Asa Butterfield and Emma Mackey are not dating. Asa has evidenced that the is single. For this reason Asa Butterfield girlfriend standing is the he is solitary in 2021.

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Celebrities are constantly rumored for date their co-stars through the fans. Celebrities always keep their personal life away from the reel life. Their relationships are never made public till they themselves reveal that in the media.

The Sex education stars Asa Butterfield and also Emma Mackey are stated dating every other. Let’s check out the reality behind the relationship, his date timeline, and also Asa Butterfield girl friend in 2021. There is likewise the question of Asa Butterfield date Emma Mackey. Keep reading to discover Out.

Asa Butterfield dating Emma Mackey and also Who is Asa Butterfield Girlfriend?

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Asa Butterfield the British actor who began off with his career together Bruno the led character in the holocaust film ‘The young In The stripe Pyjamas’. Butterfield was nominated for the ‘British Independent film Award’ and also London film Performer of the year. That was simply 11 years old once he to be nominated because that the awards.

Oh shit!

— Asa Butterfield (
asabfb) July 2, 2021

Butterfield also received ‘The Young Hollywood Award because that Breakthrough power – Male. For playing Hugo Cabret in Martin’s Scorsese’s Hugo drama. That was also nominated because that the Critic an option Movie compensation for best Young Performer and also The empire Award for ideal Male Newcomer. Was likewise nominated because that the british Independent movie Award for the finest actor. For playing Nathan in X+Y the Morgan Mathew. Currently, he’s staring at Otis Millburn in the Netflix drama series ‘Sex Education.”

He is stated dating the French- brother actress Emma Mackey who his co – Star in the comedy-drama collection on Netflix ‘ Sex education’. She will be playing Emily Bronte in the upcoming biopic concentrating on Emily’s beforehand life. She’s likewise said come be seen in the upcoming an enig thriller film ‘Death ~ above The Nile’.

Pino D’Angio – Ma quale idea

— Asa Butterfield (
asabfb) July 1, 2021

Asa Butterfield dating Timeline

Butterfield and Emma were said dating each other. No confirmation about both dating each various other came to kind any the the parties. It’s only a rumour which got viral amongst the fans. Asa Butterfield girlfriend perform is not substantial and has actually only been evidenced dating Ella Purnell considering his age. But many people do incorporate Hailee Steinfeld and Nina Dobrev in the Asa Butterfield girl friend list in spite of the truth the no one of the relationships has actually been shown by any type of of the actors.


Asa Butterfield met Ella Purnell the English actress in 2015. Ella is recognized for her function in ‘Miss Peregrine’s home For peculiar Children. Both of lock met together co-stars and later started dating each other. ~ one year of your relationship, they broke up.

The American actress model and also singer Hailee Steinfeld were likewise associated with Asa Butterfield. Castle both met because that the shoot of the movie ‘Ender’s game’. Their partnership was a secret and nothing come out in public.

Nina Dobrev and Asa Butterfield met because that the movie ‘ Then came you’. Nina is a Bulgarian actress who began her career with the television show Degrassi: The following Generation. She’s finest known for her function as Katherine in the ‘Vampire Diaries’.

We’re all gaining the bus because Sex education and learning S3 is streaming 17 September!

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Asa Butterfield and also Ella Purnell relationship Timeline

Officially Asa Butterfield and Ella Purnell started dating in 2015 and she is the only woman Asa has confirmed to have actually dated. Ella Purnell is one English actress finest known for her duty in miss Peregrine’s residence for strange Children. Asa Butterfield also starred and many people speculate this is as soon as they an initial started dating.

Unfortunately like many of the relationship in Hollywood, this partnership too ended in a breakup. Asa Butterfield and also Ella Purnell officially broke up and also ended their relationship in 2016. They only dated for a year.


After their partnership ended, there were many rumors that Asa Butterfield has started date Hailee Steinfeld. Both the actor starred in Ender’s Game and this is once they very first met. However, regardless of being in the limelight for their connection Asa Butterfield has evidenced that he and Hailee never dated and also were just good friends. And also they are great friends come this day.

Asa Butterfield girlfriend 2021

Till currently only Ella’s surname is official taken as Asa Butterfield girl friend in 2021. And after both the star acquired popularity because of ‘Sex Education’ and also seeing their on-screen chemistry, many civilization might think they room dating in real life too.

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However, as you have actually read so far, pan are really eager to pair up co-stars and that is the instance here too as well. Asa Butterfield and Emma Mackey are not dating. Asa has evidenced that himself saying the he is single. Therefore Asa Butterfield girlfriend status is that he is solitary in 2021.