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Had my car at a local ICE dealer today having actually my Bluetooth Handsfree kit to my New kind RAnyway once he got it fitted, he drove it out of the workshop where the engine proceeded to die

He tried beginning it again and it turned over but would not start, nearly like it to be an immobiliser fault. So i drove down with the spare collection of keys and Steve (the ice cream dealer) gained ready to disconnect the handsfree kit to make sure it wasn"t anything he had done.On my way I to be thinking around the problem and also came come the conclusion it to be nothing to carry out with the immobiliser as the automobile had started.Anyway I unexpectedly remembered the the Fuel cut-off reset move is behind the dash near the vehicle drivers door. Therefore we opened up up the panel uncovered the switch and also found it had actually operated. So us reset it and the engine started 1st time

We placed the dashboard back, however found if you knocked the hard enough the fuel switch would certainly operate and would need resetting. For this reason I"m walking to save an eye top top it, and also have a word with my dealer as I think its a little too sensitive.Just something come think around if you discover yourself in a similar position.Has everyone else experienced this. Ns heard in occurred on a car Autoexpress were demoing.
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I think so.... Http://
I had a handsfree kit mounted 3 weeks ago. First off, I job-related in a quarry for this reason plenty of dust about. Secondly, the butcher of Lyon involved fit the kit. I provided him every the appropriate photos froom threads about dismantling the dash etc, but nothing would yet he would find his own way about! that then started climbing around the within of the car with his mucky feet, almost everywhere THE LEATHER!. Ns coughed a few times in normal polite Britishness, come no avail, climate told that to acquire his effing feet off my effing animal leather seats, this wasn"t some agency car that no one gave a toss about!. Quiet left him come it, or i was going to death him, through the theory that i he division it he"ll solve it! came out around an hour later on to find him churning away at the engine, over and over again. Automobile wouldn"t start! He checked wiring, churned away, took the end kit, churned away, placed kit in , churned again. Then I quit him, told that to type his S**T out or get out of my car. Ns went ago in come phone my dealer come ask advice, when monkey boy landed speak he"d discovered the problem. The radio mute kit had actually been wrongly wired from Factory, bring about the public to "trip out". That pressed the fuel reset button and Hey Presto, car started, and also Car Kit worked. Ns found but that all fuel comsumption readings were reset. What go the button do, exactly. Does that converse in any way with the management system?. I discovered that for around a mainly after, the fuel intake increased initially and also then settled down, almost as if the mechanism was relearning my driving style.

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