It’s been virtually a week because we sassist goodbye to Jace and Clary (and also they to each other), and fans are still trying to procedure how they feel around Shadowhunters’ open-finished conclusion.

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The in its entirety consensus seems to be that the finale felt slightly ruburned, which is a fair criticism, considering that the show had actually to literally conthick a season’s worth of storylines right into a 2.5-hour occasion. But for the most part, it gave us every little thing we can have actually wanted, from an emotional “Malec” wedding to some long-overdue “Sizzy” activity — every one of which would have been explored in better depth had the present been renewed for a fourth seakid.

The real point of contention, at least according to tweets and comments from readers, appears to be Jace and also Clary’s bittersweet ending. One year after having actually her runes and also memories stripped by the angels — punishment for disobeying their orders and also creating a rune to kill Jonathan — Clary has actually grvery own right into the effective artist she dreamed of ending up being once we met her in the pilot. And although she isn’t supposed to remember anything about her time in the Shadow World, she recognizes and confronts Jace when she spots him at among her art mirrors. Thus, a brand-new love story is born… aobtain.

As far as I’m came to, this is the ideal finishing these two might have actually hoped for, given the realities of their case. Sacrifice has actually constantly been a major design template on this present, so it made feeling for Clary to need to offer up what she loved many in order to meet her destiny. The reality that she and Jace still finished up together in spite of that was a welcome treat that I wasn’t expecting.

Unfortunately, not everyone agrees via this. “Clace deoffered better” was a famous response in the comments of our initial finale write-up, via one reader even calling the ending a “slap in the face” to those who ‘shipped the couple from Day 1. So here’s my question: What precisely would have been “better”?

As co-showrunners Todd Slavkin and also Darren Swimmer described in an intercheck out through, Clary recognizing Jace confirmed that their love is even more powerful than the angels’ desire to save them acomponent. They likewise recognized that it’s currently entirely approximately our imagicountries what the future holds for the couple, so I’m selecting to believe that this reunion will certainly inevitably result in Clary’s go back to the Shadow World.

All that aside, I can’t think of many type of TV personalities more deserving of a recollection button. Just think about every one of the trauma Clary has actually withstood in the time of the past three periods, from having to kill her very own father (twice!) to unknowingly kissing her own brvarious other. Forget runes — these are the kinds of experiences that leave scars.


If we need to nit-pick, I suppose my just issue through Clary’s memory wipe is that it’s somewhat unclear precisely exactly how a lot of her old life she forgained. Sure, she wouldn’t remember Simon the vampire, but what about the years of friendship they mutual before his transformation? What does she think taken place to her finest friend? And to her mother? And to Luke? I appreciate that Jace and Clary’s love is even more powerful than the angels, yet he wasn’t the only supernatural being with whom she shared a bond.

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How do you feel about Jace and Clary’s twist ending, currently that you’ve had some time to digest it? Drop a comment with your thoughts listed below.