Olive tree is fantastic plant come be approximately all year round in her landscape or together a decor accessory within the house. Thus, sometimes there may be some troubles with olive leaves, and also as a an effect you notice your olive tree dropping leaves. Sadly, also by taking good care of your trees, it’s no always possible to retain their healthy and balanced growth and also stop ours olive tree leaves from changing color or shedding leaves altogether.But why does the happens, why is your olive tree dropping leaves? There are numerous reasons why olive tree dropping leaves v some being unavoidable, and also others down to the level of care that tree growers provide. The most typical problem that olive tree dropping pipeline is concerned watering as soon as the root of the olive tree space too soaked or as well dry. Another reason is seasonality alters where is normal for an olive tree to burned some leaves especially prior to the winter slowdown. Finally, there are constantly threat by overfertilization, pests and also infections that bring about a enormous drop in olive leaves. This olive tree dropping leaves concern may happen from time to time and also it doesn’t median you space not taking good care that it, yet rather that you may just not fulfilling the demands for maintaining the tree in balance and also healthy. For this reason, let’s look right into each reason separately and also the means how come cure or prevent it.

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Olive Tree Dropping Leaves factors & Prevention1. Watering IssuesOverwateringUnderwatering2. Diminished Light & shift Shock3. Wrong Nutrients4. Too much Temperature or Transplanting Stress5. Rotten Roots6. Fungal Infection7. Bacteria InfestationGrab Essentials for your Olive TreeDo Olive Trees lose Leaves in Winter?Do Olive Tree Leaves flourish Back?Conclusion: Why Olive Tree Dropping Leaves?

Olive Tree Dropping Leaves reasons & Prevention

Olive trees tend naturally to drop some leaves during the expansion or dormant winter season, yet they should not fall the majority of their leaves during that time. Therefore, decreased light, wrong watering, overfertilizing, cold damage are typical environmental problems that may lead to olive tree dropping pipeline massively. If you an alert your olive tree shedding leaves an ext than usual, nothing panic, it deserve to be conveniently fixed in many cases. So let’s start with a table wherein I noted the main reasons and the advice on avoidance mechanisms:Olive Tree Dropping pipeline ReasonHow to deal with It?1. Watering IssuesSoil is either too dry or too wet – water with care; fix drainage issues; deep watering method2. Reduced Light & transition ShockPut her olive tree ago to the sunniest location; adaptation relocating indoors3. Improper NutrientsFertilize if lack of nutrients; repot if overfertilized4. Excessive Temperature or Transplanting StressProtect her tree v a shade throughout extremely high temperatures; certain watering, nutrients needs5. Rotten RootsRegular watering and drainage system in place6. Fungal InfectionProper pruning, watering, and fertilizing; contact a neighborhood arborist7. Bacteria InfestationContact local arborist; use bactericides
Table 1. Olive tree dropping leaves factors & solutions

1. Watering Issues

When the olive tree leaves autumn off every one of a sudden, it way that the soil is either as well dry or as well wet because that its lull (cause through underwatering or overwatering).


The pipeline will revolve yellow and also fail if yes sir too much water. If your tree is overwatered once, there is no huge deal. However continuous overwatering causes serious issues. When you an alert your olive tree is overwatered, the quickest solution is to repot it, and also normally the tree makes a complete recovery an extremely soon.Furthermore, potted olive trees deserve to be overwatered much less complicated than planted in the ground. This is due to the fact that the floor in a pot or container is an ext compact and also might lack enough drainage holes. Therefore if you think your potted olive tree is holding too much water, first try only watering when the floor gets dry. If the soil is not drying after several days, I highly recommend to repot it with fresh soil.If you’d prefer to find out what floor to use for her olive tree, make sure to inspect out my current post: best soil for olive trees in pots.If her olive tree is planted, think about transplanting it to a an ext elevated ground (such together sandy soil) come let gravity assist the draining process. Olive trees are fruit-bearing, and they need to have actually moisture in the floor to store them healthy. But it doesn’t median that the earth has to it is in wet all the moment or it will certainly rot the roots and also the tree will certainly die. The ideal thing to perform is to try to ensure that there is a drainage system to protect against the roots from being soaked.

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On the other hand, the olive leaves will dry, become brown, and also drop due to a lack of moisture in the soil. That will cause those scenarios to happen when yes an issue around the frequency and also amount of water.Olive trees naturally advantage from the deep watering method because it mimics the organic rainfall (see my video clip 1 attached).

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For potted olive trees, the quick way to call if an olive tree is over or underwatered is to use a finger to feel the very first 2 inch (5 cm) the soil. If the floor of her olive tree is sopping wet at the very least 2 hrs after watering, then it’s likely overwatered. Opposite, if the soil is an extremely dry, it most likely needs much more water. Also, you can choose a much more scientific approach and use a humidity meter to measure up the floor – that fast, easy, and reliable.
This is a standard case when a potted olive tree dropping leaves since of decreased light in the room

2. Diminished Light & transition Shock

If you moved your potted olive tree far from a window into a darker place, climate the tree may start dropping leaves drastically because of that is response to reduced light. Olive trees react slowly to drastic alters in their environment. So falling olive leaves is a clear indication of your tree acquiring less than optimal light. To comply with organic olive tree needs, keep the in her sunniest location.For instance, if you have just purchased her olive tree and also it was kelp in a greenhouse complete of light, so that is normal that her tree is shedding part old pipeline while adapting to your house environment. Don’t concern too much, it will grow brand-new on top very fast.Another common reason because that olive trees suddenly dropping pipeline is caused by the shock of change indoors. Due to the fact that leaves thrived to maturity in a details environment, it’s more or less collection as to how effective it will certainly be at using light. Stop say if leaves in the complete sun get 10 top top a scale of 10, however inside they obtain less than 5 (out that 10), so it’s an pure shock come the olive tree or any other plant. Leaves perform not tolerate so much diminished light and, as a result, start dropping leaves.In general, leave dropping concerns arise from an inconsistency in between temperature and light, which messes with the tree’s transpiration. Ns assume the always an excellent to shot to acclimate the olive tree prior to moving at home to protect against leaf drop.For an ext information and tips on exactly how to move your olive trees indoors, make certain to check out my current post: 10 measures of relocating Olive trees Indoors.
Olive tree pipeline falling due to seasonal changes and also it is absolutely well to watch some leaves falling off in the winter season

3. Wrong Nutrients

Another factor why olive trees deserve to lose their pipeline is as result of over or under fertilization (an abundance of nutrients). Too couple of nutrients and the olive tree can’t acquire what it demands to grow, particularly the potted trees. Too plenty of nutrients and the olive tree’s roots can end up being chemically burned, damaging the tree or death it.If your olive tree has too much fertilizer or nutrients, carry out fresh soil and plenty of water come dilute the nutrients. The nutrients must leech through the soil fairly quickly, specifically if the olive tree is planted. Top top the other hand, if her olive tree is potted, you’ll likely need to repot that to save it.

4. Extreme Temperature or Transplanting Stress

Olive trees usually prefer temperatures in between 80ºF to 90ºF (26ºC to 32ºC). If the temperature is end or under this selection for a lengthy time, then the olive tree may become stressed (if higher temperature) and also go dormant (if lower temperature). Additionally, olive tree can end up being stressed after ~ transplanting, specifically if their roots were damaged in the process.One of the an initial symptoms of tension on olive tree is the lose of fruit and flowers, followed by leaves. If your olive tree is stressed and also it’s not making a complete recovery, make sure it’s receiving the appropriate sunlight, water, and also nutrients (see over for more information top top these).If all of these needs are met, then her olive tree need to improve. Though, be patient – you still might need to provide it at the very least several months before you watch any procedure in recovery.

5. Rotten Roots

Inconsistent and also incorrect watering can lead come overwatering issues and also cause rotten roots following by olive tree losing leaves. It can take place if the floor is also wet and also there is no proper drainage because that the water come come out. The roots of the olive tree can get soaked in water for expanded periods bring about it come rot and not feed the plant anymore.To check if the source is rotting, remove the soil at the optimal portion. If the roots are currently brown or black, that method that it’s already dead. Reduced them off.You have the right to avoid rotten root by making a drainage system because that water to drain once the soil is moisturized and establish good watering habits.

6. Fungal Infection

A more daunting case as soon as an olive tree leaves transforming brown and also dropping since of a fungal infection. Verticillium it must be is a soil-borne fungus and sometimes it can impact the olive tree. The fungus can be soaked up by the roots and also will impact the whole tree. It have the right to make the brand-new growth come wither and the branches to rot.Unfortunately, this fungal condition is not feasible to cure. As soon as the olive tree it s okay affected, the tree will die if this condition is no managed. Together well, fruiting can also be impacted since the tree is no much longer fit to bear them. The best way to regulate it to extend the life of the tree is suitable pruning, watering, and also fertilizing.

7. Bacteria Infestation

Another cause of the pipeline to drop native the olive tree is a bacterial infection known as the olive knot. Generally it spreads with water and also can impact the olive tree fast. It will go through the cuts and also wounds of the tree. When it’s concerned, a thick gall will appear on woody parts of the olive tree consisting of twigs, branches, limbs, trunks, roots, and leaves.

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The gall deserve to restrict the nourishment the the olive tree. It will certainly no longer absorb water, and the leaves will fall out, make it difficult to photosynthesize. Come treat infected olive trees, you should remove easily visible knots native infected parts of the tree and spray with bactericide applications to prevent them from comes back.
Olive node galls bacterial disease on olive tree twigs – the best option is to eliminate those impacted branches and also twigs

Grab Essentials for your Olive Tree

I have actually selected highly customers recommended accessible products top top Amazon for ideal olive tree care and maintenance:Sonkir soil Moisture Meter 3-in-1 (test soil moisture, pH value and sunlight level)Organic 100% Neem Oil (for pests and disease management)TreeHelp Premium Fertilizer because that Olive (balanced fertilizer because that olive trees)