pidgin language, is a grammatically simplified way of interaction that develops in between two or an ext groups that carry out not have actually a language in common: typically, the vocabulary and grammar are minimal and often attracted from several languages. That is most commonly employed in cases such astrade, or where both teams speak languages different from the language that the country in which they reside (but where there is no usual language in between the groups). Fundamentally, a pidgin is a simplified way of etymological communication, as it is built impromptu, or by convention, in between individuals or teams of people. A pidgin is no the indigenous language of any speech community, however is rather learned as a second language.

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Lyrics – Pidgin English:

God, yu tekem laef blong mi, mi mi givim nao long yu.

back mi givim evride blong leftemap nem blong yu.

God, yu tekem han blong mi Blong givhan lengthy nara man,

Mo yu tekem leg blong mi Blong mi karem tok blong yu.

God, yu tekem voes blong mi Blong mi presem yu oltaem,

Mo yu tekem maot blong mi Blong mi talem tok blong yu.

God, ol mane tu blong mi, Plis,

yu tekemi mi blong yu Mo yu tekem head blong mi Blong mi waes long wok blong yu.

Yu mekem tingting blong mi ns stap solid long yu oltaem.

Yu nomo yu king blong mi Plis yu rul long laef blong yu.

God, mi laekem yu tumas, Mbae yu king blong mi oltaem.

Evri samting ya blong mi Mi mi givim nao lengthy yu.


Take my life and also let that beConsecrated, Lord, to Thee;Take mine hands and let lock moveAt the advertise of thy love.

Take mine feet and let castle beSwift and also beautiful because that Thee;Take my voice and also let me sing,Always, just for mine King.

Take my lips and also let castle beFilled with messages indigenous Thee;Take mine silver and my gold,Not a mite would certainly I withhold.

Take my moments and my days,Let them flow in endless praise;Take mine intellect and also useEvery pow’r together Thou shalt choose.

Take mine will and make that Thine,It shall be no longer mine;Take my heart, the is Thine own,It shall be Thy royal throne.

Take mine love, mine Lord, ns pourAt her feet its treasure store;Take myself and also I will beEver, only, every for Thee.

Hans Florian Zimmer

Jisas, yu holem hand blong mi Tekem long blong mi antrane quaia because that yu Hitlas huayebe gusa ki lengthy lis hala waala conyi kaiai for yu – hee eeh Jisas, yu canda yira huu-huu-huu hinte querri hissa huu-huu-huu Fracissas ni canda hirla huu-huu-huu hinte querri hissa Bolwa yu candai quero yu for sethe santayu for ya-for sis because that mi Wosre yu rere hello for her rara efisuah en gus rasor Jisas, yu canda yira huu-huu-huu hinte querri hissa huu-huu-huu fracissas ni canda hirla huu-huu-huu hinte querri hissa.


Soon my lord shall speak to for me what a good reunoin work Friends and love ones ns shall watch What a great reunion day part bright morning i shall fly far Haleluah what a great reunoin day quickly my lord shall contact for me what a an excellent reunoin job Friends and also love ones i shall see What a great reunion day part bright morning i shall fly far Haleluah what a great reunoin day.

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Tok Pisin(English:/tɒkˈpɪsɪn/,Tok Pisin/ˌtok piˈsin/) is acreole languagespoken throughoutPapua new Guinea. It is an main language the Papua new Guinea and also the most widely supplied language in the country. However, in parts ofWestern,Gulf,Central,Oro ProvinceandMilne just Provinces, the use of Tok Pisin has actually a shorter history, and is less universal, especially among older people. While the likely occurred as a tradepidgin, Tok Pisin has end up being a distinct language in its own right. That is regularly referred to by Anglophones as “New Guinea Pidgin” or “Pidgin English”.

SingularDualTrialPlural1st exclusive1st inclusive2nd3rd
mi(I)from “me”mitupela(he/she and also I)from “me two fellow”mitripela(both that them, and I)from “me three fellow”mipela(all the them, and I)from “me fellow”
yumitupela(you and also I)from “you me two fellow”yumitripela(both of you, and I)from “you me three fellow”yumipela or yumi(all of you, and also I)from “you me fellow”
yu(thou)from “you”yutupela(you two)from “you two fellow”yutripela(you three)from “you three fellow”yupela(you four or more)from “you fellow”
em(he/she/it)from “him”tupela(they two)from “two fellow”tripela(they three)from “three fellow”ol(they 4 or more)from “all”
The thin Red Line