Militarism: having actually strong militaries ready the country for war and also enhanced patriotism. Alliances: a trust between two or more countries to aid them in the battle. Imperalism: Nations completed for coloniesNationalism: Imperalism increased nationalism.

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Propoganda: strategies to gain peoples to assistance the war; making use of signs and campaigns to sway human being. It was supplied to get human being to take part in the war and also give products to the battle.
Thinking around the M.A.I.N. causes of WWI aget. Specifically define the role nationalism played in the years leading up to 1914.
Nationalism was unifying people in the powerful countries, yet it was separating people in the weakening realms. European rivals were trying to preserve a balance of power while they were also trying to overpower the each other.
On July 23, Austria- Hungary issued an ultimatum to Serbia: revolve over conspirators and also permit an examination Or go to battle. When Serbia at some of the terms, Austria Hungary asserted battle on June 28, 1914. Russia had a large populace of Slavs and was an ally of Serbia; Russia relocated troops to the Austrian border.
No region was tenser than the Balkans prior to the good war Slavic world in Serbia wanted to unify all slavs but Austria-Hungary opposed offering up the largely. Slavic territories: Bosnia and also Herzegovina. The Balkans were left simply waiting for a spark to blow up.
Who assassinated the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria Hungary? What was the name of the company to which he belonged?
The countries the USA were allied via and were trading with, were in deep touble and necessary the U.S for help.

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Trenches were commonly offered in WWI. They allowd the soilders to stay deep enough underground to stop fire, and allowd for a look out at the opposing side. However the trenches were not very sanitary and also had many kind of illness and concerns. The soilders didn"t have a lot of food and also clean water. Trechwarfare led to a stalemate bereason both sides shed too many soilders and also any kind of even more activity would simply result in more and also more troubles and deadlier after-effects.