contents all the time.

This right here is a screenshot native a other YouTuber I provided to clock a lengthy time back when I an initial got the game. No so certain if that uploads still anymore yet I suggest you take a look in ~ his content if that still go upload. Looking at this photo now six years later is insane on exactly how much the game has changed over the years. I simply realized exactly how much I miss out on the old format of the game from 2014 and also before. However anyways, I\"m gaining off topic so lets start the guide.


Method one: usage the Colosseum Daily:


Alright therefore the very first thing you desire to perform is make certain you have actually the colosseum. (God I deserve to never spell the word right.) when you have actually it, all you have to do is placed your primary dragon in that matches the aspect of the colosseum. I personally use elder, yet anything above level 15 I think gets you the ideal chances of gaining 5 gems. The colosseum is a everyday thing so you deserve to put a new dragon in anytime the one you put in the day prior to returns to her park. I think that ghostlies likewise work for this too.


For the OG football player from earlier then, ya\"ll more than likely remember the old design

The colosseum is something that I used to never do as soon as I first got the video game 6 years ago, and also wow what a mistake the was. I started playing the game before elder dragons existed, and also light and dark aspects didn’t have actually colosseum challenges either. Ns don’t yes, really play the video game as much anymore, however this is something ns still do today. This is what I believe to it is in the fastest means to obtain 5 gems every day if you don’t have any type of gemstone dragons. And speaking of gemstone dragons…


Method two: try and each other Gemstone Dragons:


Combo because that this month\"s gemstone dragon

If she someone that doesn’t have any type of gemstone dragons, nothing worry around this one. This isn’t necessary however if you desire the most gems, you’re going to want to have multiple the them. Gemstone Dragons, and likewise Crystalline Dragons, are usually always easily accessible regardless that what month of the year it is. I believe these dragons, and also seasonal dragon (correct me if ns wrong) are the just ones that constantly have a dragon available yearly. Reproduction these dragon is an extremely simple, yet could additionally be annoying. Each one requires a specific combo to it is in bred.


First before you effort to each other one, make certain you have actually the gemstone island, or a habitat ready. Then every you have to do is look up the combo and also you’re all collection until you ultimately get the dragon friend want. This is by far the slowest way of gaining gems, considering the reality that every gemstone dragon only produces one gem every week. If you have actually multiple dragons in the very same habitat, this will rate up the procedure drastically to roughly one gem per 36 or other hours. Much far better than one ever before 7 job am ns right?


Method three: add Friends who Still beat the Game:

For this one, what I think gets girlfriend the finest experience is just adding people ~ above Facebook, or asking human being for their friend codes. That’s specifically what i did, and also some the these human being still send me presents too. If you don’t feel choose doing that, you have the right to just ask world on Reddit or other social media if they desire to it is in added. That works, trust me ~ above this one.

You can not find active people appropriate away by including them ~ above Facebook, however if you store looking, girlfriend can gain lucky sufficient to find civilization who will gift girlfriend gems. Top top the wiki, there to be a page around adding world through video game center. Since they shut down a while ago, ns am not certain if this quiet exists. Ns will short article my FC if you desire to include me. I can not be able to respond appropriate away though.


Method four: perform the races Everyday:

I personally perform not execute this method since I stopped doing them once I got Gaia. Ago then girlfriend were provided the chance to carry out as countless races as you want through a tiny fee the 50,000 coins. Yet now things changed with Gaia. Ns haven’t touched this feature because then however there is still a possibility to get gems. However it’s totally random. This technique is more than likely the many inconsistent, however if she trying to gain Gaia or Kairos, over there is a possibility that girlfriend can acquire gems from this.


Method five: achieve Platinum temples If friend Haven’t Already:

This is my last piece of advice if you\"re in require of gems. If you someone that doesn’t have all of the elder dragons, this is simply a means to get 25 free gems. Although it is a one time thing, the reward walk for every ten elders. In stimulate to with platinum status, you have to have a gold shrine already. To perform this, make sure you have actually a particular amount the level 15 dragons. Then after that, you have to make your primary dragon end up being an elder. After level 20, major dragons can still be fed to an additional level, however this just works for main dragons. The does not work-related on something else.

And it is just around it because that my my guide. Did i surprise any of the new players right here with the old format of screenshot from 2014 and also below? I want to offer this write-up a an ext old format feeling to it. Walk anyone find this guide helpful? allow me know in the comments below if friend have various ways of agriculture gems.

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That\"s yes, really all I have actually for now. See ya in the next blog!

The background I discovered on Pinterest by the way. It was reposted and also the original source can be discovered right here.