Chapter 1: The Unvanquished Truth

Max begins by informing us the “unvanquished truth:” that didn’t have a mind before that met Freak. In fact, prior to they became “Freak the Mighty,” “slaying dragons and fools and also walking high above the world,” it was Freak that did all the talking. Max much desired talking through his fists and feet.

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Max very first meets Freak the year that Max moves in v Grim and Gram, his mother’s parents. That is four years old. Grim and also Gram put Max, referred to as “Kicker,” in daycare, hoping it will help him readjust to the death of his mother and control his temper. There, Max meets Freak. At 2 feet tall, Freak doesn’t look that different from the rest of the children. He supplies crutches, and Max remembers wanting several of his own. Freak would contact himself “Robot Man” and make weird robot noises scooting roughly the playground. Someday he leaves daycare and doesn’t return.

Max picks up the story in the summer before eighth grade. First, we find that he is L.D., discovering disabled. Second, he’s farming so easily he can’t fit right into his shoes. Third, that overhears Grim and Gram (who call him Maxwell, which that abhors) whisper the he’s beginning not to just look like Him, yet to act favor Him. Him is Max’s father. And lastly, Freak, v his beautiful mom, the “Fair Gwen that Air, has moved right into the duplex down the street.

Max hopes that by now, us (the readers) are paying fist to the story of how he and also Freak became Freak the Mighty.

Chapter 2: increase from down Under

Max stays in the basement the his grandparents’ house because he likes the privacy there, through his very own account, that doesn’t do much of anything. He’s under the near constant observation the a vigilant Grim and also Gram. They are afraid the problem he can get himself into at his age, i beg your pardon they consider a attention one. ~ above this certain day, the an initial day the July, Max thinks about where he can find some firecrackers. Bored, he ventures out that his basement and into the backyard.

Through the chain attach fence, Max notices a moving van a couple of doors down. A familiar-looking mrs is carrying things from the van to the house. Max moves closer. Once he look at a young young that resembles his old friend Freak yelling at the movers, Max realizes he recognized the woman together Fair Gwen, native daycare year ago. Same Gwen tells the boy, whose genuine name is Kevin, to walk play in the earlier yard.

Freak watch Max. “Identify yourself, earthling,” he claims to Max, that takes off running, ago to his house.

Chapter 3: American Flyer

Max escapes earlier to his basement after his encounter v Freak. He thinks around how Freak dubbed him an earthling. Then he heads earlier outside and sees Freak swinging his crutches in ~ the branches that a tree, trying to retrieve miscellaneous that’s grounding there. Freak positions his American Flyer wagon under the tree and climbs in to whack at the branches some more. Max goes over to help, his effort to approach quietly betrayed through his huge feet. He takes a plastic bird the end of the tree and hands it come Freak.

The bird, Freak explains, is an ornithopter. Max decides the Freak talks prefer he came appropriate out of a dictionary. The guys play v the ornithopter. Then, once Freak asks wherein Max lives, Max decides to display him. Max puts Freak in the wagon and pulls him over to his house.

Chapter 4: What frightened the fair Gwen

In the basement, Max speak Freak about Grim and also Gram, and also Freak supplies vocabulary beyond Max’s understanding when observing that Grim have to have acquired his “sobriquet” since of exactly how he acts. Sobriquet, Freak explains, way nickname.

Max asks if same Gwen of waiting is a nickname. Freak defines that her name is Gwen, and he occasionally calls she “Fair Guinevere,” the queen that King Arthur the the ring Table. Max likes listening to Freak talk.

On the topic of robots, Max confesses that he didn’t think robots were actually real, he’s only seen lock in the movies. This confession upsets Freak, who describes that robots are without doubt real, that television is “the opiate that the massives,” and also that publications are a reality serum. He supplies to lend some of his publications to Max. Great, think Max, “another possibility to prove I’m a butthead.”

Max and also Freak hear same Gwen’s voice. She’s in the backyard, having actually spotted the red wagon. She watch Max and also is shocked by his size. Climate she grabs Freak and also hurries home. Max think Fair Gwen is fear of him.

Chapter 5: Spitting Image

Max explains how he occasionally likes to escape to a ar inside that his head, whereby he doesn’t have to think about anything. After fair Gwen takes Freak home, Max crawls under his bed where nothing matters, where he have the right to disappear.

Max’s time-out doesn’t last long. Gram calls under to him the Gwen Avery wants to apologize. Gwen, Gram explains, was a friend of Max’s mother, and also she has invited Max come dinner. Gwen is a brave woman, Gram says, raising that “poor boy” Kevin every on she own. Max speak Gram the Freak isn’t a negative boy, and that describes that the factor the rest of his body is so small is because his mind is so big.

At dinner, Gwen talks around Max’s mother, and about how cute Max was together a baby. Gwen, Freak interjects, is just trying come say that Max is a spitting image of his dad. Max assures them the everyone states that. Gwen speak Max that she didn’t recognize his dad very well. She says it was hard for Max’s mom to have actually friends after she got married.

At dinner, Freak tells robot stories that do Max choke from laughing therefore hard. Gwen says she’s thankful they’ve moved back for a fresh start.

Back residence on his bed, Max cries through happiness.

Chapter 6: Close encounter of the Turd Kind

This 4th of July is the an initial that Max will certainly go come the fireworks display at the millpond without Grim and Gram. Max is going v Freak, which Gram think is a good idea because Max can safeguard Freak from gaining crushed.

As they draw closer to the pond, Max hears the city bully, Tony D., nicknamed Blade, yelling names their way: Mutt and Jeff, Frankenstein and Igor, Andre the Giant and a dwarf. Freak turns to leave, urging Max to monitor him. “Ignore the cretin,” he says. Max laughs out loud listening Freak dismissing Blade. A cop’s siren wails and Blade and also his corridor take off running. Max and Freak have avoided what Freak calls “a close conference of the turd kind.” Max admits that also if he might take on blade alone, he wouldn’t simply be fighting Blade. He’d it is in fighting his entirety gang. Freak laughs as soon as he realizes he virtually instigated a fight that Max couldn’t win.

The fireworks present starts, and Freak can’t see. So Max elevator him increase onto his shoulders. Indigenous Max’s shoulders, Freak phone call out every one of the chemicals and elements he sees bursting over the pond. Max is pretty certain there isn’t something Freak doesn’t know.

Chapter 7: wade High over the World

Max and Freak head come the concessions. Indigenous his perch, Freak clues Blade’s gang coming at them from all directions. He tells Max to walk left, but Max is confused between his lefts and rights. Freak kicks him prefer a horse, sending Max to the left. Max runs, Freak bouncing ~ above his shoulders. The steers Max with kicks that his feet in lot of directions away from the boys trying to corner them.

Freak’s arrangement is come head into the pond. Max plunges ahead, and soon he’s was standing knee deep in mud. Blade wades into the water until mud is approximately his neck. Max is stuck in place, legs cemented in mud. Tongue turns ago to shore where he join his gang. They conference rocks to litter at Max and Freak.

A police car’s spotlights sweep throughout the pond. The officers see Freak waving frantically. They pull Max out of the pond, and also Freak refuses to acquire down indigenous his shoulders until they are on the shore. Blade and his gang have actually taken off. The police desire the boys’ names and phone numbers. One of the officers recognizes Max. That asks Max if he’s Kenny Kane’s son, and also if “Old Killer Kane” is still in prison. Freak interrupts come tell the policemans that they are Freak the Mighty.

Chapter 8: Dinosaur Brain

After the fourth of July incident, Max finds himself being lauded as an i can not qualify hero. Grim and Gram think he has rescued Freak indigenous drowning. He knows, though, the it was in reality the other method around.

After hosing Max down, Gram gives him ice cream cream, and Grim brews the a cup of coffee, i beg your pardon impresses Max. Grim calls the “son,” i beg your pardon floors Max because that’s the very first time Grim has called him that. They discuss what happened at the fireworks show. According to Grim, Max didn’t run away from Blade, he took “evasive action.”

Freak, Max speak us, adjusted what is commonly a boring summer into a quite cool one. Every morning he shows up in ~ Max’s residence to rush him with breakfast and also into the day.

One work Freak says he wants to walk on a quest. Max knows what a pursuit is since Freak has told him about King Arthur, knights, and dragons, and their an enig meanings of such things. Dragons, because that instance, aren’t really-breathing monsters, they just represent the unknown. Freak calls castle an “archetype.” Max instantly regrets admitting the he has actually no idea what an archetype is, since Freak pulls out his dictionary and also tells Max come look the up. Freak dead his thesaurus everywhere, and also Max is a bit tired of it, despite he pretends to know when Freak reads that the definition. An uncomfortable Freak thinks that if dinosaurs, with their small brains, rule the planet so long, he shouldn’t have to be therefore smart.

Chapter 9: Life Is Dangerous

Max and also Freak settle into a summer routine once they room out and about, through Freak ~ above Max’s shoulders, directing Max through his feet.

One day, Freak speak Max come head east. Max doesn’t know where east is, for this reason Freak shows him his compass, which to Max looks similar to an main Cub scout Compass. No, Freak speak him, this is the compass Lancelot used. Max laughs in ~ the idea that sir Lancelot to be a Cub Scout. They head east on a secret mission.

After walking for miles, Max wonders if they’ve reached “yonder” yet, the yonder that Freak claims is constantly beyond where they are. Finally, they reach a structure with a sign out prior that claims “Medical Research.” Here, Freak explains, is where they do experiments. Freak provides Max swear through blood (saliva substituting because that the blood) the he won’t phone call anyone around the experimental Bionics Unit that is inside. This an enig Unit is whereby they’re building a bionic robot. Max doesn’t know what bionics means, yet he begs Freak no to do him watch it increase in the dictionary.

Freak explains that he access time the Unit every few months because that tests to it is in fitted for the first-ever bionic transplant. Max knows, indigenous the means Freak talks, the this place method a lot to him. Freak admits that obtaining his parts replaced will hurt, yet he claims that pains is just something in your mind, therefore you have the right to think your way out the it. Max concerns that this is dangerous, and also Freak agrees, however says that life chin is dangerous.

Chapter 10: Rats or Worse

Freak the Mighty’s summer adventures continue. Meanwhile, Max has continued to grow, and Grim claims that his legs might have extended from transporting Kevin around. Max speak Grim the Freak is the smartest person alive and also that he’s memorized the entire dictionary. Grim is doubtful, i m sorry is not surprising to Max, who thinks Grim is a know-it-all.

One day, Freak presents yet an additional quest idea come Max. This quest, a sweetheart hunt, will certainly take place in the middle of the night. They need to dress in all black. The treasure, Freak speak Max, is hidden in a storm drain. In ~ 3 a.m., Max pulls Freak out of his bedroom window. Freak is pull up prefer Darth Vader. Max rolls self in the dust to blacken his shirt. The puts Freak ~ above his shoulders and they head come the storm drain.

The storm drainpipe grate won’t budge, therefore Freak the Mighty uses a cable and paper clip come hook and also reel increase a purse that lies in ~ the bottom. Freak explains that he witnessed Blade and the gang drop it down the drain. The purse is empty except for an id card. Loretta Lee, whose name is on the card, is indeed a “damsel in distress.”

Chapter 11: The Damsel that Distress

The following day, Max and Freak head to the attend to on the identifier card. The is ~ above the various other side that the millpond in a ar that provided to be dubbed “the new Tenements,” now dubbed “the brand-new Testaments.” Max has actually promised Gram never to go there, however Freak convinces the it is okay to break a promise once you’re top top a quest.

The Testaments are synopsis apartment buildings, a depressing, smelly place. Freak is having 2nd thoughts about this particular quest. They uncover the attend to on the identifier card and also before they have the right to ring the bell, the door opens and also a woman comes out. She calls back into the house, announcing that the circus need to be in town. A man dubbed Iggy appears, and also the woman appears to recognize Max. Freak says they have the wrong address, and that they’re searching for Loretta Lee. The woman states that she is Loretta Lee.

Inside the apartment, Max and Freak tell Iggy and also Loretta your names and that they found the purse, empty, in the storm drain. Loretta unexpectedly remembers who Max reminds she of–Kenny Kane. Iggy agrees Max is “a ringer because that old Killer Kane.” Then, Loretta remembers that Freak must be Gwen’s son.

Iggy and also Loretta talk about Killer Kane and also what a hard guy the was. Native the look on his face, it’s obvious that Freak hasn’t heard these stories about Max’s father, who’s in prison for life. Climate Loretta transforms to Freak, and also rubs the on the head because that luck. She knows around Freak’s dad, and wonders if Freak knows the his dad was a magician. “He should be a magician, since as quickly as that heard the magic native ‘birth defect,’ the disappeared,’” she tells him before Iggy pushes the boys out the door.

Chapter 12: Killer Kane, Killer Kane, had actually a son Who got No Brain

Max and also Freak run residence from the new Testaments, no admitting to the various other that they to be scared the whole time they were at Loretta and also Iggy’s apartment. Freak tells Max that what Loretta said about his father is true, yet “good riddance to poor rubbish.” no one mentions Killer Kane.

Eighth grade finally arrives, and Freak and also Max space in the exact same class. This news clearly stuns Max, who has actually learning disabilities, but Grim think it could be good for Max to be v a friend.

In English class, Mrs. Donelli, who’s brand-new to the school, asks Max to was standing up and also tell the class about his summer. She doesn’t know that Max never talks in former of the class. His classmates yell slurs at him. During the commotion, Freak climbs on peak of a desk and yells, “Order in the court!” following thing Max knows, Freak has climbed top top his shoulders and they’re strutting about the room. With fist elevated in the air, Freak shouts “Freak the Mighty! Freak the Mighty.” prior to they know it, the entirety room’s shouting, “Freak the Mighty!”

Not surprisingly, Max and also Freak finish up in the office that Mrs. Addison, the principal. Freak asks if he deserve to explain. He offers such huge words that Mrs. Addison is poring through the thesaurus as he talks. Freak is maybe to store Max and also him from getting in trouble.

Chapter 13: American Chop Suey

October arrives, and also things space going well because that Max. Freak has actually helped him through his studies, explaining things to Max in means he have the right to understand. Freak’s description of the words on the web page as “voices top top paper” has helped Max read. But his struggles with composing continue, which, according to Freak, is supposed to be choose talking.

On Friday the thirteenth, Max is dubbed to Mrs. Addison’s office, and also Gram is there. Max fears he’s being moved ago to his old class. Yet the news is around a message his father has actually sent with the special amnesty board. Max’s father wants Max to vouch because that his release. This idea reasons Max to have a panic attack. Mrs. Addison apologizes profusely for causing Max together stress.

In the cafeteria that very same day, Freak eats what the calls “gruel,” i m sorry is in reality American chop suey. Suddenly, he can’t breathe, and is rushed come the hospital in an ambulance. Also for a Friday the thirteenth, Max decides, this was a bad day.

Chapter 14: cross My Heart and also Hope to Die

Freak comes house from the hospital the following day, and explains come Max that he’ll have actually surgery, a biogenic intervention, in a couple of years. Max would rather Freak remain the method he is. Freak assures him that nothing ever stays the same. He describes that his insides space growing, however his external isn’t.

Things go ago to regular for Freak and Max. As Christmas approaches, Max is in his basement trying to wrap presents when he hears Gram and Grim suggesting upstairs. It sounds to him prefer Grim desires to obtain a gun, for protection. Eventually, Grim comes downstairs and tells Max the his father is being let the end on parole. Grim reassures Max that everything will be fine but tells him come stay home for the next few days.

Chapter 15: What Came under the Chimney

Freak, fair Gwen, Max, Grim, and Gram spend a quiet Christmas night together. ~ dinner, castle sit about while Grim tells stories around being so bad as a young that the didn’t also receive coal in his stocking. Gram admonishes that for informing lies, which he insists space “tales” due to the fact that they’re intended come entertain.

The group exchanges Christmas gifts. Max provides Freak a multi-functional tool, i m sorry Freak thinks is cool, and Max knows he’ll create things through it, if he wants. Freak gives Max a dictionary that Freak has actually made of every his favorite words, alphabetized. Freak is an especially proud the what he’s done with the Z’s. For Max, Freak’s gift come him is the absolute best.

Max lies awake. He’s having trouble falling asleep thinking around all the evening’s happenings. That senses wind in the room and realizes that is breathing. Who else’s breathing. A hand consists Max’s mouth. Max’s father has actually come because that him.

Chapter 16: Chip turn off the Old Block

With his hand still over Max’s mouth, Max’s father tells him that it’s time for him to acquire to recognize his very own son. He states that civilization have poisoned Max against him. He provides Max sit up and warns him no to make any noise while putting his clothes and also shoes on. He speak Max the they will have actually an adventure.

Max’s father gets his very first good look at Max under a streetlight and also calls the a chip off the old block. He speak Max they’re starting over, and in time Max will check out the truth. They begin walking fast, previous the millpond. Max knows wherein they’re headed, come the Testaments, come Loretta and also Iggy’s place.

Loretta and also Iggy room waiting. Max and his dad go into the apartment, and also Iggy locks the door behind them. Iggy, Loretta, and Kenny argue a little bit over Loretta’s drinking, and also she falls asleep on the couch. Iggy fries up some hamburgers, i beg your pardon Max and his dad eat. Loretta wakes up, and Kenny claims he’s prepared to watch the location Iggy told that about. He speak Max to come v them.

Chapter 17: By every That’s Holy

Iggy takes Max and his dad down a back alley to the apartment of a mrs who has actually gone out of town for the holidays. Iggy pipeline them there, and after checking because that a back exit, and also scrounging for some rope, Kenny ties Max’s hands and feet.

The apartment is dark, and also Max doesn’t desire to move due to the fact that he doesn’t understand if his dad is asleep or awake. After a while, Kenny beginning talking, telling Max that he to be locked up like an animal, and his life was stolen from him. Max’s grandparents have constantly hated him, he says, and also the police didn’t recognize the truth. He speak Max that doesn’t reprimand him because that believing them, due to the fact that he was so young, and couldn’t possibly recognize the truth.

Kenny find a holy bible in the apartment and places the in front of Max. Through Max watching, Kenny swears the he did not murder Max’s mother. The asks Max if he’s satisfied. Max doesn’t want to answer. His dad repeats the question, and also Max states he’s satisfied.

Chapter 18: never ever Trust a Cripple

Max sit bound, in his chair, awake, listening to the hefty breathing the his father. He hears a noise, and Loretta Lee shows up with a pizza box, waking Kenny. Kenny has business with Iggy and tells Loretta to go uncover him. Meanwhile, Kenny unties Max and also takes him to the kitchen. Max sits down to cornflakes and water, if Kenny tells him the plan: head for warmer weather in one RV marked with the surname of traveling preacher Reverend Kenneth David Kane.

When Max has finished his cornflakes, Kenny ties him up again. Iggy appears, speak the cops had concerned his door asking about Max. Iggy is sure that the small kid (Freak) had actually sent the cops. Kenny pressures Max to tell the story of the purse, i beg your pardon Max insists lock didn’t steal, simply found. Iggy speak Kenny that Freak is the kid of Gwen, that was friends through Kenny’s wife.

Kenny is thinking around what to perform next. He tells Iggy to gain him a gun. Iggy says he can discover one, and he leaves. Kenny transforms to Max and also tells the he can’t trust Freak. Max says he agrees.

Chapter 19: right into the Black under Under

Cops are prefer bugs, Kenny speak Max. They’re everywhere. He leads Max come an old, exit building and also forces the inside. He leads Max under to the basement and ties him to the boiler. Climate he rips a piece off of Max’s shirt, and gags Max with it to protect against him from calling because that help.

Kenny leaves. Max think he hears a scratching sound native the window, and also the following thing he knows, Loretta Lee is coming under the basement steps. She unties Max and also tells the the plan: Iggy will store Kenny populated while Max escapes. When untied, Max was standing shakily, leaning ~ above Loretta. She bends down for she flashlight, then provides a gagging sound, and also Max watch his father’s substantial hands wrapped around her neck. He’s suffocating her with his hands.

Chapter 20: Freak the Mighty Strikes Again

Although he knows it’s futile, Max make the efforts to protect against Killer Kane. Max screams that he observed him kill his mother. Max to know he go it, and also he’ll never ever forget it. Kane allows go the Loretta and also reaches because that Max. How could Max have actually seen it, Kane wonders, gift just 4 years old? Max tells him that does remember, despite he’s tried hard to forget. He describes what his dad to be wearing, how Max do the efforts to protect against him, just how his dad locked that in his bedroom, but Max broke the home window with his fist and yelled for help.

Now Kane’s hand are approximately Max’s neck, squeezing. Max can’t breathe. He hears a voice. “Put her hands up, villain!” Freak has actually come v the cellar home window carrying a squirt gun. It’s filled through sulfuric acid, he speak Kane, climate he squeezes the trigger, aiming in ~ Kane’s eyes. Max take away Freak, and they operation up the stairs into the eight of Iggy. The police are there, and Freak is laughing about how the cheat worked; exactly how it to be soap, vinegar, and curry flour in the gun. Max remembers around Loretta, and also the police discover her, quiet alive, in the cellar.

Gram and Grim appear. Same Gwen is there too, chastising Freak for not remaining in the car. Freak is yelling, “Freak the Mighty strikes again!” as his mother carries him away.

Chapter 21: The Accident that Nature

At the police station, officers take images of Max’s neck and send him come the hospital for x-rays to make sure nothing’s broken. Then, Max goes ago to the police station for more questioning. Loretta Lee, the Heroic Biker Babe, has actually a cracked bone in she neck, but she’ll be okay.

Christmas vacation continues, yet Max states it is weird. Fair Gwen is upset v Freak for disobeying she orders not to go on a rescue mission. She speak him he needs to be extra careful. He’s been having trouble breathing because his insides room growing, but his exterior isn’t.

Every couple of months, Freak goes to the clinical research facility. Dr. Spivak claims that specialists all over the civilization are interested in Freak’s case. Max doesn’t desire to go to institution on the work Freak’s having tests done, the two of them being a “dynamic duo” in Mrs. Donelli’s words. Yet Gram insists. She speak Max that he, too, has actually a brain.

Max nervously awaits his father’s trial, whereby he plans come testify. However right before it starts, Killer Kane pleads guilty. He’ll serve ten additional years. Grim reassures Max the the just thing that shares with his father is looks and also size. “You’ve gained your mother’s heart,” she speak him. Max just hopes that as soon as he’s grown, the won’t turn out choose his father.

Chapter 22: remember Is simply an development of the Mind

Max nears the one-year anniversary of an initial carrying Freak around on his shoulders. Together they walk home on the last day the school, your conversation transforms to what it way to remember. Freak’s been reading a book about the ice cream Age, and also he asks Max even if it is he remembers what it to be like during the ice cream Age. Max speak Freak that would be impossible, the wasn’t alive earlier then. “Remembering is just an innovation of the mind,” Freak tells him. Max doesn’t understand. Freak defines that you deserve to remember noþeles you desire to, also if friend didn’t experience it yourself. You wouldn’t need a time device to go ago to the ice Age, Freak attests, if you can remember.

Freak, same Gwen, Grim, Gram, and also Max storage Freak’s thirteenth birthday. Freak the Mighty is virtually a year old. Gwen is offering Freak a new computer for his birthday in case he needs to stay residence from school next year.

At his date of birth dinner, Freak eats very tiny and asks Max to blow out his birthday candles. He doesn’t touch his cake. Max think he’s excited about the brand-new computer.

After dinner, Grim, that is play 3-D chess through Freak in the various other room, yells, “Kevin!” The others rush into the room. Freak is having a seizure. Fair Gwen quickly calls one ambulance.

Chapter 23: The north Book

Max is not permitted to visit Freak in the hospital the an initial day, but he walks all the means there anyway. Gwen’s automobile is in the parking lot. Max sits under a tree, then wanders back to the former of the hospital, wherein Gwen look at him. Kevin has actually asked to see Max. Dr. Spivak agrees to let him, however only for a quick visit.

Freak is in the ICU, or intensive care unit. He has a tracheotomy to aid with his breathing. Max asks him as soon as he’ll be comes home, and also Freak tells Max he won’t be, at the very least not spring the way he watch now. He speak Max he’s having actually a unique operation. Max believes him.

Freak points to a publication on the table. He speak Max to open up it. It’s blank inside, a publication for Max come write around all of your adventures. Max protests that he’s no the one with the brain. Freak tells him to simply write like he’s talking, and that he has to tell the story of Freak the Mighty.

At house that night, Max mentions the surgical treatment to Grim and also Gram. Castle look meaningfully at each other and also tell Max come eat his vegetables.

Chapter 24: The Return that Kicker

The following day, Max pipeline the home without informing Grim or Gram and also heads come the hospital. Once he come at the ICU, registered nurses are scurrying about, and he overhears one saying they need to page Dr. Spivak due to the fact that Kevin was she patient. Max can’t think it. He runs down the hall, kicking doors open, into the clinical Research area the the hospital. Security police officers restrain him. Dr. Spivak appears and also tells Max how sorry she is. Max asks she what taken place with the unique operation.

Max speak Dr. Spivak the story, just how Freak would certainly come right here every few months and also talk about how he was acquiring fitted for a brand-new bionic body. It turns out the actually, Freak had researched his problem in a clinical dictionary. Freak had actually known due to the fact that he was tiny that he would have a an extremely short life. The wasn’t lying about the robot, Dr. Spivak assures Max. He had invented a wonderful tale that would offer him hope. In the end, Dr. Spivak says, Kevin’s love just gained too big for his body.

Grim comes to take Max home. Max doesn’t want to talk.

Chapter 25: What Loretta Said

Max tells united state what happened the year ~ Freak died. Max didn’t walk to the funeral and he never ever said goodbye to same Gwen, who moved away. Grim begged Max to come the end of his room because that Gram’s sake, and also Gram begged that to do the very same for Grim’s sake, so at some point he did.

Grim do the efforts to convince Max that what’s necessary is not how long you’re here, yet how you invest the time you’re here. Max wasn’t buying it. Grim reminded Max how lucky he to be to have a friend favor Kevin, and also no matter what, Max was going ago to school.

That winter, Max witnessed Loretta Lee, still in she neck brace. She inquiry what Max had been increase to. As soon as he says, “Nothing,” Loretta tells him, “Nothing is a drag, kid. Think around it.”

Max thinks around what Loretta said. That same night, he takes out the blank book that Freak had provided him. The starts writing the “unvanquished fact stuff” and keeps on writing.

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It is feather again, and also Max has actually written his book. The feels an excellent about the writing and also remembering. Max thinks that possibly he’ll even read a couple of books now.


The book ends through the thesaurus that Freak compiled the his favorite words and also gave come Max because that Christmas. It starts with words AARDVARK. The last entry in the dictionary is “ZOO, one eighth-grade English class.”