HOUSTON, Texas -- Wednesday clues 26 years since Selena Quintanilla-Perez was shot and also killed by the founder that her pan club, Yolanda Saldivar, simply a pair weeks embarrassy of she 24th birthday.

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Selena went to a days Inn motel in corpus Christi, Texas, come retrieve missing financial records from Saldivar, who was accused through Selena"s family of embezzling $30,000 native the young singer"s boutiques and fan clubs.
The 911 call uncovered from the archives disclose the chilling moment of what occurred after Saldivar shoot Selena in among the motel rooms.Selena, bleeding indigenous a .38-caliber bullet wound come the back, sought assist in the motel lobby, and according to reports, named Saldivar as her shooter before she checked out the hospital, where she died."She stated Yolanda Saldivar in Room 158," said Ruben Deleon, sales director at the body Christi work Inn whereby the shooting emerged March 31, 1995, in an linked Press write-up from that year.Another witness, front workdesk clerk Shawna Vela, proclaimed in the article that Selena burst into the motel lobby crying."She said, "Lock the door! She"ll shoot me again,"" claimed Vela, who comments were taped from she testimony during Saldivar"s trial.Clerk: "We have a woman... Ran right into the lobby... She"s to be shot... She"s laying on the floor and there"s blood."911 operator: "How old is she?"Clerk: "She looks around 20."911 operator: "She"s in the lobby ideal now?"Clerk: "Yes ma"am, she just passed out."
The psychological was organized at the Harris ar Courthouse in downtown Houston, where it to be moved as result of extensive publicity about the case.In the calls, Saldivar"s name can additionally be heard.(Background voice): "Yolanda? She"s the suspect? What"s she last name...."911 operator: "Ok, ma"am. Give thanks to you."You can listen to the entire call over in the video player.
During Saldivar"s trial, motel employee testified that they witnessed the 23-year-old Grammy winner running and screaming under a corridor with Saldivar in pursuit.

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They recalled Saldivar stopping brief of the lobby, lowering she gun and returning come room 158.Saldivar has actually maintained the shooting was an accident. She to be convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.She"s serving she term in the mountain View Unit, a maximum-security women"s prison in Gatesville, Texas, about 130 miles southwest the Dallas.The prison residences Texas" female death row and other high-profile inmates, including Amber Guyger, the former Dallas police officer judge of killing she neighbor Botham Jean after ~ she claimed she had mistaken his apartment for her own.Saldivar, 60, will be eligible for parole in 2025, 30 year after Selena"s death.Archive footage: The psychological of Yolanda Saldivar

From court room illustrations to celebration in the roadways after she to be charged, archive clip details the job Yolanda Saldívar to be charged with murder in the death of Selena Quintanilla-Pérez.