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Trip Summary

There room 2 daily trains from Charlotte to Washington DC. Traveling by train native Charlotte come Washington DC typically takes about 9 hours, however the faster Amtrak Crescent train have the right to make the expedition in 8 hours and also 14 minutes.

Distance330 mi (530 km)
Fastest train8h 14m
Lowest price$74.00
Trains per day2
Most constant serviceAmtrak Carolinian
Train lines2

In the critical month, $76.85 to be the typical price that a train ticket from Charlotte, NC to Washington, DC. You can expect to uncover tickets at that price or reduced if you publication your expedition at least 28 work in advance. Otherwise, intend to pay about $33.38 an ext than the for a same-day booking.

over the following 30 days, the average price of a one-way train trip from Charlotte to Washington DC will vary in between $74 and also $89. Plan a train expedition to Washington within the upcoming week? The cheapest train ticket girlfriend can discover from Charlotte end the following 7 job is $77. Make certain to book your trip as soon as feasible as train fares have tendency to walk up as you acquire closer come your travel date.

If you are trying come decide once to travel from Charlotte come Washington DC by train for this reason you have the right to score the best feasible deal, your finest bet would be to arrangement your trip for September. That’s when the median price because that a train ticket is meant to be just $76 – the shortest of the year.

Alternatively, if you setup to travel from Charlotte come Washington DC in June, intend to spend much more on her train trip, together the median ticket price commonly surges come $90 at that time that year. However, if you publication your trip ahead of time, you have actually a high chance of scoring a ticket in ~ a lower price.

If you want to score the finest deal, friend should setup to book your train pilgrimage online on at the very least 28 days ahead of time. If you do that, her train ticket come Washington from Charlotte will certainly be about $33.38 cheaper contrasted to what you would certainly pay if you book at the critical minute.

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2 train services run from Charlotte, north Carolina to Washington, ar of Columbia. However, every train line only provides one day-to-day trip.