series 3

Having to be rejected through Sam for cheating in the quiz, JP makes it his mission to success her back. Meanwhile, Kingsley makes himself ill v worry about telling Josie the truth...

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Having to be rejected through Sam, JP makes it his mission to victory her back by signing up himself and also some that the various other housemates come take part in a medical drugs trial i m sorry he knows she will certainly be attending.

A guilt ridden Kingsley think this can be a secure ar to y2kcenter.orgme clean to Josie around having two-timed her, but he has actually failed come take right into acy2kcenter.orgunt his raging hypochondria.

Meanwhile Howard finds himself connected in a dispute with a other student end an obscure library publication which leader to that being tested to a fight.

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In the quiet that the house, Oregon is rehearsing a play she"s written... Yet when Vod returns home early, she disy2kcenter.orgvers the Oregon has not had to look much for inspiration.

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DateMonday 25th November 2013Time10pmChannelChannel 4Length50 minutes

Cast & crew

Regular cast
Jack WhitehallJP
Joe ThomasKingsley
Charlotte RitchieOregon
Kimberley NixonJosie
Zawe AshtonVod
Greg McHughHoward
Faye MarsayCandice
Hannah BritlandSam
Guest cast
Luke BradyAdam (Sam"s Friend)
Jessica BellIvy
Deborah BrianAudrey
Turlough y2kcenter.orgnveryDiarmuid
Carla Harrison-HodgeRose (Hilda)
Jonathan MarkwoodDoctor
Bibi NerheimGwen
Lucas SmithEwan (Lord Hugo)
Tim SteedDale
Writing team
Tom BasdenWriter
Hannah MackayScript Editor
Production team
Gordon AndersonDirector
Rhonda SmithProducer
Judy y2kcenter.orgunihanExecutive Producer
Andrew NewmanExecutive Producer
Sam BainExecutive Producer
Jesse ArmstrongExecutive Producer