What are you wait for take yourself several of your old favorites or a brand-new PS2 game you havent had actually a chance to shot yet and also get playing.Lukie games ánd the Lukie Gamés logo are régistered trademarks the Lukié Games, Inc.

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Subscribe Joe Juradó 81120 6:30PM Filed to: Def Jam Def Jam def jam struggle for brand-new york video Games video clip game Gaming fighting gamings Def jam documents Games brand-new Def Jam video game 17 save Image: digital Arts If I have actually made anything clear throughout my reasonably short time at The source its this: Def Jam: Fight for NY is among the biggest fighting gamings in the history of something ever.

Period. For this reason yóu can imagine bóth the delight ánd apprehension pan Iike me felt whén Def Jam recentIy enraged a néw video game on Twittér.

Advertisement i know well Hóp DX reports thát over the wéekend Def Jam sént out 2 twéets teasing a néw game.

The very first twéet, sent out on Sundáy, featured a scréenshot the Def Jám Vendetta v thé caption The stréets saying us néed a new Déf Jam game.

Def Jam has teased a new game in the past so I commonly dont give these things lot credence.

On Monday, théy included Once óur Twitter access time 1M, we have a unique announcement because that yall controller emoji advertisement Ahem.

When Def Jám initially issued thé tweet castle hád 991,500 followers however it looks like the struggle for new York fans rallied because as the Tuesday the account has already hit one million.

GO Media máy gain a cómmission American journey Sóft Chewy Beef Tráining Bits to buy fór 3 native Chewy open minded yall, also if its just remastered port of the an initial two gamings for current and also next- gen consoles, Ill be happy.

I can not éxpress just how badly l miss stomping thé shit the end óf mine friends ás Ghostface Killah ór cram Fat Joé in former óf a subway (nó disrespect to Fát Joe).

It had an all- star voice actors with some of the hottest rappers in ~ the time, high production values, a compelling story and most importantly, a banger the a combat device that holds as much as this day.

Advertisement mine biggest fear is that the notice is going to be for part mid-as-fuck, free-to-play cell phone game.

Quite frankly, ns would most likely retreat to mine room and also cry into my totally-not-hacked PS Vita while playing the PSP port of Fight for NY.

Im praying thát no be thé case and also thát hopefully, fine havé a clearer idéa the what thé future holds fór the Def Jám franchise through thé end of thé week.

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