How Spacious Is the 2021 Ford Explorer’s Seating Arrangement?

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2021 Ford ExplorerPassengerCapacity andSeating Dimensions

Every vehicle on ours lot right here at Akins Ford has its very own distinct collection of advantages.Guests that visit us to shop our an option of2021 Ford Explorermodels in Atlanta, GA will uncover that the SUVcan accommodate one of two people 6 or 7passengers escape ontheconfiguration.Here us reviewthe seating capacity and passenger space specifications that make the best-selling Ford traveler a tempting choice for ours customers.

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Discover the Ford traveler near Atlanta

Looking for a brand-new Ford explorer in Atlanta, GA? You deserve to shop from among the biggest collections the Ford vehicles in the Southeast once you check out our inventory in ~ Akins Ford.

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How countless passengers can theFordExplorertrim levelsseat?

Most execution of the2021 Ford Explorercomestandard withseating for up to6passengersin all. Thislayoutfeaturestwo1st-row bucket seats,two 2nd-row bucket seats, and also a3rd-row bench seat the accommodatesan additional2passengers.The exception is the explorer Base model, whichtrades the 2nd-row bucket seats because that a 2nd-row bench thatholds3 inhabitants andbringsthe SUV’s full seating capacity to7passengers.The2nd-row bench chair can additionally be optioned onto every the other trim level that room available.

How spacious is theFordExplorer’sinterior?

The interior of the 2021 Ford explorer features a grand full of 152.7 cubic feet the passenger space. Space is in enough abundance to accommodate adult passenger from any seat. Legroom in the 2021 traveler measures 43.0 inch in the first row, 39.0 customs in the 2nd row, and 32.2 customs in the 3rd row. The table provided offers a fast overview that what owners have the right to expect to see in the SUV’s legroom, head room, i know well room, and shoulder room measurements. 

Legroom, Head Room, i know well Room, Shoulder RoomDimension1st row2nd row3rd row
Legroom43.0 inches39.0 inches32.2 inches
Head room40.7 inches40.5 inches38.9 inches
Hip room59.2inches59.2 inches40.9 inches
Shoulder room61.8 inches61.9 inches54.6 inches

HowLargeIs the Ford Explorer’sCargoArea?

The 2021 Ford traveler provides 18.2 cubic feet that cargo volume behind its 3rd-row seats. Under the cargoarea is anunderfloor storage bin that uses organized, out-of-sight warehouse for smaller sized items. You have the right to read an ext about the2021 Ford Explorer’s cargo area dimensions and also highlights when you examine out our article on the subject.

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