Today I discovered out the Snickers candy bar was called after among Frank Mars’ favorite equines.

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Frank Mars was the creator of the Snickers candy bar and also founder of Mars, Inc, initially referred to as Mar-O-Bar Co., which is presently the 6th largest privately held agency in the people through annual sales of roughly 21 billion dollars. The firm is still 100% owned by the Mars household, developing such popular products as 3 Musketeers, Mars bars, Combos, Skittles, Dove Chocolate, M&Ms, Milky Way, Starburst, Twix, and also Whiskas cat food, among various other product.

The Snickers candy bar was the second candy bar sold by Mars, Inc. The initially was the Milky Way, which was originally believed up by Frank Mars’ boy, Forrest Mars, who had the idea of trying to create a candy that wregarding be “chocolate Malted Milk in a candy bar”.

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The idea for the Snickers bar came from an currently existing snack that was made up of nougat, peanut, and caramel. Frank Mars added cacao, put it in candy bar create, and began marketing it wholesale. The Snickers bar conveniently increased to being the world’s a lot of renowned candy bar and also has continual that to today. Annual sales of Snickers bars this particular day total over two billion dollars.

Bonus Facts:

Up until 1990, the Snickers candy bar was known as the “Marathon” candy bar in Britain. Upon switching the name to Snickers, as it was recognized to the remainder of the world, the candy bar went from the number one offering candy bar in Britain to the number 3.About 100 tons of peanuts go right into making around 15 million Snickers bars each day.Each Snickers bar consists of about 16 peanuts.The pattern on the underside of the Snickers bars comes from the belt they ride on while the chocolate cools.Ingredients for Snickers bars differ in the UK vs the US. The UK version lists the complying with, which are not on the US ingredients label: glucose syrup, vegetable fat, skimmed milk powder rather of skimmed milk, chocolate mass, demineralized whey powder, natural vanilla extract, hydrolyzed milk protein. The US ingredients label has the following which are not on the UK label: lactose, corn syrup, butter, milk fat, and also partially hydrogenated soybean oil.A report by the Commons Health Select Committee in 2004 in the United Kingdom, highlighted “king size” candy bars as a significant reason of enhanced excessive weight in the U.K., especially citing the king size Snickers bar as being among the worst offenders, which as they put it, “contain more calories than a meal of sirloin steak, potatoes, and broccoli”. The Food and Drink Federation then released a ‘manifesto for Food and also Health’ that spurred Mars Inc to relocation the king dimension Snickers, in the U.K., via “Duo” packs, wbelow the King Size Snickers has actually been basically cut into two bars. This is so world have the right to currently share the candy bar and also will certainly currently of course not eat both bars in one sitting, “Our king-dimension bars that come in one percent will certainly be adjusted so they are shareable or have the right to be consumed on even more than one occasion…” As we all know, prior to it was physically impossible to sheight eating the bar fifty percent method and was equally impossible to come up with a method to somehow take the one candy bar and break-up it into multiple sections if you wanted to share.