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All hamsters have cheek pouches. This expandable parts of the oral mucosa resemble tiny deflated balloons that deserve to be filled through food, sometimes all the means back to the i know well bone. 


The main purpose the the pouches is to lug food native the resource back to the burrow. This no only typical that the hamster can eat your food in peace, but additionally that they limit the variety of times they need to leave the safety of their home. Hamsters in the wild are prey pets that need to eat every 2 hours, and if they had actually to return to the colony every time they uncovered a particle or nut, they would possibly expose the place of the nest to predators. Instead they go out to collect food in the evening, and also thanks to their pouches lock only should go when or probably twice. 


Hamsters have the right to both eat and run through their cheeks full. They have the right to stuff the cheeks through up come 20% of their body weight, but as the cheeks are very elastic and stay in ar along the shoulders, they don’t noticeably influence the speed of the hamster or how far they deserve to travel. 


To store the food fresh and also dry throughout foraging trips, the hamster’s mouth doesn’t release any saliva into the pouches. 


Female hamsters in the wild occasionally bring or hide your babies in the cheek pouches if the swarm has to be evacuated for part reason. This is but probably not something you will see amongst pet hamsters. 


In the wild hamsters will regularly sort v their stash and throw away food that has actually gone off. Again, girlfriend will more than likely not check out this behaviour through a pet hamster, as they don’t need to forage for their food in the exact same way. If you provide your hamster fresh fruit and veg, it is as such important that you examine if they have been storing these somewhere in the cage, and remove them before they go mouldy. 


Hamsters perform not only carry food in your pouches, lock can additionally bring bedding or structure material ago to the burrow for nesting or decorating. 


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Some hamsters have a favorite cheek pouch the they will fill prior to the other one, vice versa, others constantly go for equal amounts in both. 


Pet hamsters have the right to sometimes experience troubles with your cheek pouches, consisting of abscesses, infections and also tumours, so it’s essential that owners save an eye out and carry out constant health checks. The only thing you together an owner deserve to do to prevent these troubles is to continue to be away from sharp or sticky food that can get stuck in the cheeks or reason cuts, and also contact her vet if you do notice something the doesn’t it seems ~ right.