Naruto: Eincredibly Fight In The Chunin Exam (& Their Winner) The Chunin Exam arc showcased some of the ideal fights in Naruto. Here are all the match-ups & their winners.

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Neji vs Naruto Sasuke Sharingan
The Chunin Exam arc in Naruto was the first time the audience got to check out the rest of Naruto"s course in activity after Team 7"s time in the Land also of Waves. Plot-wise, it was the next action in Naruto"s path to coming to be the Hokage, however in reality, it wregarding present the distinctive fighting abilities that the other genin had up their sleeves.

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The first 2 phases of the exam were team-based, yet phase 3 devolved right into one-on-one combats. It"s obvious that tright here is a sinister undertone to the exams, yet it"s simple to foracquire when the ninja start to clash. Each fight offered one or both of the contestants a possibility to show what they were made of, and also presented the audience to essential characters in a fun way. While the exam was interrupted prior to completion, tright here were still plenty of fights that were able to show a clear winner.

Sasuke vs Yoroi Chunin Exam
The initially one-on-one fight to take location was Sasuke vs Yoroi. Yoroi was a fairly forgettable ninja that couldn"t stand as much as an Uchiha. His ability was stealing strength with a touch, which provided Sasuke a big concern at the begin of the fight. However, his Sharingan"s capacity to learn others" techniques was what offered Sasuke the decisive win. He supplied an assault that he"d learned from Rock Lee prior to this fight, and easily put Yoroi dvery own for the count and also removed him as a variable in the rest of the exam.

Zaku vs Shino
This fight featured one more one of Orochimaru"s spies, Zaku. He combated making use of holes in his arms that could develop sound and also wind. Unfortunately for him, this was additionally the fight where the audience learned just exactly how qualified and scary Shino might be. Being a member of the Aburame clan, Shino"s body was fundamentally a large nest for bugs that he might control. He tricked Zaku and ended up filling the holes in his arms via bugs in the time of a distractivity. When Zaku tried to usage his capability, he ended up sevedepend injuring himself and finishing the fight in a win for Shino.

Kankuro Puppet Tsurugi
Kankuro is the initially fighter from the Village Hidden in the Sand also, and goes versus an additional forgettable ninja from Konoha. He appears to be in trouble at the start of the fight once Tsurugi coils approximately him prefer a snake, but he conveniently turns the tables. It"s revealed that he is a puppet grasp, and also the body that Tsurugi had actually attacked was actually a puppet. This allowed him to quickly respond to and also decisively win the enhance. This is also the initially time puppet techniques were introduced, although they would come to be a lot even more vital down the road.

10 Sakura Vs Ino: No Winner

Sakura vs Ino Chunin Exams Rivalry
This is the first fight of the Chunin Exam wbelow both combatants have actually had actually their backstories and desires revealed. The audience wasn"t sure who to root for, but the girl"s previous rivalry led to an intense fight. Ino seemed to display better trickery than Sakura did, but in the end, they both knocked each various other unmindful and out of the exam. This helped them to rekindle their friendship and also start abrand-new, so it was worth them both failing the exam.

This was the second fight wbelow both characters were vital, however it was also one of the many one-sided fights in the whole Chunin Exam. Tenten proved off her substantial selection of weapons and also the capability to sfinish a flurry of them in the direction of her opponent. Unfortunately, Temari was the perfect respond to versus her. Temari"s big fan and also control over wind meant that Tenten couldn"t land also so much as a scratch on her. After toying through Tenten for a little, Temari conveniently took the victory.

8 Shikamaru Vs Kin: Shikamaru"s Shadow Strategy

Kin was an additional among Orochimaru"s spies, but unfortunately for her, it was revealed just just how intelligent Shikamaru was during their fight. She was extremely skilled through needles and one of the first human being in the display to usage a genjutsu versus her foe by making use of bells.

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It seemed that Shikamaru would certainly lose this by a large margin, however after noticing a string linked to her by a bell, it was everywhere. He was able to extfinish his shadow alengthy the bottom of the thread to trap her and the fight was quickly finished from tbelow. This was a good mirroring for Shikamaru and stopped an additional among the spies.

Naruto is illustrated as a little of an idiot throughout the series, however it"s tough to deny that he"s incredibly intelligent once it involves combat. He more than likely can have actually simply rained shadow clones onto Kiba, however instead, he maneuvered in a means to make Kiba defeat himself. He fooled Kiba twice by transcreating into his dog, Akamaru. In typical Naruto style, he even farted in Kiba"s face which was destructive due to his intensified feeling of smell. Naruto was then able to execute his very own variation of Lee and Sasuke"s relocate, which he labeled the "Uzumaki Barrage." Naruto had actually to win this for the plot, but Kiba still put on an excellent showing.

6 Hinata Vs Neji: Neji As The Better Hyuga

Similar to the Ino and also Sakura fight, these two had worries prior to the fight also started. They are both in the Hyuga clan, however Neji is part of the lesser household within the clan. This causes resentment, and he takes it as a personal challenge to end up being the finest to prove he isn"t overcame by his blood. While this is a noble venture, he goes about it the wrong method. Hinata looks for to prove herself as well, and the two gentle fist customers go at each various other in an remarkable display of ability. Unfortunately, Neji proves to be as well much for Hinata and deaccomplishments her soundly prior to being quit by some of the viewing jonin.

This fight was quickly among the finest of the Chunin exams, as it pitted 2 monsters versus each various other. Lee was conveniently able to defeat Sasuke before the fights started, and also Gaara was hyped approximately the suggest that the audience was worried for Lee"s security. The fight that adhered to was intense, and Lee rerelocating his weights was an remarkable scene. Despite his speed and also power able to overwhelm Gaara"s defenses, Gaara let loose and almost killed Lee. Regardless of an tremendous performance from Lee, he simply couldn"t soptimal Gaara in the finish.

4 Choji Vs Dosu: Dosu With His Sound Techniques

The final fight of the second phase affiliated Dosu that was the third and also last spy sent out by Orochimaru. The previous 2 had already been eliminated, so it was no surprise when Dosu ended up beating Choji to proceed via the Chunin Exam.

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Choji fought valiantly yet ended up resulting in his own undoing. This fight likewise proved exactly how limited Choji"s arsenal was at this time, and caused him learning new abilities and also forcing himself to come to be more powerful. In spite of relocating on previous this fight, Dosu ended up being eliminated by Gaara later on.

The initially fight in the final steras of the Chunin exam was likewise one of the best. Naruto was mad at Neji for going so hard versus Hinata as soon as he didn"t should, and also Neji believed of Naruto as a failure that might never before succeed. It was an intense fight via Naruto having actually to attract on the nine tails chakra to also contend through Neji, but Naruto finished up winning the fight and proving Neji wrong. This led Neji dvery own a redeeming route that later on turned him right into among the more beloved characters. The finest component was that Naruto didn"t win bereason of the chakra loan, but by outmaneuvering Neji on his very own.

2 Temari Vs Shikamaru: Temari After Shikamaru Forfeited

Originally Shikamaru was meant to fight Dosu, however Dosu was killed by Gaara prior to this stage in the exam. The fight in between Temari and Shikamaru was a battle in between two understand strategists, but Shikamaru was the much better in between them. It seemed prefer he was on the protective the whole fight, however it turns out he was just manipulating Temari into a place to catch her via his shadow jutsu. Regardless of having actually her completely at his mercy, he shocked everyone by forfeiting the match. This offered Temari the official win, yet in reality, Shikamaru was the true winner of this fight.

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This ended up being the last fight of the Chunin exams as a result of Orochimaru springing a trap and hijacking the exams. Sasuke had been training diligently and also had the ability to blitz Gaara just like Lee had done. Gaara couldn"t handle his rate, so raised his defenses so that Sasuke couldn"t reach him. Sasuke then damaged out his brand-new method, the Chidori. He was able to pierce via Gaara"s defense and also sevecount injure him with this strategy. Sasuke thoroughly won this fight, and his victory only gained interrupted by the Sand ninjas and also Orochimaru interfering at the last moment.