Nothing place a damper ~ above a day at Epcot favor rain, specifically if you’re looking front to watching the Epcot Forever firework show.

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Fortunately, Epcot virtually always dead on with their fireworks, rain or shine. There space some exceptions though that we’ll outline for you.

Rain and also Epcot Fireworks

Disney human being is a well-oiled an equipment when it comes to executing their plans, yet mother nature sometimes likes to make it difficult. While central Florida weather makes for many of perfect vacations, rain and also thunderstorms are always a possibility. A spring or summer visit is very likely to encompass at least a tiny amount the rain and Epcot guest will discover themselves outdoors and also exposed come the facets for the bulk of your visit.

The Epcot Forever fireworks display recently changed Illuminations: reflect of Earth, as an in-between production prior to Disney introduce the new, official Epcot firework spectacular: HarmoniUS, coming spring 2020. It’s popular enough that guests can regularly be seen lining the walkways an hour and a fifty percent before the present starts, trying their ideal to acquire a prime spot for viewing. That popularity method that bad weather is specifically unwelcome during the time reserved for fireworks.

Rain isn’t typically a difficulty for the fireworks show, but lightning is a various story.


Fireworks don’t have much trouble lighting and detonating in wet weather. And also even despite it’s uncomfortable to stand around in the pouring rain, it’s pretty for sure if the rain is the just thing you have to concern about. If lightning accompanies the rain, you have actually a really different situation. Gathering crowds of people outdoors throughout a thunderstorm deserve to be really dangerous.

However i can not qualify it is because that a person to it is in struck by lightning, it’s a threat that isn’t worth taking when you have large numbers gathered outside.

Disney knows that you paid great money to acquire a finish experience. They believe fireworks to it is in a huge part of the experience, therefore they are an extremely reluctant to completely cancel fireworks. If lightning is a problem, fireworks may be delayed for a while instead of completely canceled.

What you must do if there is rain or lightning at the fireworks’ scheduled time.

First of all, make sure you pay fist to any type of instructions or information being given to friend by Epcot staff. Major announcements will generally be provided to friend from the parks audio system, therefore make sure to keep your ears open up for any info comes from the speakers.

If it’s simply raining, you’re more than likely fine to lug on the town hall the present as you initially planned. If there is lightning, you must seek shelter and also wait to see what will happen moving forward. if you’re make the efforts to decide if it’s worth waiting for, check the local weather to check out if that looks favor there will certainly be heavy lightning because that a long period of time.

Again, Disney always does their finest to hold-up shows instead of completely canceling them, but shows deserve to still be canceled if the projection calls for continual lightning end a long duration of time.

Insider Tips: The best Ways to clock Epcot Forever Fireworks in the Rain

You can’t change the weather yet you can certainly make the ideal of it. Here’s some advice on exactly how to still gain Epcot’s fireworks during poor weather.

Tip #1: Make bookings at a restaurant that has actually windows encountering Epcot’s people Showcase Lagoon.

This is the best way to stay perfectly dry while still completely enjoying the show. There are a grasp of restaurants that can administer you with exceptional indoor the town hall spots. Some of them are an excellent enough point out that people prefer them also when that isn’t raining!

The most renowned table-service restaurant for viewing Epcot Forever is the increased & Crown Dining Room. The is inside Epcot’s uk Pavilion. However, this option only works because that fireworks if you gain a table top top the ago patio that the restaurant. The patio backs as much as the human being Showcase Lagoon and offers an incredibly good view. Patio tables are exceptionally popular during the fireworks show. When checking in for your reservation, make certain to inquiry a patio table. Girlfriend aren’t guaranteed to acquire one, however it’s constantly worth a try. The food is also very good and consists of many traditional English pub-style meals.Spice roadway Table in the Morocco Pavilion uses good, fully indoor city hall of Epcot Forever. This one isn’t quite as popular as climbed & Crown, yet it deserve to still be an extremely busy throughout fireworks hours. The back wall surface of Spice road Table is directly on the water and also has big glass windows. Request one of the tables top top these windows for the ideal view.Tokyo Dining in the Japan Pavilion has actually the most distinct indoor fireworks viewing location. The restaurant is situated upstairs in the giant Japanese building. The windows are massive, making up the bulk of the wall an are facing the civilization Showcase Lagoon. You additionally have a head-on check out of the Japanese Torii gate in the water. It renders for a really cool backdrop because that the fireworks. If the rain stops, girlfriend can likewise walk exterior to the restaurant’s balcony. It’s one of the ideal fireworks viewing spots in the park and you’ll regularly see photographers do the efforts to gain the perfect shot here.La Hacienda de mountain Angel in the Mexico Pavilion is another an excellent fireworks spot. Most of the tables at this restaurant have good views that the fireworks, for this reason it can be a safer option as soon as the park is busy.Monsieur Paul in the France Pavilion has actually some that the finest indoor views of the world Showcase Lagoon, however only at choose tables. Many tables in this restaurant can’t quickly see the fireworks, yet the tables set by the windows have actually one the the best views available. This restaurant is expensive but has several of the ideal food at Disney. It’s perfect because that romantic evenings and also escaping the weather.Chefs de France in the France Pavilion has actually decent see from their home window tables, but aren’t as great as many others top top this list, because there space a couple of trees prevent the view.

Keep in mind the a fireworks present isn’t complete without a dessert. If you require some inspiration, take it a look in ~ our Ultimate guide to Epcot ice cream Cream.

Tip #2: uncover a covered spot for outdoor viewing.Some that the pavilions have covered out tables. If over there is no lightning, discover one of this tables through an umbrella to shield you yourself from the rain. Yorkshire ar Fish & Chips Shop has actually tables through umbrellas and is particularly good for viewing Epcot Forever. These tables are an extremely popular and you will often need come secure one an hour or more before the present begins.There aren’t numerous non-restaurant indoor viewing locations, yet there space a few. Look around for shops with windows that challenge the Lagoon ahead of time, together you won’t want to it is in funneling right into an already crowded building right before the fireworks start.Look for structures with awnings. Over there are structures in most pavilions that at least have actually some sort of awning attached to the side. Most of lock aren’t any an excellent for fireworks viewing, however there space some great options scattered around.Tip #3: examine the weather in breakthrough and bring clothing for rain.This is an apparent one, however you’d be surprised in ~ the number of people who aren’t familiar with Florida’s rapidly changing weather. Also though it might be sunny at lunchtime, a storm could be an extremely close without the little indication.Wear some shoes friend don’t mind acquiring soaked.Tip #4: buy a poncho from among the many Epcot shops.

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Almost every one of the key Epcot retail stores market ponchos. They are inexpensive and also can it is in the difference in between an enjoyable evening and a miserable, wet one.