Club Penguin: elite Penguin pressure is a nintendo game which girlfriend will come to be a super secret agent and also you have to finish each the the thirteen missions that girlfriend cant do online and also you can also buy items, beat miny games and also upload coins top top your digital penguins account.

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Also if you enter the code that you gain when you buy the game, you will certainly unlock 1,500 coins, a certificate and also you will certainly be able to access the command room through going with the closet in ~ HQ. If you carry out not have the spy phone yet, girlfriend will gain it when you get in the code.


These space the guides for the missions in the game:

Mission 1 Guide-The secret Unfolds

1. An initial of every what you have to do is go and talk come aunt arctic then walk to the coffe shop.

2. After that go and also pick up the newspaper top top the table and look at it.

3. Then click on the Blue Puffle so the you acquire a piece of paper.

4. Climate you need to talk come the penguin it is behind the coffee counter.

5. Later on you have to go to the snow forts.

6. You talk to the snowman, come get an additional piece the paper.

7. Go to a irradiate blue penguin climate he will talk. He will ask if friend can get his hat.

8. Click on the blue puffle and aim your cursor at the clock’s target.

9. The penguin will certainly talk come you. So then choose up his hat, and also give it to him.

10. He will then to speak thanks and give girlfriend Disguise glasses.

11. Following go come the Plaza and also click the mailbox. It’ll give you another piece of document (letter).

12. Climate you need to go come the Dock and click a the pile of within tubes to get one more paper.

13. Then your going to need to put the peices together and you acquire a map.

14. So then you walk to the lighthouse and click top top the barrel. Climate a penguin will certainly pop out.

16. The penguin will offer you the map. Use it to go to the Dojo.

17. Speak to Dot and say yes Mission 2 Guide-Left to Your own Devices

1. Speak to Dot, to obtain the puffle pin. Then, click the wall surface with the eight boards with the puffle pin.

2. It’ll lug you to a screen. Take it the pin and rotate it to fit the puffle top top the bottom right.

3. You will certainly go in a room and the wall surface will open up come a screen with the manager on it. The Director will certainly talk v you then go away. Climate a penguin will certainly come out with a Red Puffle.

6. He will talk and then tell you to occupational with Blast, the red puffle.

7. Walk over come the other box and also touch Blast and aim in ~ the box.

8. After ~ you rest it, talk to PH. He will offer you a puffle whistle.

9. Walk to the Ski village and talk to Dot. Go into the sporting activities Shop and talk to period again.

10. Click on the very first Curtain, i m sorry will carry you to the HQ. Go over come dot and talk come her.

11. Click the closet and also enter the code: 3000

12. Click on it and Dot will certainly talk come you. Climate the director will come out. Pick the two blue points up and also open her inventory. Put the 2 pieces together to make the spy gadget.

14. Walk on the left and you will see a box. Break it open with Blast.

15. There will certainly be a telescope ~ above the side of it. Pick it up and also put it into your inventory. Then, traction it to your Spy

Gadget, come unlock a brand-new feature.

16. Relocate over come the screen and also click your spy gadget. If you choose the symbol alongside the HQ and drag it over to the screen, the will bring up a home window with a notepad ~ above the bottom and also a password on top.

17. The code says: Red Blue Blue Red Red Blue.

18. Exit out the the window, and open the box. Enter the code that is above. When you’ve unlocked the box, you can

get a satellite dish.

19. Take it the end of your inventory and put the on your spy gadget. Then your spy phone will certainly ring. Open up up her spy gadget, click the phone, and then speak to Dot.

20. Dot will talk, climate close the phone and the director will talk to you.  Mission 3 Guide-Rookie ~ above The Rocks

1. Talk to Dot. Then go to the Ski Lodge and talk to the noble penguin.

2. Go to the Pizza parlor and also then to the back of it. Pickup the soup that’s under the center table, and then walk to the

Ski Lodge.

3. Offer the soup come the sick penguin. He will certainly talk and then offer you a red snowboard. Open up your Inventory and also open up the red suitcase. Placed the snowboard on.

4. Walk to the Ski hill and also talk come the penguin with the Blue Snowboard. Talk to the and difficulty him to a snowboard

competition. You have to get 400 points to win.

5. Win and also you will acquire a trophy. Go to the Ski Lodge and give the trophy come the ailing penguin. He will let you keep the Red Snowboard.

6. Go back to Ski Hill and snowboard again.

7. Follow the footprints come Rookie’s campsite. Contact Bouncer (blue puffle) target at the campfire. Placed out the fire, and

follow the foot prints come the river.

8. Speak to Rookie and then walk to your spy gadget and also call Dot. She will certainly send someone to save you and Rookie. You will end up in the HQ.

9. Click the Glasses and also the EPF Badge.

 Mission 4 Guide-Looking because that Clues

1. The Director will talk come you. Afterwards, take it the file from table.

2. Grab the paper from your inventory and also show it to Dot and Jet load Dude.

3. Walk to the sporting activities Shop and also give the document to the Clerk, who will then offer you a pair the Gary’s glasses.

4. Walk to the HQ and also go come the Eye Scan 3000. Put the glasses on and start the eye scan.

5. Go in the gadget room and also go to the table v the clock and the eight box. Click the open up drawer and also you will acquire the Mechno Duster for her Spy Gadget.

6. Walk to the Ski Hill and use the Mechano-Duster top top the pile of snow. Rub the snow and you will gain a bend key.

7. Walk to the sports Shop and talk come Dot. Then use the vital to open the door.  Mission 5 Guide:-All’s Weld that Ends Weld

1. PH will talk to you. Afterwards, go to the Town.

2. Talk to Aunt Arctic, and also she will provide you a “Your a wonderful friend” Card.

3. Get in the Coffee Shop. Use the Mechano-Duster come clean the coffee bean up. You will certainly be bonus a pin.

4. Incorporate the pen and also the card, and also hand it come the Coffee Shop worker.

5. Go ago to the town and let Aunt Arctic sign it. Then walk to the snow Forts.

6. Give the card to both that the penguins and head to the puffle maintain room.

7. Provide the map to Flare to make him irradiate up. Click on Flare and allude at the key on the anvil. He will certainly weld castle together. Take the key.

8. Walk to the sporting activities Shop and also put the crucial in Gary’s door. Go approximately his room.

9. Go over to the globe and use the decoder top top the blueprints. It will say, “Super strength flashlight.”

10. Walk over come the orange couch and also pick the map up.

11. Go by the table and also click on the record to permit the various other agents understand where your going. Click the door and also leave.  Mission 6 Guide-Do It yourself Carting

1. Talk to the penguin in ~ the Mine Shack.

2. Click the bath tub of water near the opening. Then, enter the door ~ above the side of the Mine Shack.

3. Click the wheel by the door, ~ above the spool of yarn, and on the floor by the lantern.

4. Lug the wheel outside and put them right into the bucket. Then usage Flare come weld them to the Bucket.

5. Put the dare in her inventory and go under to the mine.

6. Put the cart on the track and get all set to surf some mine carts.

7.After your done, walk to the upside cart and also talk to it.

8. Next, go around and pick increase the 3 yellow balloons and also rope.

9. Tie the rope to the cart and also take Blast to knock the boulder turn off the ledge.

10. Punch the balloons increase one in ~ a time and attach them come the cart.

11. After ~ all are attached, the mine cart will certainly lift up and also you have the right to talk to him.

12. Seize the flashlight and attach it to her Spy Gadget.

13. Go to her spy gadget and also and click the light bulb and point it at the dark tunnel. Discover Gary.

14. Use Blast to rest the boards. Climate you will be teleported to the HQ

Mission 7 Guide-Double Trouble

1. PH will certainly be sleeping in a bubble. Talk through him. He will certainly ask girlfriend to find something pointy.

2. Go to the bamboo patch and also click the lower component of the patch, and also pop him out of the bubble.

3. Go to the ice cream Rink. Talk to the penguin with the foam finger. He will tell you to score a goal on the goalie.

4. Take Bouncer and also throw 3 snowballs at the goalie. The third one will certainly work.

5. PH will certainly call and also tell friend to involved the puffle cultivate room with Loop.

6. Train Loop to aim at the jet pack.

7. Go discover Pop (purple puffle). That is in ~ the Night Club, yet you need an intricate clothes to gain in.

8. Walk to the stage. Talk to the stage manager and also construction worker. Use Loop to stop the drill.

9. After ~ you avoid the drill, the manager will give thanks to you and also give you a selection between a sophisticated suit or a fancy dress.

Pick one and put the on.

10. Walk to the Night Club and also be prepared for a dance-off.

11.Play the game and also win to get Pop.

12. A shake will certainly occur. Go to the boiler room and an alert that the boiler is missing.

13. Usage Pop come lift the cabinet up by touching Pop.

14. Choose up the deserve to of oil and head to the mine. Girlfriend will watch Dot. Speak to her and be ready to be teleported to the HQ.  Mission 8 Guide-Flying High Pitched

1. Talk to Jetpack Dude, and also grab the Jetpack through the launch ramp.

2. Beat Jetpack Adventure

3.You will finish up ~ above the tallest hill to complete your puffle training

4. Talk through PH and also train through Flit through collecting 3 yellow rings. To do that, click on Flit and then the object.

5. Give the 3 ring to PH. Then you will train through Chirp.

6. Break the ice cream cube. First, click Chirp and also touch the object. It’ll gain a tiny crack, so carry out it again to rest it completely.

7. Click package to gain a hat like PH.

8. Click the grappling hook to carry out your final training.

9. Go to the puffle training room and use popular music to background the weight.

10. A snow globe will appear. Usage Chirp to rest the glass.

11. Usage Flare to melt the ice cream off the chest.

12. Usage Bouncer come cool the chest down.

13. Then use Blast come knock the Pinata down.

14. A jack in the box will appear. Usage Loop to stop it from moving.

15. Grab the crucial and open up the chest. Use Flit to acquire the note down. Mission 9 Guide-Super an enig Gadgets

1. Speak to the Director. Then get in G’s Room in ~ the sporting activities Shop.

2. After ~ G speak to you, go to the coffee shop.

3. Once you walk in, you will view Rookie talk to a worker. After they room done talking, speak to the worker.

4. Seize the cocoa maker and enter the device room.

5. Talk to G. Then placed the cocoa device on the snow Trekker. Friend will must put the piece together.

6. Go approximately your Spy Gadget and also select the Trekker contact button. Climate play eye Trekker.

7. After your done, girlfriend will finish up by a cave. Walk inside and also pick increase the oil can.

8. Go to the exit, in which girlfriend will acquire trapped. Usage Pop to lift the boulder up and then usage Blast to rest the wood.

9. Walk outside and you will see that the Trekker moved. Beat again and also you will finish up in ~ the Mine Shack.

10. Usage the Mechano-Duster to clear the pile alongside the penguin.

11. You will watch G’s gadget. Go ago to the tool Room and also show G the machine. That will attract stuff top top the chalkboard. After he is done, walk to the command room. Mission 10 Guide-Damage Control

1. Call Rookie, and also he will certainly tell you to walk to the Plaza.

2. Use Flare to assist him weld the metal to the booth.

3. Walk by the pet Shop and pick up the paper. Then connect the dots.

4. Contact Jetpack Dude. He will tell you to involved the ice cream Pond behind the Ski Lodge.

5. Go there and talk to him. Climate play ice cream Fishing. You require to obtain the sweetheart Chest come win.

6. After your done, click the book and connect the dots.

7. Contact Dot, and then walk to the Night Club. She will offer you another clue. As soon as again, attach the Dots.

8. Walk to the device room and also give the hints to Gary. The will provide you a maker that will be the final attribute of her spy gadget. Mission 11 Guide-Robotomy 101

1. Go into the gift shop and use pop to background the boxes.

2. Usage Bouncer to throw a snowball at the robot’s face.

3. Go to the roof and throw one more snowball in ~ it’s face.

4. Usage Flare to Weld the wheel.

5. Usage the Robotomy tool on his chest and also solve the 3 puzzles by relocating the battery come the hole.

6. Usage Pop to record the robot. Lug the robot come the device room.

7. Provide the robot to Gary. Mission 12 Guide-Robots on The Run

1. Usage Blast come knock the Robot down the Ski Hill. Then use your Snowboard to follow him.

2. Use Loop to catch the robot, when he falls.

3. Use the Robotomy tool to disable him. (Turn him off)

4. The last robot will certainly come choose it up. Jetpack Dude will float down. Ask the if you have the right to use his Jetpack.

5. Go over to the heap of stuff, and pick increase the gas can. Currently play Jetpack Adventure.

6. Girlfriend will end up ~ above the tallest mountain. Shot to placed a bubble about the disabled robot, yet be careful, the the various other robot will pop it.

7. Take it Flint and also knock the coffee bag ~ above the robots head. Then usage Chirp come disrupt him.

8. Disable him and put both robots in girlfriend inventory. Mission 13 Guide-An Agent’s work-related Is never ever Done

1. Answer you communicator. Then you will certainly be teleported to the HQ.

2. Walk to the device Room, and also check out the vast hole in the wall.

3. Play snow Trekker. You will end up by a mountain with a feet in it. Go in and also you will check out that a giant robot has all the upstream puffles and also Gary!

4. Walk to the Gift Shop and head come the roof.

5. Use the Mechano-Duster come tickle his nose. Blast will fall to the town.

6. Walk to the town and see the Blast is okay. Then go to the Dock.

7. Usage Blast on the chest the the Robot. Loop will be freed.

8. Go to the Ski Village. Rookie will have actually a rubber duck. Usage Loop to tie the robot up. Girlfriend will get Flare back.

9. Walk to the beach and use Flare to weld top top his chest. Flit will certainly be released.

10. Walk to the beacon and also use Flit to knock the anvil top top the robots head.

11. Bouncer will certainly jump out. Usage your jetpack to chase him.

12. You will finish up ~ above the tallest mountain. Use Bouncer to throw a snowball in ~ the engine. Chirp will certainly be freed.

13. Usage Chirp on the robots chest and also Pop will certainly jump out.

14. Use a balloon to rescue Gary.

15. Disable the robot. Secret missions Or items By transforming Dates Guides:

If you readjust the day on her DS Lite or DS, you can unlock other an enig missions.

Changing the date to April 1st:

1. Go to the Plaza and also talk come Aunt Arctic. You will then obtain the mission. The is a scavenger hunt where you heve to discover 16 flowers. The blue flower offers you 1 coin, the pink flower gives you 2 coins and the yellow flower provides you 3 coins.

2. You have to complete the an initial 13 objectives first. As soon as you finished the 13 missions, repeat Mission 3-Rookie on The Rocks, play all the way until you reach the component where Rookie is ~ above the various other side of the river and tap the box. Girlfriend will obtain a Jester Hat.

3. Over there will likewise be brand-new items in the catalog.

Changing the day to June 21st:

1. Go to the Coffee Shop and talk come the Coffee Manager (the brown penguin at the counter). You will then obtain your mission. You have to uncover 4 coconuts.

2. To acquire this complimentary item, girlfriend will have to go come the frozen pond at the ice cream Fishing room, look roughly for a box and tap it. You will then get a Fiesta Hat.

3. There will certainly be new items in the catalog.

Changing the day to October 31st:

1. This mission is about identifying your other agents and also friends in costumes in the Nightclub. The 1st penguin is Aunt Arctic, the 2nd penguin is Jet pack Guy, the 3rd penguin is Dot, the fourth penguin is Rookie and also the critical penguin is Gary.

2. Girlfriend can get the Fish Costume at the Attic.

Changing the the date to December 25th:

1. You will be able to speak to Santa in the Town. He will certainly then provide you a mission around giving presents to penguins around the island. Give the guitar shaped etc to the green penguin on the Beach, the snowboard shaped current to the dark blue penguin in the Ski Lodge, the box shaped existing to the dark green penguin in ~ the snow Forts and the pongo rod shaped current to the red penguin in ~ the Dock. After you end up giving far the presents, simply go earlier to Santa and also he will give you some coins.

2. If you desire a pair of ice cream Skates, just go to the ice Berg and tap on the box!

WiFi can be downloaded Mission Guides:

The Puffle Pranksters

1. Talk to Rookie.

2. Then go to the Puffle cultivate Room and talk to PH to acquire the O’ berry

3. Walk to the pet Shop and also talk to the Pet store Clerk.

4. Walk to the secret Pool and also click ~ above the puffle.

5. Walk to the pet Shop and also talk to the Pet save Clerk.

6. Go to the Pizza Parlor and talk come the Pizza chief to gain the pepper.

7. Go to the secret Pool and also read the password on the floor.

8. Click the puffle again.

9. These are the answers come the questions: 1. “The Mine”, 2. “It’s cool and also dark” and 3. “It’s Flare!”

10. Usage the pepper on Flare and the flour will come off.

11. Go to the beach and click top top the puffle.

12. Read the code on the sand.

13. Click the puffle again and also click on “It’s Blast!” as the answer to the question.

14. Usage the pepper top top Blast and also the flour will come off.

15. Use Flare come wield the Lighthouse’s door.

16. Get in the Lighthouse and also click ~ above the puffle.

17. These space the answers come the qestions: 1. “Play Music”, 2. “It prefers the flute” and also 3. “It’s Chirp!”

18. Use the pepper on Chirp and also it the flour will come off.

19. Go to the Beacon and use Blast to break the box.

20. Click on the puffle.

21. These space the answers to the questions: 1. “Fly around” and 2. “Flit”.

22. Usage the pepper on Flit and also the flour will come off.

23. Walk to the Nightclub and use Blast to rest the box.

24. Click the puffle and click on “It’s Pop!” as the answer to the question.

25. Usage the pepper top top Pop and flour will certainly come off.

26. Walk to the Forest and also use pop to elevator the boulder.

27. Click the puffle.

28. These space the answers come the questions: 1. “Throw snowballs”, 2. “A hat” and 3. “Bouncer”.

29. Use the pepper top top Bouncer and also the flour will certainly come off.

30. Walk to the Mine and also use popular music to background the boulder.

31. Click on the puffle and also click on “Loop” together the answer come the question.

32. Use the pepper on Loop and also the flour will certainly come off.

33. Walk to the Puffle training Room and talk to PH and Rookie.

34. Usage the pepper on the white puffle.

35. Feeding the white puffle and also use the pepper on it again.

36. Go the the eye Forts and also click ~ above thr red penguin to gain the water balloon.

37. Currently go earlier to the Puffle maintain Room and use the water balloon top top the white puffle.

38. The white puffle will certainly freeze it and everyone will certainly realise it is a genuine white puffle.

39. You will then find out the the white puffle desires to come to be an upstream Puffle and the other Elite Puffles poured flour on us to welcome the white puffle.

40. You will then receive 100 coins. Simply so you know, the white puffle has actually not been provided a name and also you will not be able to use it.

Those space all the mission guides! How to obtain 100% because that the game:

1. Complete the very first 13 missions.

2. Get all the Gold and Silver Medals for all of the mini games.

These room the demands for the medals:

Snow Boarding:

Get 50 coins for the King that The Mountain Silver Medal.

Get 100 coins for the King of The Medal Gold.

Cart Surfing:

Get 100 coins for the Rail Kahuna Silver Medal.

Get 150 coins for the Rail Kahuna Gold Medal.

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Ice Fishing:

Get the squid come suck up the chest for the gold Chest Medal.

Get a fish to usage as bait because that the mullet to obtain the golden Mullet Medal. (To do the Mullet appear, do not record squids.)