Rock n Roller Coaster in Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios, a rapid roller coaster with loops the blares Aerosmith music v speakers near your head throughout the ride, is a great prop to illustrate the differences between me and also my husband Rob.

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Rob gets activity sick very easily, prefers rides like Haunted Mansion over roller coasters, and also he can’t stand classic rock music. Absent n Roller Coaster is most likely his worst nightmare.

I, top top the various other hand, can and also will ride anything, no issue which direction the goes in. I love absent n Roller Coaster, commonly ride it twice in a row, and sing in addition to the soundtrack.

I guess: v it just goes to show that tastes in Disney rides (and music) isn’t what makes or breaks a marriage.

In this write-up I’ll shot to answer every inquiry you might have around Rock n Roller Coaster, among my favorite rides at Disney World.

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11 video clip — rock n Roller Coaster Review

When did absent n Roller Coaster Open?

Construction ~ above the ride began in February 1998, and the cool opening to be on July 29, 1999. As a suggest of reference, Hollywood Studios opened up in might of 1989 (although the park was originally dubbed Disney-MGM Studios until January 2008) and Tower the Terror opened in 1994.

Rock n Roller Coaster height Requirement

You must be 48 inches tall (exactly four feet) come ride. This is a taller elevation requirement than huge Thunder hill Railroad, an are Mountain, or expedition Everest.

Photo courtesy that Judd at WDWOW

Does rock n Roller Coaster have a single Rider Line?

Yes. If friend don’t mind being split up from your group and sitting alongside a stranger, you deserve to save a small bit of time by acquiring in the solitary rider line, located next to the FastPass entrance.

The poor news is that, uneven Epcot’s check Track (which seat 3 guests per row instead of 2), the solitary rider line doesn’t move much much faster than the consistent standby line.

You could want come ask a actors Member what the approximated wait is for the single rider line. Or, if you prefer an innovation over speaking to people and like your information to be more precise, you acquire Touring Plan’s app, Lines, i m sorry will offer you the wait time for both the standby and the single rider lines therefore you deserve to compare and also make the best decision.

Speaking of wait times, they can conveniently be approximately 90 minute or more during high-crowd seasons, so i would absolutely recommend getting a FastPass if girlfriend can.

Mickey mouse on etc Disney trading Pin
Rock ‘N Roller Coaster Mickey mouse Plush

Does the rock n Roller Coaster walk Upside Down?

Yes, return in a weird means you don’t an alert it as lot as your usual roller coaster v an upside down loop. Ns don’t understand if that’s since of the speed, the dark indoor environment, or the nature that the inversions.

There are three total inversions, a very first two a Disney attraction. Wiki defines them as “half-vertical loops, half-corkscrews, and also a sea serpent roll.”

Rock n Roller Coaster Speed

The an initial time i rode absent n Roller Coaster, in the an initial 5 seconds of the ride ns was certain terrified and thought, “OhNoNoNoNoWhatDidIJustGetMyselfInto!?!”

The funny thing was that, once I told my girls the after the ride, my earliest daughter Rachael stated she was thinking the specific same thing.

At that is launch, absent n Roller Coaster speeds up from 0 to 57 mph in 2.8 seconds has actually has a g force (gravitational force equivalent) the 5. (A rocket launch only has a g pressure of 3, yikes.)

Luckily (I guess?) you have the right to see the launch while you’re wait in line, therefore at the very least you have the right to sort of mean it.

Have over there Been any type of Rock n Roller Coaster Deaths?

Sadly, yes, there was one death on this ride.

According to Wiki, in June 2006, a 12-year-old boy from Kentucky, was unresponsive at the finish of the ride and declared dead ~ above the means to the hospital. The death was claimed to it is in the an outcome of a congenital heart defect.

Photo courtesy that Brett at Disney photo Snapper

Rock n Roller Coaster Trivia — Why Aerosmith?

I remember hear a lengthy time ago that once Aerosmith first came the end in the 1970’s, critics called lock a “poor man’s rojo Stones” … i beg your pardon is type of funny, due to the fact that that’s exactly what they are in the story of rock n Roller Coaster.

According to Jim Hill Media, Disney approached Mick Jagger and Keith Richards in the feather of 1998, while the roller coaster to be still under construction, questioning if they would be interested.

The Stones were interested — yet for a substantial licensing fee, something to the song of $7 – $10 million per year.

This was means out the Disney’s budget, therefore they approached Steve Tyler, Aerosmith’s frontman. This made total sense, no only due to the fact that they room a bad man’s roll Stones, but because Aerosmith had just to be signed by Touchstone photos to execute “I Don’t desire To miss a Thing,” for the movie Armageddon, so there was currently a Disney link of sorts.

Steve Tyler loved the idea.

More importantly, he love it for about the tenth that the price the the roll Stones did.

Note: Some people say that U2 had actually been approached through Disney to it is in the featured band, but I never ever saw the from any type of reliable source, and also I personally find it pretty tough to believe. Might you even remotely imagine Bono agreeing come be component of a Disney world attraction? Yeah, i didn’t think so.

Rock n Roller Coaster Music

According come Mickey Wiki, each “limo” has its own distinctive soundtrack, i m sorry is established by its license plate:

1QKLIMO– “Nine Lives”

UGOBABE– “Love in an Elevator” and also “Walk This Way”(Interestingly, this patent plate used to it is in “UGOGIRL” yet was readjusted to “UGOBABE” to be “less sexist.”)

BUHBYE– “Young Lust”, “F.I.N.E.*” and “Love in one Elevator”

H8TRFFC– “Back in the Saddle” and “Dude (Looks like a Lady)”

2FAST4U– Live version of “Sweet Emotion”

Photo courtesy the Judd in ~ WDWOW

Rock n Roller Coaster, Speed, and Motion Sickness

I’m lucky that ns don’t get motion sick, but I was reasoning that a ride that goes 57 miles every hour and also has three corkscrews isn’t a great choice for someone that does.

However, the sounds favor I believed wrong.

Apparently many human being who endure from movement sickness don’t have actually a problem with absent n Roller Coaster.

Qtwns from the DisBoards says:

If you want advice from the Queen of activity Sickness, I’m her gal. Ns cannot ride activity simulators, ever!

Rock n Roller Coaster is no a problem. It is a smooth ride if girlfriend ride in the middle or near the front. If you want your brain jerked out, drive in the back. Cast members have constantly been really accommodating as soon as I inquiry to ride native the middle up to the front…trust me, over there is always someone wait to drive the back car … You go too fast to realize you’re up side down till your appropriate side increase again!

and Mjkre says:

I can ride the at least once. Multiple time would push it. You deserve to see, type of. And I believed it was lot smoother than an are Mountain. I have now unable to do on it around five times.

To placed it in perspective, ns cannot even sit together a passenger in a automobile without some level of motion sickness. Reading is impossible. Movement simulators room a insurance for hrs of nausea. But I can ride roller coasters. RnR is a fun one!

Rock n Roller Coaster vs room Mountain

Personally, I like Rock n Roller Coaster much an ext than room Mountain.

For one thing, the entirety idea of a roller coaster that plays rock music is totally my jam, so ideal from the start it earns extra points in my book.

Second … I simply don’t like room Mountain all the much. I find it physical uncomfortable because of the jerkiness, and also the entirety “roller coaster in the dark” thing provides me wince.

Which is weird, due to the fact that guess what rock n Roller Coaster is? A roller coaster in the dark! however I think the distinction is those flashing lamp on an are Mountain. I dunno. I just don’t favor it.

I will certainly say the Rock n Roller Coaster is more smooth and also definitely quicker (about twice the rate of space Mountain).

Here’s what part other people had to say around the differences in between the two coasters:

KimR on the DisBoards says:

I think an are Mountain is worse than Rock n Roller Coaster. Rock n Roller coastline is an extremely smooth, no drops and I feeling secure – ns never obtain the emotion that I’m walk to be tossed out.

On the other hand, an are Mountain is slower and also doesn’t have any kind of loops, but it has much more drops and is lot jerkier – ns do sometimes feel together though i am walk to paris out also though rationally I recognize I will certainly not! It just depends on what freaks you the end on rollercoasters, though. (I love inversions, but hate drops).

and FutureWasYesterday says:

Coming from a fully unexperienced roller coaster rider, I would say space Mountain is a little rougher on the stomach. I have actually ridden both, and Rock n Roller coast is absolutely faster yet it is lot much smoother than an are Mountain. SM is lot slower yet speed is relative, has an ext unknown twists and turns, and also jerks you around a little bit more.

C’mon, think around it. You have the right to drive under the highway at 80mph and unless you take a sharp rotate your body doesn’t even feel it. Space Mountain is the rougher I believe for the newbie coaster rider.

Video — absent n Roller Coaster Review

If you desire some an ext detail around what rock n Roller Coaster look at like and also how exactly it works, inspect out this video.

In this review, they says the ride loser points for its weak theming and also queue (by Disney standards). Ns guess I would certainly agree (especially about the queue), but I’ve constantly enjoyed the ride chin too much to yes, really think around it.

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Now it’s her turn.

What carry out you think of rock n Roller Coaster? perform you like it far better than space Mountain? perform it do you activity sick? Is “UGOBABE” much less sexist 보다 “UGOGIRL”? Let us know below in the comments!